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The Ultimate Hydroponic Cannabis Resource Guide

Welcome to my hydroponic weed growing guide where I overview the different type of hydroponic growing options and resources to successfully grow cannabis without soil. Hydroponics are the practice of growing cannabis plants using one of many non-soil systems. Hydroponic weed systems can be more complex to set up, but growers choose this method because it offers faster growth and higher potency cannabis when done correctly. Is Hydroponic Grown Cannabis Better? Growing weed via hydroponics can…

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Grow Tent Fans – Sizes, Placement, Setup, FAQ (Updated 2022)

Having proper circulation in your grow tent is essential to preventing mold and powdery mildew from growing on your cannabis. I'm going to lay out everything you need to know about selecting an inline fan for your grow tent, and getting it set up properly. I'll help you determine the proper grow tent fan size and power rating, where to place the fan, how to set up your grow tent fan, and the other accessories you'll…

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The Best Grow Light Ballasts of 2022

Grow room from ceiling If you're thinking about setting up a grow room or grow space using high-intensity discharge lamps, then you may already know that you need the best grow light ballast. Without a ballast for your HID lights, they won't turn on. You will need a ballast for any traditional tube fluorescent bulb and all high intensity (HI) bulbs. Metal Halide (MH), Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH, CDM), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Combination MH and…

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The Best HPS Grow Light Reflector Hoods of 2022

How do you maximize the coverage area of your CMH or HPS grow light? That's where grow light reflector hoods come in. Hood reflectors maximize your grow light efficiency by ensuring 100% of light from the light bulb is reflected towards your plants. Maximizing light reflection with a hood reflector is an inexpensive way to ensure light covers your whole plant canopy and grow space. Did you know plants need 20 to 40 moles of light…

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Best Grow Light Timers – Full 2022 Overview

Are you looking for the best timer for grow lights for your indoor garden or any other part of the house?  If the answer is yes, then you landed at the right place.  We will be giving you a list of the best grow light timers that you'll find. A high quality grow light timer is essential to ensure consistent lighting period for your garden. Grow light timers save you the hassle of manually turning your…

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How to Hide the Cannabis Smell in Any Situation – 9 Great Methods

Are you worried about the smell produced by your cannabis plants? In this article, I've gathered some tips and tricks to help you minimize the odor. There are several effective methods to hide the weed smell when growing cannabis indoors. They include odor eliminators, grow tents, carbon filters, air purifiers and smell proof bags.  How To Hide The Smell When Growing Cannabis Indoors? There are multiple ways available to deal with strong odor of marijuana, here…