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Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights: How Do They Compare? (2020)

Are you considering a Spider Farmer LED grow light? You landed at the right place because I bought a Spider Farmer grow light and tested it myself. Keep reading for more details about my experience.

Spider Farmer grow lights offer a great bang for your buck when it comes to growing cannabis. Read below for the coverage details and other features of each model.

Sizes & Design:

There are four sizes available – the SF-600 which flowers 2x2 feet, the SF-1000 which flowers 2x2 feet with stronger light, the SF-2000 which flowers 2x4 feet, and the SF-4000 which flowers 4x4 feet.


spider farmer sf 600

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 The SF-600 covers a small 1.5x1.5ft area. This light is good for seedlings or supplemental light. You can use it to flower one plant in a 2x2 foot space.



spider farmer sf-1000

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The SF-1000 flowers a 2x2 foot area, or 3x3 foot area during the vegetative phase of growth.



spider farmer sf-2000

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The SF-2000 flowers a 2x4 foot area. This size is sufficient for covering two cannabis plants.



spider farmer sf-4000

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The SF-4000 is the largest size and covers a 4x4 foot area. You can fit 4 cannabis plants in a 4x4 foot space. You can stretch this light to a 5x5 foot area for vegging.



Below is the SF-2000 that I bought. Right out of the box this light looks and feels like it’s worth its weight. The metal frame is very sturdy.

I turned the light on and I was almost blinded. The picture doesn’t do it justice because my camera dims the image when it’s too bright.

spider farmer sf-2000sf-2000 turned on

Mine came with a handy measuring tape so you can accurately measure the distance between your light and your plants. It also comes with a hanging kit.

Spider Farmer grow lights are a modern quantum board design. If you don’t know what quantum board grow lights are yet, there are a few features that distinguish them from more traditionally designed grow lights:

Energy Efficient

These grow lights are more energy efficient than traditional LED grow lights. That’s partially due to the fact they don’t use cooling fans. Another reason is the LEDs they used in these designs are newer versions of diodes compared to grow lights that were designed years earlier but are still for sale today.

Spider Farmer’s 2.7 micromoles per Joule is at the very high end of efficiency compared to most other grow lights that typically fall between 1.5 and 2.4 uMol/Joule.

Power efficiency: 2.7 uMol/Joule;

SF 600 consumes ~85 watts

SF 1000 consumes ~100 watts

SF 2000 consumes ~200 watts

SF 4000 consumes ~450 watts


Fanless design

Quantum board LED grow lights are designed to dissipate heat efficiently, and therefore don’t utilize cooling fans. With that said, tests of quantum board grow lights like Spider Farmer grow lights have shown that they still generate heat.

Depending on your growing environment, you may want to still consider purchasing a space fan. During the winter months when your room is colder, the moderate heat coming from the Spider Farmer grow light may help maintain temperatures in your grow space. But during the summer months you may choose to use a space fan if things get too warm.

Uniform Light Coverage:

The uniform light coverage is perhaps the best characteristic of Spider Farmer grow lights and other quantum board grow lights. Check out the images above and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a light intensity comparison of the Spider Farmer SF 1000 to a comparably priced Viparspectra PAR600. You’ll note the light intensity hardly fades at all on the Spider Farmer compared to equivalent traditional LED grow lights like the Viparspectra.

This is important because you ideally want your whole canopy covered in usable light. This way the side branches have a chance of growing sizeable buds or fruits instead of only the stems under the center of the light.

Light Intensity and Coverage Area:

The light intensity charts below show how strong the light from each Spider Farmer model is at a given hanging height. If you want to learn about how light intensity affects cannabis plants, read my full article here.

For a moderate cannabis yield you want a light that emits ~306 uMols (PPFD) of light during an 18 hour vegetative light cycle, or ~463 uMols during a 12 hour flowering light cycle. 

If you want to get the most yield from your plants, you’ll need a stronger light emitting ~617 uMols of light during an 18 hour vegetative light cycle, or ~925 uMols during a 12 hour flowering light cycle.

The Spider Farmer SF-600 is a small grow light sufficient for seedlings or as a supplemental light. The intensity shown below is not strong enough for the vegetative or flowering phase in my opinion. You’ll need one of the larger size Spider Farmer grow lights.

sf 600 ppfd

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Based on the numbers Spider Farmer provides, The SF 1000 hanging from 18″ is enough to hit that moderate yield threshold across a 2x2 foot space:

sf-1000 ppfd (Click to View Details or Buy)

The SF 2000 will get you closer to the max yield levels in the center, and moderate on the edges, in addition to covering a larger 2x4 foot area compared to the SF 1000:

sf-2000 ppfd (Click to View Details or Buy)

Lastly, the SF 4000 will get you pretty close to maximum yield in a 4x4 area, definitely in a 3x3 foot area. The usable coverage area is also considerably larger than the SF 2000:

sf-4000 ppfd (Click to View Details or Buy)

Definitely nice performance for a grow light of this size and price. Are you looking for an industrial grow light or a stronger grow light that will flower 5x5 feet and veg 7x7 feet? The HLG 650R is more expensive, but more powerful and better for very large or industrial cannabis grows.

Spider Farmer Grow Light Hang Height Information:

Seedlings22-24 in.28 in.30 in.30-32 in.
Vegetative14-18 in.16-18 in.24 in.26-28 in.
Flowering12-14 in. 10-12 in.16-18 in.18 in.

For more information on proper hang height, read my full article about Grow Light Hang Heights.


Light Spectrum Information:

spider farmer grow light spectrum

best led grow lights

The spectrum included with Spider Farmer lights is exactly what you want and need for growing cannabis, or other types of plants. It consists of 3000K white, 5000K white, 660nm Red, and 760nm Infrared diodes. All together they make up a nice full spectrum white light.

Dimming and Daisy Chain

Spider Farmer grow lights feature a dimmable Mean Well driver. The dimmer on the older models is located on the underside of the driver. You need to unscrew the Mean Well driver from the LED board so you can access the under side of the driver where the dimmer is located.

The newer models feature an easy dimming knob. The newer models also feature a daisy chain which allows you to plug the grow light’s power cord into a slot on the dimmer module of another Spider Farmer grow light.

For growers who have multiple lights this is a big convenience because they don’t need to create a snake nest of wiring with multiple power cords near one power outlet.

Intensity Test & Overview Videos:

Spider Farmer LED Grow Light | PPFD PAR Intensity Test

Spider Farmer SF-2000 Quantum Board LED Grow Light Unboxing and Overview

This is the SF 2000 model, all in all a very solid light for a decent price. The SF-1000 is half this size, and the SF-4000 is double this size.

Are Growers Getting Good Results with Spider Farmer Grow Lights? Decide for Yourself:

spider farmer weed

spider farmer weed

How Do Spider Farmer Grow Lights Compare?

mars hydro ts-3000
spider farmer sf-4000
hlg 550 eco

The main competition for Spider Farmer LED grow lights are the Mars Hydro TS Series and the HLG series from Horticulture Lighting Group. There are other grow lights on the market that perform just as well, but are priced considerably higher, so I’ll discuss the two closest competitors.

What sets the Spider Farmer grow lights apart from Mars Hydro TS Series grow lights is the brand of LEDs and driver, as well as the slight difference in color temperature in the light spectrum.

The Mars Hydro uses no-name brand LEDs and driver, as well as a slightly different color temperatures in the white spectrum, which isn’t a big deal. For that difference, the Mars Hydro TS Series grow lights are priced lower than Spider Farmer.

Spider Farmer grow lights use top shelf Samsung LM301B diodes, as well as industry standard Mean Well drivers. Both lights have received solid reviews, so it’s up to you to decide if the price difference is worth it.

Spider Farmer grow lights are actually much closer to HLG in quality. Both grow light series use Samsung diodes and Mean Well drivers. There’s a difference in light spectrum because HLG only uses one white color temperature of 3000K or 4000K where the Spider Farmer grow lights use a mixture.

HLG is American made, so that factors into their slightly higher cost. But HLG actually offers a wider variety of models, including DIY kits that help their prices compete a lot better with similar brands. Spider Farmer only offers three pre-assembled options at the moment.

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Full Specifications Table:

SF 600
SF 1000
SF 2000
SF 4000
11.2” x 9.6” x 2”
11.8” x 10.5” x 2.3”
25.5” x 10.5” x 2.3”
25.3” x 21.1” x 2.3”
1.5x1.5 feet
2x2 feet
2x4 feet
4x4 feet
Watts Consumed:
Light Intensity:
Up to 400 @ 18" height
Up to 520 @ 18" height
Up to 840 @ 18" height
Up to 1320 @ 18" height
Full White + Infrared
Full White + Infrared
Full White + Infrared
Full White + Infrared
LED Brand:
Samsung LM 301B
Samsung LM 301B
Samsung LM 301B
Samsung LM 301B
120; 240
120; 240; 277
120; 240; 277
120; 240; 277
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
Where to buy:
Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here

Owner Comments and Warranty Info:

spider farmer grow light

All in all people who own Spider Farmer grow lights seem to like them, myself included. The lights have solid reviews on Amazon, and they’ve generated good commentary in the forums I’ve visited.

One owner said the node spacing on their plants is like something out of science fiction. The nodes are super close and it’s amazing to see. Believe it or not this person said they like the way their plants grow under the SF 1000 more than the way they grow under his 600 watt HPS light.

Another person said his SF 4000 is nothing short of impressive right out of the box, and a great light for any indoor gardener.

Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a low cost light, or a professional grade light for a larger space, Spider Farmer has a nice lineup from the affordable SF 1000 to the serious SF 4000.

All Spider Farmer grow lights come with a 3 year warranty with local service centers in the US, CA, UK, and DE, as well as an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. If you think Spider Farmer grow light could be right for you, check them out!


Is Spider Farmer a good grow light?

Spider Farmer grow lights feature modern design, efficient power consumption, and strong light intensity, making them a strong choice for indoor growing.

Are Spider Farmer grow lights a good price?

Spider Farmer grow lights are not the cheapest grow lights, but they’re priced very competitively considering what they offer. Spider Farmer grow lights are priced fairly.

Are Spider Farmer grow lights strong enough to grow cannabis?

The Spider Farmer SF-600 is not strong enough, but the SF-1000 and SF-2000 will grow a moderate cannabis yield while the SF-4000 model will grow close to the maximum yield.

What’s the difference between Spider Farmer grow lights and Mars Hydro grow lights?

Spider Farmer grow lights are slightly more expensive because they use name Samsung LEDs and Mean Well drivers compared to Mars Hydro which uses unbranded LEDs and drivers.

What’s the difference between Spider Farmer grow lights and HLG grow lights?

Spider Farmer uses the same brand LEDs and driver as HLG. Spider farmer grow lights are priced lower than HLG grow lights. Horticulture lighting group offers a larger selection of grow light models and DIY kits.



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