How to Hide the Smell When Growing Weed Indoors?

Last updated on April 19th, 2019 at 10:46 pm

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Are you worrying about the smell produced by your weed plants? In this article, our experts have gathered some tips and tricks to help you out with your concern.

While growing marijuana indoor is heart pleasing job, on the other hand, we need to take care of odour produced by those plants.

Yeah, that marvellous aroma might be pleasing to smokers but can bring some serious problems on your doorstep if you don’t take proper care of it.

Also, it’s necessary to hide this smell so that your neighbours or any random passerby don’t notice it.

Yeah, precaution is always better than cure as they say.

On the market, there are several props and tools available to hide it.

Here, we’d give you a brief overview that will help you in deciding how you want to tackle your problem.

How To Hide Smell When Growing Weed Indoors?

There are multiple ways available to deal with strong odour of marijuana, here our expert’s team collected some most economical ways to help you out with solving your concern.

1). Grow tent – An Enclosed Structure Is Better To Keep Weed Inside

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Growing weed indoor is a fun activity, and also it’s essential that you don’t grow it directly in the open space of your spare room or corner.

Yeah, even if you’re starting out and growing merely 2 or 3 plants, it’s always recommended to adopt grow tent growing for the safer move.

Yeah, nowadays there are some best grow tents available on the market which are leak proof.

These grow tent don’t just stop light from getting out of your grow space but also helps in preventing the smell from spreading outside.

Yeah, grow tent are a completely enclosed structure designed for growing plants indoor.

Also, there are several advantages attached with grow tent. Few out of many include better plant growth due to the maximization of light effect; a designated grow space, a perfect shelter for plants, prevention of bugs and harmful insects in the growing area and so on.

So, yeah, we’d recommend you to choose one of the best indoor grow tent for weed cultivation if you want to tackle smell issue at an affordable cost.

Yeah, grow tent a most economical and budget-friendly way to help you out in preventing weed smell from getting spread in outer space.

Yeah, a top rated led grow light with a most convenient and leak proof grow tent is best combination available out there for indoor weed cultivation.

2). Odor Neutralizers – Let Routine Blend With New

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While growing in an ample space it still becomes somewhat harsh to prevent odour from getting outside with grow tents.

Yeah, due to the large mass of plants inside the grow space it somehow gets out of growing area.

In such cases, one of our readers approached us with an alternative; he asked us that whether using his body spray or perfume is it possible to mask that smell? Yeah, it sounds like a pretty option, but still one can’t rely on such alternative.

However, while growing in a large area it’s always better to play safe, moreover, to play safe one can utilize odor neutralizers to mask the strong aroma of growing weed without any worry.

Yeah, these neutralizers are designed in such a way that they blend along with the real smell and create a neutral effect of fragrance.

Also, there are multiple options available on the market by using which you can convert the smell of marijuana in your preference of aromas like jasmine, rose or mint.

These odor neutralizers come with built-in HEPA filter which clean and filter out lousy air by processing it.

Yeah, you can utilize odor neutralizer for your multi-purpose jobs as well.

3). Carbon Filter for Weed Smell – Small Attachment Heals all the Headaches

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A perfect invention to tackle bad air and odors.

Yeah, carbon filters are made to filter out all the bad air available in the growing environment.

In case you’re using an exhaust system to wipe out all the excessive heat and air available in the atmosphere then carbon filters can be a good attachment to your grow space exhaust.

Yeah, plug it along with your exhaust system, and it’ll convert all the aromatic fragrance of weed into a healthy air.

The basic working of the carbon filter is to absorb excessive bad air available in the space and to balance normal air circulation. Yeah, when potential smelling air pass through this prop, it absorbs all the elements responsible for creating the aroma into it and what left is just routine normal air.

Also, attached benefits of carbon filter give a reason to think about its inclusion in your grow space tool or props.

Yeah, carbon filters are an economical way of balancing air or odour treatment.

Also, they last longer than any other alternative such as odour neutralisers, or air purifiers.

Carbon filter placement and fitment is one-time activity, and they don’t intervene again in your entire growing journey. Yeah, in case of air purifiers and odour neutralizers you may need to change positions and also need to A/B test them for a proper outcome. On the hands, carbon filters are meant to be attached with the exhaust system, and that’s it.

The carbon filter isn’t an alternative, and it is more like a solution. Yeah, in case of other props you may not get routine air in your house. Instead it’ll either replace kind of smell with different smell which gives a reason to curious people to suspect your house situations. While carbon filters replace odour filled air with new fresh air which is normal for you as well as for others.

4). Air Purifier – Convinient and Easy Way of Dealing

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It sounds similar to odor neutralizers, but its working is different compared to the former.

Yeah, air purifiers are mechanical devices manufactured to clean airspace in your grow room without spreading any aroma or smell.

Yeah, they’re used to purify air, but in several cases, it doesn’t work at its best when the environment is filled with a strong odour. Yeah, marijuana smell is strongest compared to all other odours that these purifiers are designed to handle.

So, as a cheap alternative, you can use air purifiers, but it’s not advised to rely on it while dealing with large grow space.

Also, here are few tricks to deal with odour.

Tricks to deal with a strong odor of marijuana

Keep other plants in your grow space along with marijuana which produces a strong smell than weed.
Don’t grow a large number of plants inside your house.
• Use multiple ways of enclosed grow space. Like, a grow space in your spare room without any other window.
• Also, choosing a marijuana variety with low odour profile could help you in minimising the headache.
• Decorate your house with outdoor garden if possible. Grow big trees as well.

So, that’s all folks.

We hope you liked our article and got your answer to the question “How to Hide Smell When Growin Weed Indoor?

Share your opinion or the way you’re utilizing in the comment section we’d like to feature it on our site.

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