Best 5+ Cheap LED Grow Lights That Work [Updated 2019]

What are the best cheap LED grow lights that work for indoor marijuana growing in 2019?

Your best bet will be a low wattage grow light from brands like Mars Hydro, King Plus, or Meizhi. These cheap LED grow lights can be obtained for under 200 bucks. Below you’ll discover the best all-around LED grow lights currently on the market.

The best cheap LED grow lights provide the good results for a generally low cost. They may not be the lowest cost, because the absolute lowest cost grow lights are horrible in terms of performance.

I tell growers the one thing you don’t want to cheap out on for growing weed, fruit, or vegetables, is a grow light. The reason is these plants need a certain amount of light and the very cheap grow lights won’t produce enough of it.

What Specifications To Look For In The Best Cheap LED Grow Lights:

  •  Light intensity – the best cheap LED grow lights will provide a light intensity that’s enough to grow your plant from seedling to harvest. That means 20 to 40 moles of light per day. In order to hit that, you want a grow light that emits between 600 and 925 micromoles (PPFD) of light. As long as you have sufficient light intensity, you don’t need to worry about wattage which is not an accurate indicator of performance when it comes to grow lights. You can read more on this topic here.


  • Good Spectrum – the best cheap LED grow lights will have a balanced spectrum. Some of the worse performing lights have too much blue or too much red, which leaves you hanging for the Veg or Flowering stage of growth. Spectrum isn’t a settled science yet, so some grow lights will vary slightly. But generally speaking your LED grow light should use a white spectrum or a balance of blue and red (purple looking). You can find that out by viewing the spectrum chart of each light.


  • Coverage Area – The best cheap LED grow lights will cover the area you need covered for a good price. Take coverage area claims on lower priced lights with a grain of salt. Most lights in this category won’t cover beyond 2×2 feet sufficiently.  If you need a larger space covered, consider multiple units, or check out my article the Best LED grow lights for 4×4 grow tents to find lights that cover a larger space.


 Coverage AreaPower DrawCheck Price
BestVa Reflector 600W LED Grow Panel
BESTVA 600W Reflector

1.5x1.5 ft132wCheck Price

Mars Hydro TS-1000w
2 X 2 ft150WCheck Price

King Plus 600w
2x2 ft120WCheck Price

Roleadro 800w COB
2x2 ft200WCheck Price

Roleadro GalaxyHydro 600w
2x2 ft132WCheck Price

Meizhi 300w
2x2 ft140WCheck Price

Sansi 36w LED bulb
1x1 ft

For small plants/Booster/support light
36WCheck Price

2019 List Of Best Cheap LED Grow Lights:

The Bestva 600w Reflector LED Grow Light

Bestva has been one of my favorite grow light choices if you don’t plan on buying a COB, Quantum Board, or other high end light. Considering the price, it’s actually not a bad light for a small space. This is the Bestva Elite 600w LED grow light.

The Bestva 600w reflector comes with two light modes – one for the Seed/Veg growth phase and one for the Flowering phase. The 10 watt LEDs really separate this light from other 600 watt LED grow lights by increasing light intensity and efficiency.

One of the best features of Bestva LED grow lights is the true full spectrum. Even on an entry level grow light like this, they managed to get a perfect balance of blue, red, and a small amount of green which has been found to be helpful up to 24% concentration in some spectrum studies (the Bestva has ~10% green).

You also get the essential ultraviolet and infrared bands, which increase THC and help plant formation and bud quality.

The light intensity (PPFD) for the Bestva 600w LED grow light is middle of the pack when compared to other LED grow lights. It comes in at an impressive 1350 umol, enough light intensity to grow a high yielding cannabis plant.

How does the Bestva 600w reflector compare to similar grow lights? Lined up against the Viparspectra V600 reflector, the light intensity (PPFD) is considerably stronger at ~1350 compared to ~820 on the Viparspectra, which is another popular 600 watt grow light option. 

Coverage area:

The one downfall of this light is the small coverage area, but like I say, you really get what you pay for when it comes to grow lights. If your space is more than 1.5×1.5ft, you’ll need to consider multiple units, or buying the 1200w or 2000w versions which feature larger coverage areas. 

This Bestva Elite 600w grow light comes with a 3 year warranty, and 30 day money back guarantee.

Click Here to see the Bestva 600w Reflector LED Grow Light on

Pros & Cons:

  • The strongest cheap LED grow light on the market.
  • True full spectrum
  • 3yr warranty/ 30 days money back
  • Great product reviews
  • Dual light mode switches
  • Highest PPFD readings in 600w grow light segment
  • Small coverage area

There’s really not much need to look further than the Bestva 600 watt reflector series. It offers one of the best spectrums and light intensities among other 600 watt options. The price isn’t bad either. Check out the reviews on Amazon (link below here) and see how customers have been raving about this light for quite a while.


Click Here to see the Bestva 600w Reflector LED Grow Light on


MARS HYDRO TS 1000W – An Affordable LED Grow light for cannabis plants

best led grow lights

This cheap quantum board LED grow light is the most modern design on my list. I think it may also be the best all around value. It’s not as cheap as all the other choices here but it’s pretty close.

Mars Hydro just introduced this model recently as the indoor grow light industry has shifted towards white spectrum quantum board grow lights.

Why is the TS-1000 one of the best cheap LED grow lights?

Compared to other grow lights on this list and elsewhere, the TS 1000 offers the most value. You’ll get 2×2 feet of light coverage, a white spectrum which is slightly better than purple spectrums, and you get a modern fanless quantum board design.

You’ll also get a dimmable ballast, although you won’t need to dim the TS 1000, as the highest intensity of about 500 uMol is exactly what’s needed for the vegetative phase, and wouldn’t require dimming during flowering either.

The TS Series grow lights are very bare bones. You’ll notice there are no cooling fans, but even more extreme is the lack of a power switch. The lights go on when you insert the power cord into your outlet, and vice versa.

Thankfully, Mars Hydro was kind enough to include a single outlet timer so you don’t need to manually unplug the grow light after each day’s light cycle.

How much can you yield with this light? Mars Hydro says you’ll get up to 1.5g/watt from the TS Series grow lights. Keep in mind there are a lot of factors that affect plant growth, so these are approximations.

In summary, this light is a serious competitor to $500 quantum board grow lights that cover the same amount of space as this light. 

A few pet peeves about the Mars Hydro TS 1000:

There’s no on/off switch. Mars Hydro includes a timer that’ll shut the light off at your pre-set interval, but I’d personally still like a switch.

The Mars Hydro TS series spectrum doesn’t include infrared or ultraviolet light, which can have their respective benefits for growing cannabis. A few other models on this list include those spectrum, so decide if it’s a big deal for you.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Mars Hydro TS 1000W on

Pros and Cons of Mars Hydro TS 1000 Watt Quantum Board Grow Light

  • Possibly the best value for the money grow light.
  • Good coverage in the segment.
  • Energy efficiency that helps in long run.
  • Modern design
  • No Infrared Spectrum
  • No On/Off switch (plug & timer only)

Other Mars Hydro TS 1000W Specifications

  • Dimensions : 14.2 x 13.2 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight : 3.75 lbs
  • Spectrum: Spectrum: 660-665nm, 3200-4200Knm, 5200-6800Knm
  • Actual Power Draw: 150W
  • Coverage: 2’ X 2’
  • Warranty: 3 Years warranty + 30 Days Money back if not satisfied.

Final Note:

Looking at all the features and capabilities the new Mars Hydro TS 1000 series has to offer, I consider it as one of the best cheap yet performance packed LED grow lights in the budget segment.

Decide if this is a good light for you. A lot of other growers have already given it a chance and seem pleased based on the Amazon review comments.

Have a flexible budget and larger than 2×2 space? Check out the Mars Hydro TS-1000’s big siblings – the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 and the Mars Hydro TS 3000W. Just like the TS 1000, these bigger models provide great value for the respective price ranges and give other lights a serious run for their money!


Click here to see reviews and prices for the Mars Hydro TS 1000W on

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light :

best led grow lights

King Plus 600W is chosen as the editor’s choice for Best Cheap LED Grow Light.

King Plus offers a full line of grow light variants. If you’re in need of one slightly larger than the low cost 600 watt model, you can check out my 1200 watt model review here to determine if the larger size is right for you.

The 600 watt is equipped with 60 Dual Chip LEDs of 10W each. These LED spread a full spectrum light all over your grow space. An underlying reason for utilizing dual chip LEDs is to produce more intense light which can balance PPFD and coverage in the most efficient way possible.

King Plus 600W is capable of providing the most elemental spectral effect which is suitable for all the periods of your marijuana plant’s lifecycle.

The spectrum of King LED also includes IR bands which are most essential for cell building and better growth.

The red to blue light ratio is fairly balanced, although it’s a little heavier on red with 56%, so your bloom cycle will benefit extra. Blue wavelength comes in at 30% of the spectrum, and the rest is green which also helps with absorption.

This grow light is useful and at this price your cannabis plants will flourish. It’s a win-win.

Now, if you’re concerned about its ability of coverage, then it is suitable for a decent 3’ X 3.5’ of the area. Which you can increase or decrease based on your requirement and your observation. If you’re looking for an affordable grow light, chances are you’re only growing a couple plants anyway.

What we recommend is to keep the light a bit nearer to the canopies during flowering so that your plants can absorb more light and produce better buds.

King Plus states that this light can replace a 600W HPS system. However, I don’t believe in this replacement factor. Moreover, I recommend readers to look at actual power consumption rather than looking at HPS replacement figures.

This cheap 600W Variant of King Plus LED grow light pulls 120W from the power outlet which justifies its energy efficiency capabilities.

As far as temperature management and heat dissipation are concerned, this grow light is equipped with multiple cooling fans that keep things well balanced inside one’s weed grow space.

In case you face any problems, or any failure occurs King Plus provides a generous 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

A good thing about King Plus is usually, they respond to their customers within 24 hours and guides them through the process concerning warranty claims.

That’s all for King Plus 600W LED Grow Light. Now let’s take a brief look at its benefits and drawbacks to make your decision-making process smooth.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the King Plus 600W LED Grow Light on

Pros and Cons of King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

  • One of the best affordable LED grow lights on the market.
  • Capable of providing marvelous light spectrum to the weed plants.
  • Decent coverage area.
  • Highly energy efficient that saves money in longer run.
  • Sturdy build and attractive design.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Fabulous cooling abilities.
  • Customer oriented support
  • It’s not daisy chainable.
  • Not waterproof.

Now, take a look at King Plus 600 Watt’s specification details

  • Dimensions : 12.2” X 8.2” X 2.4”
  • Weight : 6 lbs
  • Spectrum : Full spectrum Along with Hint of IR
  • Actual Power Draw : 120W
  • Coverage : 3’ X 3.5’
  • Voltage : 85V – 265V
  • Lifespan : 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty : 3 Years manufacturer’s warranty

I wanted to confirm whether all these stats about coverage, power draw and spectral abilities are right or wrong? After all, for a generous entry level price these are impressive stats. So, I took the opinion of several existing users who are currently growing using King Plus 600W LED Grow light.

I received responses in unison from every existing user that “the stats are right.”

So, based on these responses, we could confirm that King Plus 600W Full Spectrum LED grow light is one of the best Cheap LED Grow Lights that works well for indoor cannabis growing.

Buying King Plus 600W LED Grow Light is the best bet if you want the best LED Grow Light for the money you spend.

And, you want a similar grow light in terms of capabilities then Viparspectra 600 Watt LED Grow Light is also a great alternative. However, for Viparspectra you might need to stretch your budget further to above 100 dollars.

To conclude, the meaning of CHEAP is apparent that it shouldn’t correlate with CRAP. The King Plus 600w grow light is a cheap grow light that works well.

Don’t take it from me, take it from verified owners’ reviews. With over 1,000 reviews and high average rating, I discovered they’re all saying things like “bang for your buck,” “highly recommend,” and “third grow with nice buds and no complaints.” How can you argue with that?

If you don’t find it fits your needs then no worries. Let’s move forward to another LED grow light that works like a charm.


Click here to see reviews and prices for the King Plus 600W LED Grow Light on

Roleadro 800W COB

best led grow lights

Another great cheap LED grow light candidate is the Roleadro 800w COB LED light. This is an LED grow light manufacturer that’s been selling well for a while now.

Roleadro had provided some charming piece of satisfaction for money savvy and budget bound people. Moreover, this COB variant from the manufacturer is one of the Best COB LED grow lights by Roleadro.

What is COB you ask? It’s a new LED variant that packs multiple LEDs into one module. The increased brightness from COB LEDs is noticeable and performs better in your grow space. Luckily Roleadro has an entry level model for people searching for the best cheap LED grow lights. This is a strong competitor

I’m including the Roleadro 800W COB grow light due to the COB technology which is a key differentiator on entry level lights.

So, let’s explore what’s in there for this grow light to be worth purchasing.

This LED grow light is equipped with two large COB CREE Chips. Yeah, it’s a combination of multiple chips which helps in generating extraordinarily intense and more focused light.

The shade of light in this grow panel is pinkish, and it covers all the essential bands of vital spectrum for your marijuana plants. Your plants will get everything they expect from nature.

Also, above all this spectrum is suitable for the entire growing cycle of your cannabis plants.

Now, if you’re concerned about coverage abilities then don’t worry it’s capable enough to cover around 3’ X 3’ of growing space with ease.

However, as we always say, it’s up to you to increase or decrease this space by adjusting height. Just as a reminder, don’t forget to keep it a bit close during flowering to gain more resinous buds.

This grow light also features daisy chaining ability that lets you connect another grow light without the need of an extra socket in your power outlet. In case you want to expand grow space, this feature comes handy.

Due to COB integration, Roleadro 800 Watt COB LED grow light effectively improves the uniformity of brightness and strong PPFD values helps in increasing yield.

Now, comes the main thing to look for in a cheap grow light and that’s the actual power draw. Moreover, as far as this factor is concerned, we’d suggest you to be worry-free as it only pulls around 200W from the wall.

Roleadro ensures the safety of your plants by placing multiple cooling fans along with an advanced heat sink. Yeah, heat dissipation should not be an issue anymore.

For customer convenience, they also provide 30 days money back guarantee along with 2 years satisfactory customer warranty.

We’d again like to state in this cheap led grow light reviews, that all figures are gathered using the opinion of existing users who are actively helping the community on several forums and social networks.

To make things easy let’s take a quick look at Pros and Cons of Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow light.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Roleadro 800W COB LED on

Pros and Cons of Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow Light

  • An Affordable LED grow light that works.
  • Full Spectrum Ability.
  • Use of State of the art COB technology.
  • More intense and focused light.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting for Marijuana plants.
  • Effective coverage area.
  • Quite and Effective cooling.
  • Customer satisfactory support.
  • Lacks dual mode switching, although the light is sufficient for all growth cycles.
  • Not waterproof

Specification Details of Roleadro 800W Grow Light

  • Dimensions : 14.2” X 9.4” X 5.5”
  • Weight : 5.9 lbs
  • Spectrum : Full spectrum
  • Actual Power Draw : ~200W
  • Coverage : 3’ X 3’
  • Voltage : 85V – 265V
  • Lifespan : 50000 Hours
  • Warranty : 2 Years warranty + 30 Days Money back challenge

Looking at all these abilities and features of this marvelous 800W COB LED grow light by Roleadro, it’s a sure thing that it has something great to offer its customers regarding healthy and well-grown plants.

Yeah, with all its abilities to perform at its best inside your grow space it’s a wise move to buy this cheap led grow light by Roleadro.

Roleadro GalaxyHydro 600W LED Grow Light – Comes with value for your money

best led grow lights

Don’t be surprised to see another grow light from Roleadro. It has all the abilities to justify its place on the list of some of the cheapest LED grow lights on the market.

How? Let’s explore!

As we already talked earlier, Roleadro is a well-known manufacturer when it comes to grow lights. They’ve improved their standard of quality during their 8 years as an LED grow light manufacturer.

As far as GalaxyHydro series is concerned their two variants are doing pretty well on the market. If you’re keeping a small marijuana grow space you may be able to get away with the 300w model and save even more money.

Being specific for the Galaxyhydro 600 Watt, this grow light is marvelous when it comes to performance. Yeah, that’s why we count it in one that works in indoor growing pretty well.

The GalaxyHydro 600W uses high quality material which makes it durable and capable of performing for more extended period.

They’ve equipped this grow panel with 60 LEDs of 10W each which spreads an extraordinarily bright and intense light all over your grow space.

Now, if we talk about light spectrum, the 600w model is up to the mark because all essential light bands required for your plants have been covered including IR and UV.

The fabulous thing about the GalaxyHydro 600w is that it has a compelling ratio of Red bands which boosts the growth of your flowers in a tremendous way.

Unequivocal support to your plants concerning spectrum that’s what GalaxyHydro is famous for.

Now, let’s talk a bit about coverage ability. As long as you’re planning to grow in an area of around 3 sq ft. you should be good to go.

Yeah, during veg it is suitable for around 3’ X 3’ of space. On the other hand, during flowering, you’ll have to decrease height from plant canopy, and in such case, it’ll still be able to cover around 2’ X 2’ of the area with ease.

In addition, the GalaxyHydro 600W LED features daisy chaining as well.

Yeah, at this price mark it might not be top on the grow light section concerning performance, and we shouldn’t expect that. However, one thing is clear that it does what it is supposed to do.

If you’re afraid of power consumption with GalaxyHydro 600W Grow light, then your fears are misplaced because it’ll pull around 132W from the wall, which is more than acceptable from any grow light.

Inclusion in the list of Top rated cheap LED grow lights doesn’t mean that it’ll be power hungry.

Now, comes the most crucial aspect to consider while buying an LED grow light, primarily when we deal with affordable and cheap LEDs on the market. It’s the temperature balancing, and heat dissipation abilities of the grow light panel.

We’ve taken opinion from the people who’re currently growing great using this grow light. They’ve also explained how it works regarding the temperature balancing. It keeps your grow space well balanced concerning heat and cold air.

Roleadro equipped this grow light with multiple cooling fans, aluminium heat sink and a built-in temperature controller which keeps an eye on it while working.

When it comes to customer support, Roleadro provides a generous 2 year warranty and a 30 day refund policy if their product fails to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Now, it’s time to take a quick look at its pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 600W LED Grow Light on

Pros and Cons of GalaxyHydro 600W LED Grow Light

  • An Affordable Grow Light known for performance.
  • Extremely bright light.
  • Full spectrum ability.
  • Marvelous ability to cover a grow space of around 9 sq. ft
  • Panel protector zener diode for safety.
  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Power efficiency at its best.
  • Keeps things balanced in terms of temperature and heat.
  • Fabulous customer oriented support.
  • Elimination of dual mode switch
  • Timer is not included.


Don’t forget to look at Special Offers and Product promotion section when you buy from Amazon. Who knows there might be some offers waiting for you.

Specification Details of Roleadro 600W Grow Light

  • Dimensions : 12.1” X 8.2” X 2.4”
  • Weight : 4.8 lbs
  • Spectrum : Full spectrum with IR and UV
  • Actual Power Draw : 132W
  • Coverage : 2’ X 2’ – 3’ X 3’
  • Warranty : 2 Years warranty + 30 Days Money back if not satisfied.

Looking at its abilities, performance and customer satisfaction ratio, we would surely recommend the GalaxyHydro 300 Watt LED grow light. It’s definitely a good value if you’re searching for a cheap LED grow light that’s entry level.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the GalaxyHydro 600W LED Grow Light on


MEIZHI 300W Updated LED Grow Light – Grow your weed with it.

best led grow lights

The last 300w LED grow light on our list is made by Meizhi. This brand is known for their budget-friendly grow lights.

The cool thing about this variant is it’s an updated version of their old 300W LED. As we all know each update comes with some cool abilities and improvements.

Each manufacturer wants to hold their position on the market by providing performance-oriented products to the customers.

In this case they’ve improved their product quality compared to the old one.

Let’s explore what this cheap LED grow light has to offer to its customers.

This updated grow panel by MEIZHI is equipped with 60 LEDs of 2W each. We agree that it’s very low on each LED, but they’ve improvised their design quality to produce more power regarding the light. On the other hand they’ve used EMC technique for LED placement which seems to be effective.

Yeah, they’ve eliminated plastic and glass reflective panel and equipped this grow light with an advanced reflector that helps it to spread the light all over the grow space evenly and effectively.

If the spectrum is a concern, then it’ll spread a range of band from 450 to 660nm including white and 2 PC of LEDs that will sprinkle a hint of IR as well.

Now, comes the coverage ability by MEIZHI 300W LED Grow Light. Yeah, it can cover a space of around 3’ X 2’.

However, we’ll recommend to reduce it a bit further and try to achieve coverage for 2’ X 2’ of the area only. Yeah, that’ll be a wise move concerning plant productivity and growth.

When it comes to power consumption MEIZHI states that their 300W grow light has an actual power draw of 140 Watt, Which will further help you in saving money in the long run if you’re running tight on budget.

The Meizhi 300W LED grow light comes with separate mode switches. Also, daisy chaining feature which will help you to attach another grow light in future if you plan to extend grow space.

Single cooling fan and an aluminum sink help for keeping things balanced.

However, it’s recommended to supplement your grow space with some external cooling mechanism as well. Especially if you’re planning to use multiple grow light in your grow space.

As far as customer convenience and support is concerned, MEIZHI offers 30 days refund policy along with 2 years warranty where for the first year they’ll replace the product on their expense and for the second year you’ll have to pay for shipping rest they’ll repair your product and ship back to you.

That said,  Meizhi claims the damage rate is close to 0 and looking at product reviews it seems to be true.

Take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of this grow light by MEIZHI. It’ll help you in making a smart decision.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the MEIZHI Updated 300 Watt on

Pros and Cons of MEIZHI Updated 300 Watt LED Grow Light

  • Cheap Yet Effective LED Grow Light.
  • Optimal Spectrum ability.
  • Updated Design.
  • Decent coverage in the segment.
  • Better Power efficiency.
  • Dual Mode Switches.
  • Daisy chain attachment.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Complex fan

Specification Details of MEIZHI 300W Grow Light

  • Dimensions : 12.6” X 7.9” X 2.8”
  • Weight : 7.2 lbs
  • Spectrum : Optimal spectrum
  • Actual Power Draw : 140W
  • Coverage : 2’ X 3’
  • Warranty : 2 Years warranty + 30 Days Money back if not satisfied.

More than 85% of happy customers is an achievement in itself when it comes to affordable and cheap products. If you check out the reviews on Amazon for the Meizhi 300w grow light, you’ll understand this is a quality light.

Many manufacturers claim that they’re providing top rated and best cheap led grow light under 100 dollar budget.

However, when it comes to reality, it becomes a nightmare for many. Because such product starts harming plants after using for few months or maybe for a few days even.

Yeah, Meizhi Updated 300W Variant is worth your money if you have a grow space of around 2’ X 2’ and don’t want to spend much for premium LED grow lights such as Advanced Platinum or Grow Light By G8LED.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the MEIZHI Updated 300 Watt on

This last grow light in my review is known as a “booster” light. It’s too small to grow a plant by itself unless you’re growing succulents, in which case it’d be sufficient.

But it can be useful for people growing larger plants because they’re good to “boost” your overall light intensity when used in addition to other larger grow lights. You may want to buy one or two to fill out the edges of your grow space. That’s what they’re great for. Take a look:

SANSI 36W LED Grow Light – Small Light With A Purpose

best led grow lights

This small Sansi 36 watt LED grow light bulb is great for several purposes. If you need a grow light to add a bit more intensity to your current setup, or perhaps you have some small plants.

I can say from personal experience the Sansi 36w LED grow light bulb is one of the best cheap LED grow lights around for this purpose.

It satisfies all the requirements I named early on in the article – Light intensity, spectrum and coverage. I personally used this bulb to grow some succulents and a marigold (read my full experience here).


I flowered a beautiful marigold seedling picked from my yard, and also really brought my succulents to life. The succulents were previously under a 12w purple LED lamp which just wasn’t enough.

The white light spectrum plus infrared wavelengths makes is a nice full spectrum bulb compared to other cheap grow light bulbs that only contain a few wavelengths of color.

I’d say to keep this bulb 12-18 inches from your plants. Every plant will react differently so adjust accordingly.

It has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours as per manufacturer’s specification details on the product.

These Sansi grow light bulbs come with a generous 5 year warranty – no questions asked.

Discount for 420ExpertGuide readers only!
Click Here to visit Amazon and use code ALLGROWL for 20% off your purchase of Sansi grow light bulbs for indoor plants. Enjoy!

Pros and Cons of Sansi 36wW LED grow light bulb

  • Best Cheap LED grow light for one plant or use as a booster.
  • Best Red:Blue ratio.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • A long warranty period.
  • You’ll need to purchase a socket for the bulb.

If you’re a new grower and want to experiment in indoor growing, then this grow light bulb by Sansi is for you. In case you’re planning to use it as a supplementary grow light in larger grow space then also it’s a good grow light as far as you use it for blooming.

However, if you’re planning to grow in a space more than 9 sq.ft, then you should take a look at our reviews for best 600W LED Grow lights.

Click Here to visit Amazon and use code ALLGROWL for 20% off your purchase of Sansi grow light bulbs for indoor plants. Enjoy!

How do HPS grow lights compare to the best cheap LED grow lights?

You may have heard about HPS grow lights as well. They’re pretty inexpensive so if you’re in the market for a low cost grow light you may want to compare and contrast the two grow light types.

HPS grow lights perform better than the best cheap LED grow lights in terms of light intensity and even coverage area. The problem is they emit a lot of heat. So if you’re growing in a small enclosed space, HPS is definitely not the way to go in my opinion.

You’ll end up spending additional money buying fans and ducting for your grow tent which will ultimately make the project more expensive.

However, if you’re growing in an open space, an HPS light may be a strong competitor to the best cheap LED grow lights.

In terms of spectrum, the LED grow lights win. HPS lights will require changing bulbs for each phase of cannabis growth. In comparison, the best cheap LED grow lights emit spectrum that’s sufficient for all stages of plant growth.

If you’re interested in HPS lights – check out my article about them here.

The Bottom line for the Best Cheap LED Grow Lights:

In this review, we’ve researched each product thoroughly to help our readers in selecting some real value for the money LED Grow lights.

We’ve considered all the possible option available in this segment and then filtered some golden masterpiece out of an extensive list of available products. Yeah, by comparing it with each other, by asking people who bought those products in the past.

Grow lights reviewed in this article are suitable and limited for maximum of 2’x2′ of grow space.

However, for larger coverage you can check out my home page for a list of grow lights that’ll cover a larger space.

People who are interested in growing marijuana indoor for the area of around 3’ X 3’ with some high performance yet affordable grow light should consider following 3 in their priority list.

If you’re looking for a grow light which has a bit less coverage ability, then go for following two LEDs.

Now, if you’re running too tight on budget and don’t want to spend an amount over 50 dollars then go for the following bloom booster.


What’s the best cheap LED grow light?

The best low cost grow lights are the Viparspectra V600, Bestva 1200w Reflector, Phlizon 1000 watt COB, or Parfactworks 1000w COB.

Are cheap LED grow lights good?

You get what you pay for when it comes to grow lights. However there are a few grow lights that offer good value for the low price.

I recommend the Viparspectra V600, Bestva 1200w Reflector, Phlizon 1000 watt COB, or Parfactworks 1000w COB.

How much do grow lights cost to operate?

There are so many factors that affect grow light operating cost. Check out my grow light cost calculator to figure it out.

How much coverage can I get from a cheap LED grow light?

Cheap LED grow lights are entry level and don’t offer too much for the low price. The best models I recommended above will cover between 2 square feet and 3 square feet.

Which cheap LED grow lights should I avoid?

Avoid the cheap grow lights that have these features:
– Emit less than 400 uMol,
– Cover a small space like 1 square foot,
– Have an unbalanced spectrum with only red or only blue color.
You generally won’t find a good grow light for less than $100.

Source: King Plus, SansiLED, MarsHydro

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