Exclusive Deals

Below is a list of exclusive offers provided to me by a few different vendors. I’ll list any deals I can find for LED grow lights, grow tents, fans, nutrients, and anything that’ll help you get the most yield for the lowest cost possible. Not all the products here have been reviewed on my site yet.

I will update the page regularly, and many of these offers are limited time.

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20% off the most modern grow lights – the HLG Quantum Board LED Grow Lights when you order from LED Grow Lights Depot. Click the image for details.

LED Grow Lights Depot

I was given a coupon code by the nice folks at LED Grow Lights Depot. You can visit their site and use promo code LEDARMY at checkout for 10% off your order.

Discount Code Page on LED Grow Lights Depot:

Click Here

This page shows all currently active discounts at LED Grow Lights Depot, along with the associated discount code. Enjoy!



20% off Sansi full spectrum 36w grow light bulbs on Amazon. Click Here and use code ALLGROWL at checkout.



50% OFF Roleadro 800w LED Grow Lights. Click Here and use promo code 50AXLT1T at checkout. (Expires August 25, 11:59pm pst)



5% off AGLEX LED grow lights. Click Here and use promo code 05AGLEXALL at checkout. (Expires September 2, 11:59pm PST)


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