VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tent – Pictures, Specs, Opinions

Vivosun 4x4 grow tent

Is Vivosun a good grow tent?  Vivosun is one of the most popular 4×4 grow tents on the market. You’re about to find out why.

The Vivosun 4×4 grow tent is a highly rated, 600D tear proof canvas grow tent featuring 98% reflective mylar to help boost light exposure to your plants. Cannabis growers should know they’ll be able to fit ~4 plants in 3-5 gallon pots, plus space for a humidifier in this grow tent.

You just can’t compromise on grow tents in case you want your plants to grow well. If you go cheap, in this case you’ll get what you pay for. Anyone can string up some fabric lined with mylar and framed with PVC.

Buy a cheap 4×4 grow tent and you may end up like other grow tent reviewers who report broken zippers, leaking air, or ripped fabric. This quality Vivosun 4×4 grow tent will save you a lot of headache.

What You Need In Addition To A Grow Tent:

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If you’re just getting started growing indoors, you’ll likely need a few more items in addition to your grow tent. The growing environment is crucial to the quality of your crop. More specifically, you’ll need to maintain the right humidity levels and the right temperatures.

I wrote a few additional articles that summarize topics like Choosing the right size grow tent, Choosing and installing a grow tent fan, and the ideal grow lights for a 4×4 grow tent. So make sure to give them a read when you’re done with this one.

Lastly, I answer several frequently asked grow tent questions. Let’s get started on the Vivosun 4×4 grow tent:


VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray

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I always prefer to introduce the brand first because it gives readers a precise idea about with whom they’ll be dealing with. So, I’ll follow the same tradition for this Vivosun Grow Tent overview as well.

VIVOSUN is a well established gardening brand with about 200 products for almost everything gardening. They’ve been in the business for more than 8 long years, and are committed to providing great customer service.

Also, they’ve obtained best sellers rank on various online shopping sites with their unbeatable performance and customer service.

Free Grow Guide to Download

With time they’ve improved the quality of their product to the best extent possible.

Apart from grow tents, they also offer Vivosun grow lights at affordable rates.

It feels good to know you’re doing business with a company that’s invested in successful products, so you can be assured with the Vivosun brand.

Now, let’s talk about the essential aspects and factors of their grow tents, which are doing quite well.

Design  Features:

Here are few must to know factors and features of the VIVOSUN Grow Tents.

Vivosun Grow Tent Materials:

When it comes to grow tents, one shouldn’t compromise with the quality of materials. Yeah, it plays an essential role in your growing process.

Usually grow tent outer materials are made up of Oxford canvas. However, one needs to consider the density of canvas material as well.

The thicker the canvas, the better the lifespan. Also, thick canvas material helps in preventing possible light leakage from your grow tent.

The good thing here is, VIVOSUN Grow tents use 600D canvas which is dense and thick.

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Moreover, VIVOSUN grow tents are completely tear proof, and double stitching prevents any air or light from escaping.

Assemble your VIVOSUN Grow Tent:

Upon delivery the box contains separate parts that need to be assembled manually.

However, you shouldn’t panic as the assembly is pretty easy. Also, in the box, you’ll get the instruction booklet where all the steps are described in the visual form.

Also, to make things easy, here’s a video describing entire process of assembling a vivosun grow tent.


VIVOSUN | 4X4 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup & Installation


Sometimes you just need someone to visually walk you through.

Vivosun Grow Tent Frame:

Vivosun grow tent frame

Your Vivosun grow tent will come with metal poles, and tool-free connectors. VIVOSUN doesn’t feature a fiber or plastic frame structure like other grow tents. The metal won’t bend or snap if kids fool around and knock into the tent.

When I was pulling the metal poles into the canvas, they didn’t bend at all. They are sturdy enough to maneuver as you need, and sturdy enough to hang a heavy grow light on.

This image describes perfectly how it’s better than the normal grow tent frame structure.

It makes your overall grow room setup fully stable and also provides the necessary strength to keep things well balanced. Also, it justifies its value as one of the best grow tent on the market.

Vivosun grow tent reflection and seal quality:

As I already stated, VIVOSUN grow tents are built using some high-quality materials. The interior of the tent is lined with reflective Mylar. This fabric reflects around 98% of the light to your plants. This is one of the main benefits of grow tents is that they utilize and reflect all the light released from your grow lights.

Compared with the mylar in my Gorilla grow tent, I really can’t tell the difference. The mylar in the Vivosun 4×4 grow tent is just as shiny.

The zippers are tight, and they move smoothly along the canvas. All the windows are covered completely and tightly by the provided window covers.

Am I satisfied with my Vivosun 4×4 grow tent? I would say absolutely.

Vivosun ventilation and exhaust duct:

Vivosun grow tents have multiple vents that you can control to your plants’ needs. The vents are adjustable with draw strings, so you don’t have to worry about them leaking.

Ventilation is a matter of concern while growing big and healthy plants. Your grow space will contain some heat-generating tools like grow lights and fans. In such an environment, it’s common that grow spaces heat up quickly. But this grow tent has enough vents to keep your plants’ environment perfect.

If you’re still using conventional lighting such as HPS or MH, temperatures can get out of control sometimes. That’s why I recommend LED grow lights.

Not only do they run cool, but they save a lot of energy. If you choose to get a fan for your grow tent, check out my guide to grow tent fans, carbon filters and installation.

If you’re looking for a fan to match up with your tent, Vivosun offers a line of affordable inline fans that hook right up to the ventilation ducts on their grow tents. If you’re looking for an easy add-on fan for your grow tent, you can find vivosun inline fans here.

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What size fan for Vivosun 4×4 Grow Tent?

I wrote an article about grow tent fans where I calculate the fan size for 4×4 tents as well as other size tents. You’ll need a ~200cfm fan for a 4×4 grow tent, and I highly recommend the modern, well priced AC Infinity T4.

It doesn’t come with ducting but that’s a cheap and easy to order accessory, and you can get it at the same place (Amazon).


How many plants can you fit in this grow tent?

Check out this chart as a rule of thumb:


Keep in mind this chart provided by Vivosun doesn’t account for space needed for a humidifier, or different varieties of plants. It’s for general estimation purposes.

Below are some photos of what people are actually able to fit in a 4×4 grow tent:

inside 4x4 grow tent 2


You can see as I stated earlier, you’ll be able to fit 4 plants plus room for a humidifier. Not bad.

Vivosun grow tent sizes:

This is yet another advantage of choosing vivosun as your helping hand for It’s available in several sizes and fulfills almost all of the most recommended size requirements.

The most popular selling variant 48”X48”X80” is their best selling model on Amazon. It’s the most recommended and widely used grow space size for a beginner or a professional.

However, This Vivosun Grow Tent Review is the perfect place to mention that it’s also available in 96”X48”X80”, 48″x24″x60″, and 60”X60”X80”.

In case you’re planning to buy a grow tent for marijuana cultivation then we’d recommend you to go for a 6’ high grow tent as the plant will be taller compared to other veggie plants like tomatoes and so on.

Regardless of which variant you choose, the only difference will be size. All other features will be the same through the different size options.

Vivosun Grow Tent Additional Features:

Vivosun tents include features such as observation windows and a floor tray. In some cases, it’s not the brand that gets famous among communities, but features that bring the fame. Especially additional features that aren’t mandatory, but if supplied then it could eliminate so many worries.

In that same way, VIVOSUN Grow Tents also come with some heart pleasing features.

The first thing that I liked most about this marvelous product is its ease to observe your plants using the tent window.

Yeah, VIVOSUN Grow tent features a transparent observation window on the front side of the door. It comes handy for timely observation without the hassle of entering physically into your grow space.

Also, the observation window is supported by a canvas cover to prevent light leakage.

A second additional feature is easy to dissemble spill proof mylar tray from the bottom of the grow tent. It makes keeping a clean grow space simple and stress free.

For removing drained water for plants, this mylar tray comes handy.

Moreover, Vivosun grow tent also features tool holding bag inside of grow space where you can conveniently store some small sized tools and bottles.

So yeah, all in all, it is a fair deal for the price they offer.

Warranty and Customer Support

Vivosun offers a generous hassle-free two year warranty on their grow tents. They aim to provide great customer service and answer your problems within 24 hours.

For the price you’re paying, this amount of warranty provides a real value. It’s also the manufacturer’s testament to their confidence in their product.

It is the reason I insist on brand and its credibility at first because if they are not going to be with you during hard times, then it is worthless.

As I already stated, VIVOSUN is a brand that believes in quality over quantity, and it can be seen in its customer support process as well.

Now, let’s talk a bit about its Pros and Cons. This should give you a rough idea about whether it is a product for you or not.

Comments from Vivosun owners:

People who’ve purchased Vivosun 4×4 grow tents rated them pretty well. I researched a lot of comments and decided to summarize what I’ve found:

People commented positively about features like the price point, zippers and stitching, and the metal poles and connectors compared to plastic used in other brands.

Like most products sold online, none are perfect and there were a small percentage of negative comments – mainly from people who received a damaged packaging or tent. I did see Vivosun reach out to these reviewers and attempt to resolve their issue, so that was definitely reassuring.

Pros and Cons of VIVOSUN Grow Tent


  • Extra thick 600D Oxford canvas fabric
  • Highly Reflective Inner Mylar (~ 98% Reflection)
  • Straightforward and user-friendly installation
  • The stable and strong frame structure
  • Smooth and reliable zippers
  • Close to 0 Light leakage
  • Completely odour proof (Great for Cannabis)
  • Ventilation ducts on the right place
  • Easy observation
  • Added amenities
  • Happy customer base
  • Well Known brand dedicated to quality
  • 2 years warranty


  • Observation window has a drawback of probable light leakage even after covering.
  • Size selection needs to be done based on plants size due to a large number of variants available.
  • Some of the competitors are providing 3 years warranty while vivosun settled on 2 years only.

Frequently asked questions:

How Many Plants fit in the VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tent?

4×4 tents will fit 6-8 plants in 3 gallon buckets. However, this can vary based on the growth phase of your plant, as flowering plants consume more space. You can increase or decrease the number of plants depending on their phase. You should also adjust based on the size tent you intend to purchase.

Is reflection in the VIVOSUN Grow Tent sufficient?

Yes, Vivosun tested it and conducted a dedicated survey for it as well. What they found is the mylar is effective in reflecting around 98% of light.

What about the poles? Can it hold a fan along with an LED Grow Light?

The tent features steel poles that are tested to hold 110lbs.

What about duct opening size?

In almost all grow tents, the duct opening size is 6”. The ducts have drawstrings to pull them tight. Perfectly tied vent ducts helps in eliminating chances of exposure to light leakage

Is the floor tray is waterproof or not?

Yes, it’s waterproof, removable, deep-dish design, and fully reflective.

How does the observation window cover open and close?

The window cover is lined with velcro to provide a nice tight seal and prevent light leakage.

In Box Components – Vivosun Grow Tent

  • 1 Grow Tent cover of the size you choose
  • The frame structure includes poles and cornering clips (size of poles may vary based on the size you prefer)
  • Removable Floor Tray
  • Carbon filter belts
  • Instruction manual


I’ve tried to convey as much information as possible in this Vivosun grow tent review.

However, in case you feel stuck at any point then feel free to drop me a question in my contact page!

My Verdict about VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tents:

As I often mention, our priority is quality over price and quantity. However, at decent price VIVOSUN is offering some high-quality products to their customers.

This grow tent is a symbol of comprehensive research and design. Moreover, the number of solid reviews and ratings on Amazon really helps the decision making process.

So, looking at quality offered by Vivosun, user’s convenience and safety we’re recommending Vivosun grow tent to our readers. You can choose the size based on your requirements and type of plant you’re planning to grow inside it.




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