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Who Are The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders? A Reddit Survey

best cannabis seed breeders
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Everyone wants to grow seeds from a popular breeder. Reasons range from wanting to sample what’s popular to being sure you’re growing top shelf cannabis.

The best cannabis seed breeders according to Reddit data are Mephisto Genetics, Bodhi Seeds, In-House Genetics, ThugPug Genetics, and Humboldt Seeds. This data is based on recommendations from Reddit post data. Keep reading below to find out who the runners-up were, and how the winners were determined. 

I compiled data from a random sampling of just over 25 Reddit posts from the Microgrowery subreddit, where people were asking or discussing their favorite seed breeders. I posted the results here for 420ExpertGuide readers!

I know 25 posts may not sound like much data, but each thread had several comments to sift through regarding preferred seed breeders, among other things. Further, with well over 300 mentions, this data is statistically significant. 

The age of these Reddit threads ranged from several years old to a few months old. I suspect some of the breeder names here won’t surprise you. But either way, you may be interested in having a go-to list to work your way through.

The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders – Explanation of the Data:

So how did I break down this data of the best cannabis seed breeders? There were actually several more mentions than what you see in the chart above. That is, several breeders received one to three mentions each. But I had to reduce noise in the chart so I ultimately decided to exclude those names. One or two people mentioning a breeder in this data set is also much less significant than four or six people. 

I only counted people who actually recommended these breeders – presumably they have grown plants from the respective breeder. On the downside, it’s possible a person in these Reddit threads may have only seen results from another person’s grow of a particular breeder’s seeds. That would be less preferable but in a way it’s still legitimate – just not as legitimate as if the person had grown and consumed that cannabis themselves.

This also means I didn’t include mentions of people who said they want to try “x” breeder in the future, nor did I include people who were unhappy with their growing results from a certain breeder (there were a few). 

Any breeder included (or not included) in the chart data above who didn’t make Top 5 isn’t necessarily a “bad” breeder. They may offer great seeds (those who mentioned them said they do). But they simply aren’t what people were talking about in this large sampling of Reddit threads discussing people’s most preferred cannabis seed breeders. 

By the way, if you decide to purchase seeds from one of these companies, make sure you read my post about making sure the seeds grow into female plants! 

The Top 5 Best Cannabis Seed Breeders:

top 5 best cannabis seed breeders
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Here are the top five best cannabis seed breeders according to Reddit’s Microgrowery subreddit.

  1. Mephisto Genetics
  2. In-House Genetics
  3. Bodhi Seeds
  4. ThugPug Genetics
  5. Humboldt Seeds


The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders – Honorable Mentions: 

top best cannabis seed breeders
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These breeders didn’t make it to the top five most mentioned breeder list, but they received 8 to 9 mentions each out of approximately 350 total mentions. These cannabis seed breeders are the runners-up to the Top 5. 

  1. Barney’s Farm
  2. Relentless Genetics
  3. Exotic Genetix
  4. Symbiotic Genetics


The Best Autoflower Cannabis Seed Breeders:

  1. Mephisto Genetics
  2. Barney’s Farm
  3. Sweet Seeds
  4. Dinafem
  5. Night Owl Seeds

Mephisto Genetics is an autoflower breeder, and was the number one most mentioned breeder in this study. I haven’t grown Mephisto myself but I did see someone describing why Mephisto is in such high demand. They described the yields from Mephisto seeds as outperforming some photoperiod seeds – which would be pretty impressive.

In the image above you can see this is a respectable yield for an autoflower. Grower KingJayGardens on Grow Diaries said these Strawberry Nuggets from Mephisto Genetics are the best tasting buds he’s ever had. It looks like Mephisto usually sells out quickly when they restock.

So if you’re interested in another autoflower breeder, Night Owl Seeds received the next highest number of mentions when it came to autoflowers. Barney’s Farm which was one of the honorable mentions also offers some autoflower strains. 

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Mephisto Genetics

Barney’s Farm

Sweet Seeds


Exotic Genetix

In-House Genetics

Humboldt Seed Company


Who Are The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders?

According to Reddit data, Mephisto Genetics, Bodhi Seeds, In-House Genetics, ThugPug Genetics, and Humboldt Seeds are the most recommended cannabis seed breeders.

Who Are The Best Autoflower Seed Breeders?

According to Reddit data, the best autoflowering cannabis seed breeders are Mephisto Genetics, Barney’s Farm, Sweet Seeds, Dinafem, and Night Owl Seeds


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