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LED grow light reviews

Are DIY Quantum Board Grow Light Kits Worth It?

DIY quantum board grow light kits are a popular option for indoor growers. They definitely have certain benefits over the pre-assembled quantum board grow lights, but not every aspect is better. If you haven’t bought one yet, keep reading because I think I’ve found an alternative to DIY quantum board grow light kits at a […]

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High Quality Grow Lights You Won’t Find On Amazon

Best Cheap LED Grow Lights

Amazon is a great place to find grow lights for your home growing hobby. But there are a few high quality lights you’d be missing out on if you didn’t also look elsewhere. There’s a great website called LED Grow Lights Depot that has a huge selection of grow lights and other indoor growing equipment. […]

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Scynce LED Raging Kush vs NextLight Mega LED Grow Light

scynce vs nextlight

Some people require the best of the best. It’s a valuable characteristic in the indoor growing industry, because with grow lights you get what you pay for. If you’ve got the cash to ensure you get the maximum yield from your plants, the difference between a cheap LED grow light and the highest yielding LED […]

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Bestva 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – 2019 Review

bestva 1000w led grow light

Looking for an affordable replacement to your old-fashioned HPS grow light system? Then this Bestva 1200W LED grow light review is the answer you’re looking for. I discuss how you can replace your 600W HPS grow light system with this Bestva 1200w DC Series grow light. I’ll cover all the essential factors you need to […]

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The Strongest COB LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plant Growing

cob le

I’ve been thinking about COB LED lights lately and realized that all LED grow lights should be COB design. COB LED grow lights still play a huge role in today’s grow light market. They regularly outperform regular LEDs of similar wattage. Anyone who purchases a regular low watt LED grow light isn’t getting much coverage […]

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HLG 550 V2 Quantum Board LED Grow Light – Detailed Review

hlg 550 v2

Horticulture Lighting Group has designed a higher output quantum board LED grow light, dubbed the HLG 550. Horticulture Lighting Group actually came up with the “quantum board” grow light design and started the trend among the indoor plant growing community. Quantum board LED grow lights are now one of the most popular grow light choices […]

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