About Nick:

Hi I’m Nick, I’m a home grower that spends my spare time reading and writing about the indoor growing industry. I’m also the one person team running 420ExpertGuide in my spare time. It’s definitely an exciting time to be growing not only cannabis, but anything indoors as new technologies and methods are developed.

Why You Can Trust My Information:

People who visit my site are often looking for specific information, and if I don’t provide the best information possible, people will stop visiting in the long run.

I cite peer-reviewed scientific studies as often as possible. I also discuss the personal experience of myself and other indoor growers. My goal is for you to have all the information to make your decision, not to make a decision for you. You can check the bottom of each page for citations.

Say Hi or Ask A Question:

I’ve already connected with and helped several readers who had questions about different aspects of growing. If you have questions or comments, email me at Nick@420ExpertGuide.com. This is my personal email and I always try to respond quickly!

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