Viparspectra 300 Watt LED Grow Light Overview

The Viparspectra V300 300 watt LED grow light is a small but quality light that’s ideal for one cannabis plant, or use as a booster light in combination with other lights.

*Update: Viparspectra Has Released a New Version Grow Light Called the Pro SeriesRead About Them Here*

We’ll break this review down into several segments so you can understand the significance each feature has in helping your plants to grow. But first, a short review of Viparspectra the brand:

Viparspectra 300W LED Grow Light

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Viparspectra Brand:

Most people take comfort knowing they’re doing business with a reputable and ethical company. You’ll get that with Viparspectra.

Viparspectra is a global company with warehouses in many tier one countries.

The company has been around more than 8 years. During that time they kept improving their product line and provided the indoor gardening community with 17 different grow lights.

The product line is divided into several series – Reflector, Dimmable and PAR.

Viparspectra claims to be the number one LED grow light reseller on Amazon. It appears to be true based on the number of reviews on Viparspectra lights far outpacing other brands we’ve encountered.

You can be sure Viparspectra isn’t a company simply reselling cheap LED grow lights from overseas. Through more than 10 years of research and development, Viparspectra has customized their grow light spectrum to optimize plant growth and increase yield while remaining energy conscious.

Viparspectra employs a three part mission:

  1. Increase yield per square foot,
  2. Provide consistent high quality crop production capability,
  3. Decrease operating costs per pound of harvested product.

They truly care about your grow results.

Viparspectra 300 Watt’s Build:

This is a small grow light but it comes with a solid build. It’s only 12.8 inches long, 8 inches wide and 2.8 inches thick. Viparspectra uses in-house manufactured parts as well as some outsourced but high quality parts like the Epistar Bridgelux LEDs.

This grow light is adaptable to 110v or 220v outlets. The daisy chain feature lets you plug other grow lights into this light instead of plugging them all into one outlet. It’s a particularly helpful feature when you’re dealing with a smaller grow light that may need to be combined with others for proper coverage.

At the back of the panel, you’ll notice one ON/OFF switch, a power inlet, and a power outlet for daisy chaining.

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Full Light Spectrum:

The Viparspectra V300 grow light includes a full 12 band spectrum of essential wavelengths to keep your plants happy. They range from 440nm to 730nm. That includes infrared (IR) to promote blooming. You also get 3500k and 7000k intensity mixed in as well. The spectrum leans a little more toward the blue side, but in total it’s plenty to successfully carry your plants from seed to harvest.

The two infrared diodes normally run dim. They’re working even if they don’t appear as bright.

Light intensity (PPFD):

One of the most important factors to consider is obviously PPFD measurements. This Viparspectra 300 watt grow light is putting out 412 umol at the center, and about 150umol by the time you go 2ft outward.

A 300 watt light by it’s nature won’t be putting out the highest PPFD readings. That’s why we suggest this light be used on one plant, or in combination with multiple grow light units to increase coverage. You can also use it as a booster light to fill out some weak spots when added to other lights.

If your situation meets one of those parameters you’ll be perfectly fine with this Viparspectra LED grow light.

People who’ve purchased the light to grow cannabis say the light grows nice marijuana plants. It’s not just one person, it’s a large majority of Viparspectra’s customers who’ve given the light a near perfect rating.

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In the given coverage space, the light is intense and highly absorbable by your indoor weed plants.

FYI: I advise readers to not focus on HPS replacement figures of any grow light because it’s just a technical figure and it doesn’t have any relation in actual quality or intensity of the light.

Want more intense light?

Look at this modern technology of indoor growing lights called COB LED Grow Lights.

Power Efficiency:

Power efficiency is the crucial part to consider while buying an LED Grow light. A low watt LED grow light like this Viparspectra V300 shouldn’t be much concern unless you’re daisy chaining multiple units, at which point you’d start to care more about power consumption.

As far as power draw goes, this light is only pulling 130 watts from your outlet. One person noted that’s about $10 per month paying $0.13 per kw/h. That was from running the Viparspectra 300 watt LED grow light 24 hours a day!

Combine that with the Viparspectra’s relatively low purchase price and it’ becomes quite an attractive product.

Yeah, a massive amount of money in terms of less power consumption compared to other lights in the 300W segment.

Viparspectra V300 Coverage Area:

You’ve seen us recommend this Viparspectra 300 watt grow light for a single plant, or a 2ft by 2ft area. But let’s consider the value if you daisy chain multiple units together.

You can chain four of these lights together and efficiently cover 4×4 for a fraction of the money you’d spend buying a single LED grow light to cover the same area.

This is where the value is truly recognized with most low output lights. So many people want to go straight for the high output lights with huge coverage without considering the math.

Heat Output and Cooling:

One of the biggest worries in indoor growing is the cooling capabilities of an LED Grow light. With a low power grow light like the Viparspectra 300W you won’t have to worry much about heat as it doesn’t generate much.

However, it’s equipped with a 4.72” cooling fan along with a finely finished aluminium heat sink far better than any other grow light available on the market at this rate.

Low heat isn’t a factor you’d want to leave up to the manufacturer or even a third party reviewer like us to convince you of.

So we found what multiple verified owners were saying to provide you with a trustworthy, no BS opinion on heat output.

One person said the heat is low and very manageable. Another said the fans are quiet and the light hardly puts out any heat. Another said you likely don’t need to use an inline fan with this light. Review after review said things like ultra efficient and barely any heat.

So there you have it.

Viparspectra Customer Service:

With Viparspectra’s 300W full spectrum LED grow light you’ll get a generous 3 year warranty and customer support along with 30 days money back guaranty in case they fail to satisfy you within that time.

Pros and Cons of Viparspectra 300W LED Grow Light


  • Highly affordable grow light
  • Suitable for beginners or professional using it to extend coverage space
  • Comparatively decent coverage capability
  • Marvellous spectral ability
  • Well balanced PPFD and Lumens numbers
  • Durable and reliable build
  • High quality LEDs
  • Less power consumption saves money in longer run
  • Fabulous cooling capability
  • Daisy chaining feature for extending grow space in future
  • Highly demanded and praised by people in various communities
  • 3 Years warranty along with 30 days return policy on amazon


  • Light is so intense that it needs safety glass to look at it.
  • It is not waterproof

What are additional features and capabilities of Viparspectra 300 Watt LED Grow Light?

As we already talked about build, design, spectrum, intensity, coverage and cooling capabilities, now is the time to focus on some other technical specifications as well.

  • In terms of dimensions Viparspectra features form factor of 12.6” X 7.9” X 3” with help of which you can easily determine whether it is compatible for your grow tent or not?
  • This grow light provides uniform light for all phases of plant life cycle and you’ll not worry about changing modes again and again.
  • LED are placed at 90 degrees angle to increase penetration rate for plants photosynthesis process.
  • It is compatible with AC100-240V power system in any usual home.
  • Viparspectra V300 works with frequency of 50-60 Hz.
  • It can last longer by giving you operation lifespan of 100,000 hours.

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What comes in the box:

Apart from a Viparspectra 300 watt grow light, the package includes a few other pieces:

It includes one Daisy chaining cord to connect another grow panel directly with this grow light.

One hanging kit is provided to make installation of this grow light easy for you. Hook at all four corners of the panel and hang it on the handle of your grow room.

One user manual is also provided in case you need to know its functioning it’ll help you.

One power cord is provided to connect this light with your power outlet.

Bottom Line:

Viparspectra V300 300W LED Grow Light has hundreds of reviews online. Hundreds of reviews and a near perfect rating tells us we can draw a positive conclusion with statistical certainty. In other words, you’ll likely be satisfied as well.

Moreover, the Viparspectra 300 watt grow light has decent capability and compatibility for your small sized grow tent. It is capable of providing lighting effect similar to sunlight for your plants. With the help of this quality of light, your plants will be able to absorb more light and generate the required amount of glucose sugars using photosynthesis process.

If you’re still concerned about coverage should consider a Viparspectra 600W LED grow light with more considerable coverage capability.

This Viparspectra 300W grow light review is aimed to provide you with the most detail possible regarding this beautiful led grow light. So, we hope you’ve like taking a long ride instead of hauling over a general overview about light.


Is Viparspectra 300w a good grow light?

Viparspectra 300w is a low cost LED grow light with a small coverage area of 1×1 foot.

Does the Viparspectra 300w get hot?

All grow lights emit some heat. The Viparspectra 300w has cooling fans built in to keep temperatures at manageable levels.

What can I grow with the Viparspectra 300w grow light?

You can grow a 1×1 foot area of cannabis, fruit, vegetables, or flowers.

How many Viparspectra 300w do I need in my grow tent?

One unit for every 1 square foot of space in your grow tent.


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