Can you use any LED Lights to grow plants?

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Can you use any LED Lights to grow plants?
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The simple answer to the question is YES. One can use any LED Lights to grow plants.

However, a detailed answer needs some research and consideration of several aspects to come to any conclusion.

Yeah, like one can leave entire life with a single food, but one canโ€™t obtain all the energy required to accomplish several tasks by depending on a unique food.

It is something similar like while going on a hiking or any adventurous trip one may bring all sort of energy supplements with them to get back the required amount of energy and to accomplish entire trip with satisfaction.

In case of plants as well, the plant needs a different kind of nutrients and elements to provide a satisfactory return.

Let’s understand scenario at a glance!

Can You Use Any LED Lights to Grow Plants?

Plantโ€™s lifecycle includes a vital process called photosynthesis which makes it possible to get the required amount of sugars by processing light energy absorbed by the leaf.

This glucose sugars further pass through several phases, and plants get proper growth with this entire processing. The subject in the question is LED Lights which are nowadays a must to have a prop in an indoor garden.

Notably, in the weed grow space LED Lights plays a vital role behind well-developed plants.

Weed plants have a bit different nature and requirements regarding sustainability and hence need a properly lighted environment for the better life.

While routine LED Light comprises of just a few bands and colors like white and in several cases yellow, but weed plant needs precisely sunlight mimicked light.

Yeah, sunlight comprises several bands and different range of colors like orange, green, violet, purple, red and so on.

Similarly, weed plants need almost all the bands of colors for better growth.

LED Grow light market is a most competitive market out there where youโ€™ll get significant brands offering different light for a different purpose as well.

Also, significant brands manipulate sunlight spectrum in an LED Panel to create similar real light effects. Yeah, thatโ€™s how they are designed.

Like, a light which has the majority of blue spectrum suits segment of plants passing through vegetation as during this phase your cannabis plantโ€™s need light comprising blue spectrum. This sort of lights usually creates the purple effect in the grow space by delivering a dominant blue spectrum to the plants.

On other hands, the red colored spectrum is vital for plants passing through a flowering phase. Moreover, hence, it is good to use light with the majority of the blue band in its spectrum so that plants can produce resinous and heavyweight flowers at the time of harvest.

There are various studies available on the internet which had already explained how this two bands (Red and Blue) plays an elemental role in indoor plantโ€™s growth and health.

Hereโ€™s a quick and easy to understand visual representation of light bands. This picture also includes the importance of each group in plantโ€™s life cycle.

Have a look!

Can you use any led lights to grow plants

Youโ€™ll be glad to know that, our team spent much time researching different lights for our readers. Moreover, our team also succeeded in collecting top notch led grow lights where users can have control over bands and its effect creating abilities.

You may like to go through our reviews of best led grow lights for weed and indoor plants where weโ€™ve figured out a number of choices for our readers. The good thing about this grow lights is one light can do all the job for you.

Yeah, the majority of lights have a well-balanced spectrum which gives you consistent results for vegetation and blooming as well.

So, yeah, again in very short what we would like to say to answer โ€œCan you use any LED Lights to grow plantsโ€ is โ€œall led lights could be used to grow plants but depending on ordinary white colored or yellow colored light would not give you enormous results which you expect.โ€

Also, nowadays, there are advanced COB LED grow lights available on the market which has more potential and better result producing capabilities.

Moreover, in case youโ€™re finding a cheap solution for your indoor marijuana cultivation then donโ€™t worry you donโ€™t always need to purchase a high profile LED grow lights for your weed plants.

Yeah, even some best budget led grow lights could do the job for you at an affordable investment.

Yeah, you may count on such LED grow lights as cheap yet working LED grow lights for indoor plants.

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