$500 Indoor Gardening Research Scholarship

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420ExpertGuide.Com is a group of experts working towards improvement and betterment of indoor growing and gardening culture. Our experts provide various tool reviews, tips, How-to Guides and all stuff that could bring extraordinary results in one’s indoor growing job.

Since the last 8-10 years, indoor gardening culture is evolving massively, and new things are invented every day. Our prime aim is to serve what is latest to our readers. Also, there are several factors responsible for the boost in the indoor gardening culture like the security of plants, ordinary use of indoor spare spaces and so on.

While setting up an indoor garden one needs to do worthwhile research about products and tools needed to cultivate

plants inside the house environment. Yeah, as indoor gardening is way different from outdoor cultivation. An indoor garden requires tools like LED Grow Lights, Grow Tents, Hydroponic Kits, Carbon Filters, Inline Fans, Perfect mixture of nutrients and fertilizer that fulfill the need for plants grown inside the house environment.

Our experts are reviewing and suggesting top notch products which can make our readers investment a worthy decision.

An Educational Institute is something that works towards the betterment of students. Moreover, we’d like to be a part of this betterment campaign by providing an opportunity to the students of various educational institutions and colleges.

Also, that’s the reason behind offering $500 Indoor Gardening Research Scholarship program for all students that are pursuing a degree or enrolled in a university or college.

420ExpertGuide provides an opportunity for all the students who want to apply for the scholarship by researching and covering the topic “Indoor Gardening Challenges and How to Tackle Hurdles That Come Across One’s Gardening Passion.”

Here’s the guideline to follow while applying for the scholarship program.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant should be a student pursuing a degree or any majors in a degree. Applicant’s Minimum age should be 18+ years. Moreover, we reserve all the rights to verify your date of college enrollment or high school/ college graduation.

How to Apply

  1. Write an essay of at least 1000+ words covering the topic “Indoor Gardening Challenges and How to Tackle Hurdles That Come Across One’s Gardening Passion.”
  2. Fill our form of scholarship enrollment along with below mentioned details and your essay.
  • Name
  • Age
  • University
  • Major
  • Email
  • Essay in Text form.

Scholarship Award

420ExpertGuide.com will award one(1) $500 scholarship to the winner for submitting the best entry. Also, the decision regarding winner would be taken by our team of experts in the field of indoor cultivation and betterment.

A reward of the scholarship will be awarded in the check form, made payable directly to the university belonging to the winner of the program. Also, we’ll send an email to the address submitted by the student regarding his results so that he can get in touch with his school/college authorities.

Submission Deadline

All applications should be submitted on or before 11:59 P.M EST, 10th December 2019.


All private information submitted by the applicant will be used for direct conversation, updation regarding program with the applicant only. We ensure the confidentiality of the information provided by applicants. Also, 420ExpertGuide platform or any of the member associated with this platform will not sell the data.

We encourage all the students to participate and win the scholarship.

Scholarship Program 2019

Essay Submission Form


Winner Selection & Announcement

A winner will be selected and announced on our blog and on this page on or before 25th December 2019.

Good Luck!


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