VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review – Real Worth Calculated!

Last updated on March 12th, 2019 at 10:03 pm

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One who is expecting the best possible yields, shouldn’t spend money on worthless growing tools.

Yeah, the same way you can’t compromise on grow tents in case you want your plants to grow well and get better growth and health.

And hence, here we are with a review of top rated brand VIVOSUN. Yeah, we’re going to craft a utterly non-biased review of vivosun grow tent for an indoor growing purpose.

In this VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review, we’ll provide you with all the essential aspects of this product along with people’s opinion regarding the same.

Also, at the end of the review, our expert’s team had collected several frequently asked question, and we’ll provide you answer to each question.

So, bear with for a while so that you could get a precise idea about this to grow tent and can decide whether it suits your growing needs or not.

Let’s begin then!

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review – A Non-Biased Opinion

VIVOSUN 48X48X80 - Best Indoor Grow Tent Review

As we always prefer to introduce the brand first because it gives our reader a precise idea about with whom they’ll be dealing. So, we’ll follow the same tradition for this Vivosun Grow Tent Review as well.

If we talk about the brand VIVOSUN, then the brand’s manufacturing unit is located in the China, and they’re doing well for betterment and improvements in indoor gardening and growing sector since more than 8 long years.

Also, they’ve obtained best sellers rank on various online shopping site with their unbeatable performance and customer acceptance.

With time they’ve improved quality of their product up to the best extent possible.

Apart from grow tents, they’re also providing some top-notch LED Grow Lights at an affordable rate to their customers.

Also, other indoor growing tools such as inline fans, carbon filters and much more are part of their product line.

So, yeah, at the end you’re going to deal with a highly reputed and widely accepted brand on the market.

Now, let’s talk about the essential aspects and factors of their grow tents, that are doing quite well over the market nowadays.

VIVOSUN Grow Tent – Essential Aspects & Features

Here are few must to know factors and features of the VIVOSUN Grow Tents.

Quality of Materials

When it comes to grow tents, one shouldn’t compromise with the quality of materials. Yeah, it plays an essential role in your growing job.

Material Quality - VIVOSUN Review

Usually grow tent outer materials are made up of Oxford canvas. However, one needs to consider the density of canvas material as well.

Yeah, thicker the canvas better the lifespan. Also, thick canvas material helps in preventing possible light leakage in a grow tent.

The good thing here is, VIVOSUN Grow tent uses 600D Canvas which is dense and thick in nature. Also, it can fight with toughest situation possible in the grow space.

Moreover, VIVOSUN Grow tent is completely tearproof, and double stitching handle all odd situations for safety.

Assembly of VIVOSUN Grow Tent

Upon delivery what we get in the box is separate parts which need to be assembled manually.

However, one shouldn’t panic as the assembly is pretty easy. Also, in the box, you’ll get the instruction booklet where all the steps are mentioned in the visual form.

Also, to make things easy here is a video describing entire process of assembling a vivosun grow tent.

Yeah, visual guidelines are better than text guidelines as it gives a precise idea about each step that needs to be followed along.

Frame Quality in VIVOSUN Product

Unlike other grow tents, VIVOSUN doesn’t feature a fibre or plastic frame structure.

Yeah, the frame is going to act as a backbone in your entire grow tent structure, and one shouldn’t compromise with its quality and reliability.

Also, it seems like Vivosun plays a good move here and provided metal poles along with tool-free connectors.

This image describes perfectly how it is better than the normal grow tent frame structure.

Pole And Connectors (Frame quality) - VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review

It makes your overall grow room setup fully stable and also provides the necessary strength to keep things well balanced. Also, it justifies its worth as one of the best grow tent on the market.

Reflection Capabilities and Light Leakage

As we already stated, VIVOSUN grow tents are built using some high-quality materials.

Moreover, they’ve used Quality Mylar fabric as interior fabric. Yeah, this fabric is highly reflective and reflects around 98% of the light to your plants.

If you’re using one of the Best LED Grow Lights on the market, then a combination of these both tools could create wonders regarding outcomes. Also, there is not a doubt in that.

Also, Mylar is lined up perfectly to balance things inside grow space.

Above that, Stitching and Zippers are at its best to prevent light leakage. Yeah, grow tent cover is stitched twice and doesn’t leave a chance for light to escape out of grow space.

All in all, for Reflection, people have praised it the most over all of the grow tents available on the market.

Safety Parameters – Checked

The thing we don’t count on usually. However, missing consideration of this parameter could sometime result in unexpected disasters in your house.

Yeah, it doesn’t matter what you’re buying, a grow light, or a grow tent?

So, you have to be concerned about its safety because heat is one of the most dangerous things you’re going to deal with while growing indoors.

Yeah, Sometimes due to lack of resistance towards heat, the fabric used in grow tent could catch up a fire.

Agree, it doesn’t happen often but in some of the cheap grow tents it’s common issue according to our experts.

However, we’re glad to verify it here in this VIVOSUN Review that it is completely shielded against heat.

Yeah, as we already stated, materials are made up of high-quality fabric, and it’s completely resistant against even high amount of heat. Yeah, you can count on it as one of the best indoor grow tent.

So, from the safety point of view, we could give a clear signal to you.

Ventilation and Exhaust Ducts

Yeah, it’s a matter of concern while deciding to grow big and healthy plants. As your artificial grow space will have some heat-generating tools like grow lights.

In such an environment, it is common that grow space get heat up quickly while acceptable temperature isn’t an issue.

However, while using conventional lighting such as HPS or MH, it goes out of control sometimes.

At that time, you’re supposed to filter out lousy air and heat from the grow tent on sooner basis possible.

If we talk about VIVOSUN Grow Tents, then it is designed in such a way that it throws heat out of grow space within a fraction of minute.

Yeah, multiple ventilation ducts are very useful to keep temperature balanced inside grow space.

Also, this vent duct comes with a string to tie it up after use which ensures that your light will stay inside afterwards.

Sizes Available

This is yet another advantage of choosing vivosun as your helping hand for your growing job.

Yeah, it is available in several sizes and fulfils almost all of the most recommended size requirements.

If we talk about its most selling variant then 48”X48”X80” is their most selling model on Amazon. Yeah, it is the most recommended and widely used size of a grow space for a beginner or a professional.

However, This Vivosun Grow Tent Review is the perfect place to mention that it is also available in 120”X120”X80” Inner Mylar, 96”X48”X80” VIVOSUN Grow Tent, 30”X20”X62” Hydroponic Grow Tent, 36”X36”X72” Water & Heat Resistant Vivosun Grow Tent, 48”X24”X60” Indoor Grow Tent, 60”X60”X80” Grow Tent, and 36″X24”X53” and many more.

Also, in case you’re planning to bring a grow tent for marijuana cultivation then we’d recommend you to go for a 6’ high grow tent as its plant will be taller compared to other veggie plants like tomatoes and so on.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter for which variant you’re opting because it will just differ regarding size and dimension specification. Yeah, all other features will be the same in the all the options of vivosun grow tent.

Additional Features and Amenities

In some cases, it’s not brand that gets famous among communities, but features bring the fame. Yeah, especially additional features that are not mandatory but if supplied then it could eliminate so many worries.

Same way VIVOSUN Grow Tents also comes with some of the heart pleasing features.

The first thing that we liked most about this marvellous product is its comfort of observation with easy to observe window for grow space.

Yeah, VIVOSUN Grow tent features a transparent observation window on the front side of the door. It comes handy for timely observation without the hassle of entering physically inside grow space.

Also, the observation window is supported by a canvas cover to prevent light leakage. However, a minimal amount of light will leak from it as there is no zipper to close it completely.

Observation Window - Vivosun Indoor Grow Tent Review

A second additional feature is easy to dissemble spill proof mylar tray for the bottom. Yeah, according to our several survey’s and our expert’s opinion clean grow space is added advantage for the plant to bloom at its best.

For removing drained water for plants, this mylar tray comes handy.

Moreover, Vivosun grow tent also features tool holding bag inside of grow space where you can store some small sized tools and pesticide bottles.

Toolbag - Additional Feature in VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review

So yeah, all in all, it is a fair deal for the price they offer.

Warranty and Aftersales Support

You bought a grow tent for a very cheap rate, and after some time you felt like the stitching is weak and it needs to be replaced. However,! There is no one to listen to you, what will you do with it?

Yeah, your money is gone into the vein, and you don’t have any way to recover it.

It is the reason we insist on brand and its credibility at first because if they are not going to be with you during hard times, then it is worthless.

However, As we already stated, VIVOSUN is a brand believing in quality over quantity, and it could be seen in its support process as well.

Yeah, VIVOSUN Grow tent comes with 2 years completely hassle free warranty. Yeah, for long 2 years they are going to back you up with their support if you ever feel that an issue is there in their product.

Now, let’s talk a bit about its dark and bright sides. Yeah, it’ll give you a rough idea about whether it is a product for you or not?

Pros and Cons of VIVOSUN Grow Tent

  • Extra thick 600D Oxford canvas fabric
  • Highly Reflective Inner Mylar (~ 98% Reflection)
  • Straightforward and user-friendly installation
  • The stable and strong frame structure
  • Smooth and reliable zippers
  • Near to 0 Light leakage
  • Completely odour proof (Great for Cannabis)
  • Ventilation ducts on the right place
  • Easy observation
  • Added amenities
  • Happy customer base
  • Well Known brand dedicated to quality
  • 2 years warranty
  • Observation window has a drawback of probable light leakage even after covering.
  • Size selection needs to be done based on plants size due to a large number of variants available.
  • Some of the competitors are providing 3 years warranty while vivosun settled on 2 years only.

So, folks, we hope it will help you in easy decision making.

However, we received many questions concerning various aspects and capabilities of vivosun grow tent.

We planned to answer some frequently asked questions in this Vivosun Grow Tent Review.

Frequently Asked Questions – VIVOSUN Review

We have tried to answer several questions which has been asked frequently by our readers.

For How Many Plants VIVOSUN Grow Tents are a good fit?

Ans:- As we mentioned in our review, grow tent is available in various sizes. You could choose one depending on your requirement. However, to get better results our recommendation is to grow maximum 2 plants in a 3X3 grow tent. Also, you can increase the number of plants depending on their phase. Moreover, our recommendation is for Sativa strains which tend to be dense and taller than Indica plants.

Reflection in VIVOSUN Grow Tent is sufficient or not?

Ans:- Yea, we tested it and conducted a dedicated survey for it as well. What we found in our test and study is everything mentioned or claimed by the manufacturer is correct and verified before declaring. So yeah, vivosun grow tents are capable of reverting around 98% of light.

What about the poles? Can it hold a fan along with an LED Grow Light?

Ans:- Depending on the size you choose its weight holding capacity may vary. However, It can contain any Filter, fan or grow light in the horizontal space available in it.

What about duct opening size?

Ans:- In almost all variants, duct opening size is of 6”. Also, it features drawstrings to pull it tight. Yeah, perfectly tied vent ducts helps in eliminating chances of exposure to light leakage.

Can you please clarify whether the floor tray is waterproof or not? Also, Observation window cover is supported by zippers or not?

Ans:- Yeah, Floor tray is removable, reflective and completely waterproof. So, you need not to worry about it at all. However, cover on the window doesn’t feature any zipper and it just rolls over window after use. Also, it is the only point from where some amount of light might leak out of your grow area.

So pal, these were the questions asked by the majority of our readers on our site.

Now, before buying anything, it is essential to get familiar with in the box items, so you don’t feel cheated afterwards.

In The Box Elements – Vivosun Grow Tent

  • 1 Grow Tent cover of the size you choose
  • The frame structure includes poles and cornering clips (size of poles may vary based on the size you prefer)
  • Removable Floor Tray
  • Carbon filter belts
  • Instruction manual

We’ve tried to convey as much information as possible in this Vivosun grow tent review.

However, in case you fill stucked at any point then feel free to drop me a question in our comments section. We’ll try to answer it on sooner basis.

Also, at last, we’ll give you our opinion and a small suggestion to eliminate your confusion if there is any.

Our Verdict about VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review

As we often mention, our priority is quality over price and quantity. However, at decent price VIVOSUN is offering some high-quality products to their customers.

This grow tent is a symbol of comprehensive research and design. Moreover, the number of appreciations concerning reviews and ratings on Amazon justifies it.

So, looking at quality offered by Vivosun, user’s convenience and safety we’re recommending VIVOSUN Grow Tent to our readers. You can choose the size based on your requirements and type of plant you’re planning to grow inside it.