Spider Farmer SF-7000: Why You Need This Grow Light In Your Grow Tent

spider farmer sf-7000

The Spider Farmer SF-7000 is a powerful 650 watt LED grow light that offers a lot of value. If you have a 4×4 foot to 6×6 foot grow area, this grow light could be a good choice for you.

Spider Farmer grow lights are relatively new to the grow scene, but they’ve been a hit ever since they became available. You can check out their full lineup and my personal review of the smaller SF-2000 here.


spider farmer sf-7000 features

With this new SF-7000 model, Spider Farmer has given an option to growers with grow spaces 5×5 feet and larger. Previously the largest coverage area Spider Farmer offered was the SF-4000 model which is better for growing in a 4×4 foot area.

The exciting part about the SF-7000 is it’s not just a carbon copy of the smaller SF-4000. There are several new features:

Inventronics Driver:

Spider Farmer chose to use an Inventronics driver to power this 650 watt model. Inventronics is a well known high quality alternative to MeanWell, which is the driver brand used on smaller Spider Farmer grow lights as well as many other brands of grow light. 

Extended Power Cord & Detachable Driver:

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There is an 8.5 foot power cord attached to the driver, which is detachable from the grow light so you can keep the driver outside your grow tent to keep temperatures down.

This detachable driver feature is unique to the SF-7000 and a big benefit for growers who struggle with high temperatures. It’ll be especially helpful on a 650 watt grow light that’s likely to produce a good amount of heat.

Seoul Semiconductor Diodes, Plus Infrared and Ultraviolet Diodes:

Spider Farmer moved away from Samsung diodes with this model and chose Seoul Semiconductor diodes. The spectrum of 2800K – 3000K, 4800K – 5000K are what you would want for plant growth, although I haven’t been able to find out much about the quality of Seoul Semi LEDs. It’s a very large company so hopefully the product is high quality. 

The SF-7000 also includes infrared and ultraviolet LED diodes which are beneficial for cannabis plants. These extra diodes are not commonly included on many grow lights, adding extra value to the SF-7000. 

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sf-7000 spectrum

This is the spectrum graph for the SF-7000, posted to the Spider Farmer website.

You can see the strong blue intensity, but personally I would prefer a bit more red intensity, especially for a light this size and cost.

It’s surprising to me that Spider Farmer wasn’t able to get the red intensity a bit higher, but over all I think you’ll still be able to grow good plants with this light.

The spectrum does include infrared so that should be beneficial to the flowering stage as well.

Folding Light Board:

This feature won’t help you grow plants, but the SF-7000 is able to fold in half for easy storage. 

Power Draw:

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The SF-7000 uses up to 650 watts at full power. You can easily dim the light from 10% to 100% with the dimming knob located on the side of the driver. 650 watts is in line with other grow lights for 5×5 foot coverage area, such as the 650 watt HLG 650R, the 600 watt HLG 600, or the 650 watt Mars Hydro FC 6500.

If you purchase several units you can take advantage of the daisy chain feature which allows one light to draw power from another by connecting them with a wire into the daisy chain port, which is located next to the dimming knob. Connect up to 15 lights at once.

Coverage Area & Hanging Height:

(click to enlarge)

As you can see in the image above, the 5×5 foot coverage area for the SF-7000 is pretty thorough.

The recommended hang height above plants for the Spider Farmer SF-7000 is as follows:

Seedlings: 44 inches @ 100% power

Vegetative Phase & Whole Life for Autoflowers: 30 inches @ 100% power

Flowering: 22-26 inches @ 100% power

For more information on light intensity and hang heights read my explainer article here.

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Other Specifications:

Spectrum Specifications:2800-3000K, 4800-5000K, 410nm, 650-665nm, 730-740nm
Wattage:Up to 650 watts
LED Brand:Seoul Semiconductor
Peak Intensity (umol):1680-1700 umol/s/m2
Coverage Area:Veg: 6x6 feet
Flowering: 5x5 feet
Power Draw:650W @ AC120V

623W @ AC240V
619W @ AC277V
Dimensions:29 x 22 x 4 in.
Input Voltage:AC100-277v
Amps:5.40A @ AC120V
2.61A @ AC240V
2.26A @ AC277V
Warranty:30 days

How does the Spider Farmer SF 7000 Compare To Other Grow Lights?

The SF-7000 is among several other grow lights in the 650 watt 5×5 foot flowering range, and for the most part they have similar performance.

But there are a few small differences to point out, and I always encounter people who are stuck comparing grow lights and make their decision based on a light that has a slight benefit over another.

At the moment I think the Spider Farmer SF-7000 is the grow light that has those “slight benefits” over other grow lights in this category. And if you’d prefer to have a bar style instead of a flat quantum board style grow light, Spider Farmer recently released a bar style grow light lineup as well.

SF-7000 vs HLG 600 & HLG 650R:

The SF-7000 is comparable to HLG’s 600 and 650R models. The Spider Farmer does have a few advantages over the HLG models.

The first advantage is the 8.5 foot power cord and removable driver.

Being able to hang that heat generating driver outside your grow tent could be a big help for growers who can’t control their temperatures well.

The second advantage is the ultraviolet diodes. I know growers who spend hundreds on separate UV light bars just to get that wavelength in their garden. It’s rare to see UV on a grow light in this power range and it’ll definitely help some people make their decision on this grow light.

The one disadvantage of the SF-7000 is the lower amount of red in the spectrum (see image in spectrum section above) compared to HLG.

SF-7000 vs Mars Hydro FC-6500:

Another comparable alternative to the SF-7000 could be the 650 watt Mars Hydro FC-6500. These two grow lights are both close in price and wattage.

The SF-7000 has three main differences compared to the Mars Hydro FC-6500. First is the design. You’ll need to decide whether you like the bar style of the FC-6500 or the square board style of thte SF-7000 better.

The second difference is the removable driver on the SF-7000. This feature isn’t on the FC-6500, so you’ll need to decide if this is a feature you would use or not.

The third difference is the UV diodes on the SF-7000 that are not included on the FC-6500. UV is known to increase THC in cannabis plants, but not everybody wants high THC plants. So that’s another important factor you’ll have to consider.

The FC-6500 does have more red in the spectrum, so if that’s important to you, then you might choose the FC-6500. If you do prefer a bar style grow light, you should check out the new bar style Spider Farmer SE Series here.

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New Arrival! Spider Farmer SF 7000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light For Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

In the SF-7000 video above you’ll be able to see the features that I mentioned in action – take a peek!

Overall the SF-7000 is one of the best grow lights for 5×5 feet, because it offers several features that aren’t available on other LED grow lights in this power range.


How many watts of power does the Spider Farmer SF-7000 use?

The SF-7000 uses 650 watts of power at full capacity with the ability to dim the light down to 10% of that amount.

What size grow space is the Spider Farmer SF-7000 ideal for?

The SF-7000 will flower cannabis or other plants in a 5×5 foot space. You can use this grow light to grow plants in the veg phase in a 6×6 foot space.

How does the SF-7000 compare to similar powered grow lights?

The SF-7000 offers a lot of value considering the price and the features you get for that price. The ultraviolet diodes are not available on many, if any, other grow lights in this coverage and price range. At the time of release the SF-7000 was also the only other grow light in this price and coverage range with a folding capability and removable drivers.

What height above plants do I hang the Spider Farmer SF-7000?

Based on the manufacturer provided light intensity, the SF-7000 should hang 44 inches above seedlings at 100% power; 30 inches above plants in the veg phase of growth, and autoflowers, at 100% power; and 22-26 inches above flowering cannabis plants.


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