About Us

My name is Nicolas Blair, and I’m the founder of 420expertguide.com.

Yeah, I used the word “expert” because, since the last several years I’m an indoor weed cultivator. I love growing indoor and testing things and getting good results. Starting out in small home-based setups with just 2 plants and today I’ve entire floor occupied for bud plants.

During my journey to mastering indoor growing, I failed many times and learned a lot.

There are many occasions when I felt like this hobby isn’t any more productive and things are not working the way it should work. Then, each time I didn’t quit and tried new things.

With the help of a perfect friend of mine, we decided to build a website to help people growing great without making those significant mistakes.

Here, we provide information about growing weed in a way that doesn’t result in loss of your money.

We’ll also suggest you the best tools like Best Grow Tent, Best LED Grow Light, Must Required Nutrition for your cannabis plants, And Many More things.

Here you’ll not get any scrap of information, but we’ll only suggest you the things that worked for us. And either our team or we had tested or gathered information from real life users.

Even if we’ve used a product, we follow a particular guideline for writing product reviews and guides.

  • Before reviewing any product, we research for all the details about it.
  • We only review best products available on the market from the reputable brand or manufacturer which is widely accepted by existing indoor growers.
  • We write a completely unbiased and 100% independent review of any product. And we do not accept any return or compensation or bribe for praising any scrape on our site.
  • Our primary focus is to provide our readers with value for money product with the best quality. If a thing is a scrap, then it’s scrap. And we don’t tend to advise this kind of products to buy for our readers.
  • Our source of income is only and only affiliate commision. (With no indirect cost to you.)
  • We make sure that our guides and reviews are entirely readable. We do not support fake and praising words.

You know what?

LED Grow Light is the primary element which will define your level of success from the beginning.

And, if you’re a regular visitor of this site, then you should have noticed that we’ve only those LED Grow Light Reviews which is working, and results of every Grow Light is already mentioned its worth.

With the help of this site, we’re aiming to get into touch with the weed cultivator’s community so if you’ve anything that you wants to share with everyone and you don’t have a medium then don’t hesitate to drop a mail to us.

We’ll help you showcase your tests and results.

And yeah, don’t forget. We’re open for any suggestion or feedback.