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Cannabichromene softgels

Cannabichromene (CBC) is another cannabinoid that can be isolated from hemp or cannabis plants and made into soft gels, oil, vape carts and more. If you’re curious about this cannabinoid and its potential use, keep reading below to learn of my personal experience, as well as the experiences of others.

Because cannabichromene occurs naturally in smaller amounts in hemp and cannabis, it’s still pretty expensive to isolate in large quantities. You may find it mixed into a product in a small quantity to aid in the entourage effect.

If you want to purchase CBC in large quantities you’ll probably pay more than you would for CBD or other more popular cannabinoids. Still, there may be some justification for purchasing CBC for people with more serious ailments.

What is Cannabichromene Used For?

Pain Relief:

CBC molecules are known to attach to receptors in the body that are associated with pain. These are different from the endocannabinoid receptors that CBD connects to, which may help with inflammation related pain.

So if you’re using CBD or other cannabinoids for pain, CBC may also be an interesting cannabinoid to experiment with. It also explains what a lot of people already know, which is why cannabinoids work better together than alone. Cannabichromene with CBD is likely better than CBC alone.

Other Potential Uses:

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Other early stage cannabichromene studies have been conducted on mice, suggesting cannabichromene may be helpful for cancer and neurological conditions. But results from mice studies rarely carry over to humans, so it’s not worth putting much weight on this information right now.

Cannabichromene Dosage:

There haven’t been any studies on dosage at the time of this writing. But popular retailers are selling dosages in the 8mg to 35mg per milliliter range.

The softgels I used were in the 10mg range per capsule, and I did notice a difference compared to full spectrum CBD without the CBC added.

When mixing CBC with other cannabinoids, people have reported success keeping the CBC portion of the mixture below 10% of the total mixture.

Due to everybody having a different tolerance level to cannabinoids, the best advice is to start with a small amount.

What Cannabis and Hemp Strains Have High Cannabichromene Content?

CBC hemp flower

Landrace strains originating in India are known to be high in cannabichromene content. I’ve found a few strains of hemp that have relatively high CBC content. Take a look below at the vendor and strain information:

Vendor:Strain Name:CBC Content:
Eight Horses HempCatnip Cream Sauce5.08% CBCa
KA ApothecaryCherry Wine3% CBCa

Where to Purchase CBC Products:

If you aren’t into flower, you can find cannabichromene softgels and distillate for vape carts at Extract Labs. This is a high quality, lab tested, cannabinoid vendor I’ve purchased softgels from and I can vouch for their product quality.

KA Apothecary also has a “noid lab” store where you can order custom mixtures of different cannabinoids including CBC in either tincture or capsule form.

Cannabichromene Personal Experience:

I purchased CBC softgels from a trusted vendor, Extract Labs, to get an idea of what it was like. The softgels contained a 1:3 ratio of CBC to CBD. As a person who’s sensitive to full spectrum CBD oil, I was able to distinguish right away how the CBC altered the CBD oil.

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The cannabichromene was a net positive addition to the full spectrum CBD oil. As someone who’s sensitive to THC, the THC in 60mg of full spectrum CBD oil has a very noticeable effect on me.

With cannabichromene added into the mix, it seemed to muffle the more harsh effects of the THC contained in the CBD oil. I did somewhat notice the pain relieving feeling although I didn’t have any pain to treat at the time. Overall I’d say the CBC + CBD softgels were a more enjoyable product compared to full spectrum CBD alone.

Unfortunately, at the price CBC is currently offered, I don’t think the additional effect outweighs the extra cost for someone who casually uses full spectrum CBD oil. But if you’re considering using CBC for a more serious condition, it may be a different story.

Other Cannabichromene Anecdotes:

I researched what people who have pain or diseases were saying about CBC. Since as a healthy person I can only know so much about how it might help certain ailments.

One person further validated the pain relief aspect of cannabichromene by telling their story of relief from severe back pain.

Another few people reported that the CBC vape carts don’t seem to do much, however the CBC isolate really seems to deepen and extend the effects of other cannabinoids.

Another thing I’ve noticed in my cannabichromene research is that it’s frequently mentioned when people are discussing the best cannabinoid mixtures – probably due to its ability to deepen and extend the effects of other cannabinoids. So if you’re making your own mix of cannabinoids you may want to consider adding CBC into the mix!

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