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Best Grow Light Ballast in 2019

Hydrofarm Phantom

Grow room from ceiling If you’re thinking about setting up a grow room or grow space using high-intensity discharge lamps, then you may already know that you need the best grow light ballast. Without a ballast for your HID lights, they won’t turn on. The old school electromagnetic ballasts have slowly become obsolete as they […]

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Best Grow Light Hood Reflector in 2019

hood reflector

Are you growing indoor cannabis plants? They need nutrients from light and water. But it’s not that simple. You’ll also need to provide the plants with enough light. LED grow lights are great, but how can you maximize your light coverage? That’s where reflector hoods come in. They maximize your grow light efficiency by ensuring […]

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Best Grow Light Timers – Full 2019 Review


Are you looking for the best timer for grow lights for your indoor garden or any other part of the house?  If the answer is yes, then you landed at the right place.  We will be giving you a list of the best grow light timers that you’ll find. You’ll find out some of the […]

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