Best Double Ended (DE) Grow Lights – Everything You Need To Know

What is a double ended (DE) grow light? Double ended grow lights, sometimes referred to as grow lamps, are High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights that operate at ultra high frequencies. Thus, the temperature and operating current are well balanced and much more constant.

These lights utilize High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), or Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH). While quite effective, these grow lights are no longer the most efficient on the market.

You can purchase a LED grow light that uses a fraction of the energy of HPS, MH, or CMH double ended grow lights. The only downside is LED grow lights are a little more pricey. You can start reading about them here.

Despite double ended (DE) grow lights being less efficient, they still hold a piece of the grow light market, and so I’ve researched the best models for you in this article.

Double Ended vs. Single Ended (Normal) Grow Lights – What’s The Difference?

  • Double Ended bulbs boast two connection points, one at either end, whereas a Single Ended bulb or lamp, only has one connection point.
  • Double Ended lights get much hotter, producing far more light and heat than a Normal or S.E. one, which in turn, gives maximum yield and greater profits if selling your bud.
  • Double ended grow lights require a much bigger financial layout than Single Ended to begin with, but, are more cost effective in the long run.
  • Double Ended are also less likely to be available second hand.

Double ended (DE) grow lights have the positive and neutral sockets at each end of the fixture, as opposed to the one socket on a Single Ended (SE) bulb. The extra socket equates to extra brightness, and therefore efficacy.

Difference between HPS and LED grow lights:

There are three main differences between HPS or Double Ended grow lights, and LED grow lights.

The first difference is cost. HPS grow lights cost a fraction of good quality LED grow lights, and that’s what keeps them attractive even as LED grow lights have really gained popularity.

The downside to HPS grow lights is they produce much more heat than LED grow lights, and so they aren’t good for small grow tents, or even small areas with no ventilation.

Growing cannabis, fruits or vegetables indoors requires a specific temperature and humidity. HPS light users can definitely face a challenge in maintaining a proper growing environment.

The third difference is the ability to control and produce more favorable light spectrum with LEDs compared to double ended grow lights like HPS or MH grow lights.

Best Double Ended Grow Lights List:

On that note, you will find below a small selection of the recommended grow kits on which includes a large choice with a variety of specs, depending on your requirements and needs:

Yield Lab Pro Series 1000w HPS+MH XXL Hood Double Ended Grow Light Kit

best led grow lights

Designed for those seeking high luminescence indoors, this grow kit has been manufactured with higher power and to be user-friendly, with a simple ergonomic design.

It also boasts improved safety statures on an air cool reflector hood with glass panel for easy bulb replacement, D.E. lights and a ballast that can be dimmed.

The reflector comprises of six inch air duct holes on either side, to give the best cooling possible. It has many more good features, just too much to mention. Comes with a H.P.S. and a metal halide (M.H.) bulb.

Whilst coverage may be slightly limited compared to other reflectors, that which it does offer is exceptional and is focused downwards on your grow, as opposed to jetting in various directions like fireworks on New Years Eve.

Pros & Cons:
  • Complete Kit
  • Dimmable ballast
  • High Power at 1000W
  • Design is User Friendly
  • Ideal for someone starting out
  • Comes with 1 Year Warranty on all parts, except ballast which has a 3 year guarantee
  • Comes with a middle of the road price tag, but, a bit on the expensive side
  • Better Indoors than Outside
  • Limited light coverage

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Yield Lab 1000W Double Ended Wing Reflector Complete Grow Light Kit- HPS+MH

best led grow lights

This Yield Lab double ended wing reflector is similar to it’s predecessor, but with the added benefit of an open winged reflector for more heat dissipation. This allows your plants to stay cooler and prevents burn spots.

The Double Ended H.P.S. Bulb from Yield Lab is a powerful 1000 watt bulb and is highly efficient.

The digital and dimmable ballast (also 1000 watts) comes with North American and European safety certifications from of U.L.,  C.E. and RoHS. That means it was extensively tested against: Open circuits, short circuits, ignition failure and overheating.

The Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W H.P.S. Open Winged Double Ended Reflector is compact and all in one. The open wings allows the reflection of many points of light onto the plants.

This 2 part open design also helps reduce any excessive heat to your bud, as it permits dissipation of same via the reflector’s open gaps.

  • Full Spectrum Grow Kit
  • Perfect for indoor growers including hydroponics
  • Easy to set up
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with Free DVD & Timer
  • Ballast cannot be rotated from horizontal to vertical for use in a grow tent

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Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed Lighting System 1000W Dimmable with USB Interface

best led grow lights

This Phantom Enclosed DE Lighting System with U.S.B. consists of progressive double ended technology that evenly delivers an optimal PPFD value over a large footprint.

This system affords you the distinctive capability to separate the ballast and the reflector, so the former can be operated from a distance, or placed in another room, to try assist in the reduction of heat load.

At the heart of this system is the Phantom Commercial DE Ballast. It’s designed with a high precision microprocessor that makes it super efficient and an exceptionally dependable piece of equipment.

Since it’s completely silent and lightweight, you won’t be disturbed as this ballast is entirely noise free and can easily be moved.

It can operate at multiple voltages, can be used with a generator, is compliant with the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) and comes with 2 cables (RJ12 to RJ12 and RJ12 to U.S.B.) , an RJ12 splitter, an 8 foot long power cable and a set of instructions.

The Phantom Enclosed DE Lighting System can be connected to the Lighting Controller model PX1 which is digital and made by Autopilot (APDPX1) via its U.S.B. interface. This affords you the luxury of having dual zoned, centralized and digital control of your Double Ended lamps.

This model offers a lot more flexibility than the Hydrofarm variety. Up to two hundred and fifty six in each of 2 independent zones for a total capacity of five hundred and twelve watts.

It also comes with a high precision microprocessor, 4 way dimming, is exceedingly reliable, has a status indicator with L.E.D. light and many more features.

Package Dimensions are: 19.8in x 10.8in x 12in. Warranty consists of  1 year for the Reflector, 3 years for the Ballast, and 1 year for the Lamp.

  • Perfect for a commercial or large scale setup
  • USB Interface
  • Latest Technology provides optimum P.A.R. with the highest uniformity
  • Ballast is completely silent, lightweight and slim
  • Ballast can be removed from reflector and used remotely
  • Can be used with multiple voltages
  • Not designed for small time producers

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SunStream 1000w Double Ended HPS Grow Light

best led grow lights

This SunStream 1000 watt DE grow light is not one to be sneezed at or ignored. It comes at a reasonable price considering everything included in the package.

Included is a high parabolic aluminized reflector, and a double ended (DE) bulb with a mean lifetime of 30,000 hours. The high frequency dimmable ballast can be adjusted to your preference.

The German made aluminum reflector is perfect to deal with the intense heat given off by a double ended lamp. This means that it is resistant to decomposition whether caused by heat or pressure.

If purchased from Amazon you can choose between a 120v or 240v cord. This all includes a three year warranty from Sunstream.

  • Reflector is a generous size
  • Ballast is high frequency and dimmable
  • High P.A.R. Double Ended 1000W Bulb Included
  • Both reflector and ballast come with a lengthy 3 year guarantee, bulb with 1 year
  • Alumina reflector, made in Germany, gives extra reflection
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cannot be connected to a controller

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Good Or Bad – Why Buy Or Use Double Ended Grow Lights?

Whilst light coverage and electrical use, may be far more efficient,  than single ended lamps economically speaking; and some would they are comparatively maintenance free when up against the average single-ended light, upon initial purchase, they are also more costly. This applies, not only to the bulbs, but, to all parts of the entire setup. This may be fine for the more established grower, however, a newbie starting out, would most likely find it difficult to afford such luxury. Although the DE lamps do provide a lot of benefits and are more economical in the long run, they could well be out if reach for many newcomers or even some more established small scale home growers. They do also provide a substantially higher P.A.R. output and light intensity than conventional Single Ended or SE lights.

Benefits of Double Ended Grow Lights

Where can I start – well, this innovative newfangled double ended light technology is groundbreaking! Not only do you get a better spread of light, require less fixtures and fittings, get an higher lumen output, but, you get a more effective use of the lumen output; providing up to 50% more usable output but, only using the same amount of power! What else, I hear you say? According to information from growers and tests from independent sources, for the same expense of running a High Intensity Discharge setup, you can have an much more sizeable footprint plus an increase of 20-50% on your yield – now, that’s quite an achievement! As it kicks out over 2000 micromoles of luminous energy, it is also great for bloom crops. And if that’s not impressive enough, even after 10,000 hours of burning, the intensity of double ended bulbs stays at a whopping 90%!

Whether you’re a home grower with just a few plants or have a gigantic industrial unit with 1000s of buds, these are the lights for you! Even starting out, you can be guaranteed a better score with a HIgh Pressure Sodium (HPS) Double Ended Light.

It’s Not Just About Lights – What About Reflectors, Connectors, Ballasts & Bulbs?

You need to choose the correct items from the beginning, as if you purchase things that are incompatible, you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. If you are just starting out, it is usually best to try and buy a complete kit as that way you can be sure they will all work together. If, however, you do decide to invest in individual pieces, please make sure you check and double check all the specifications twice over, otherwise, you could end up with e.g. a ballast that cannot be controlled by any connector or a double ended bulb and a single ended reflector! So, particularly if buying second hand equipment, where you usually have no comeback or option of returns or refunds from the seller, remember to do your homework first, ask lots of questions and thoroughly check each item before you hand over your hard earned cash.


The market is ever expanding and the products are ever evolving to meet demands and expectations of customers, and keep up with their competitors. The internet has given the customer a mammoth selection of options to meet their individual requirements. Somewhere amongst all these items, about ten or so years ago, along came the best double ended Grow Lights – are they good,  are they bad, are they value for money? Well, it really all depends on your perspective and your cash flow of course!

If you can spare a few hundred dollars for one single grow kit, you may want to go ahead and buy a DE Grow Light setup, but, for the small time home grower, it’s a luxury – it should pay off in the long term though with increased yield. If you’re a large scale home grower or somebody doing it on a commercial basis, then a Double Ended Grow Lights setup is a must. Yes, it will involve a costly initial outlay, but, when you get your best maximum yield ever- it will definitely save you lots more time, effort and money.

Best Product From The Reviews: The best double ended grow light really depends on individual requirements and funds available. For a commercial setup, the Phantom Commercial Grow Kit with the U.S.B. Interface would definitely be the best choice, but, for a home grower, it is best they check all the available options thoroughly, make sure they have the finances not just for the kit, but, any accessories or chemicals, etc. and then decide what best suits them.

Source: Yield Lab, SunStream, Phantom Ballast

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