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Advanced Platinum P600 LED Grow Light – Pictures, Specs and More

The Platinum LED P600 is an LED grow light you purchase when you’re more concerned about quality and output compared to cost. A cheap LED grow light just won’t produce the required 30-40 moles of light per day for your cannabis plant.

If you’re growing out of an entry level grow light or simply looking for a good quality one, the Advanced Platinum P600 is the place to look.

By the end of this review you’ll feel comfortable knowing whether to obtain an Advanced Platinum P600 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light.

I’ll go over the Platinum LED brand, the P600’s design, light spectrum, coverage ability, cooling ability, and warranty. I’ll also go over general grower sentiment about the Advanced Platinum P600, and make a few comparisons to competitor products so you’ll have an idea of how it stacks up to similar grow lights.

Ultimately I think it’s one of the best 600 watt LED grow lights around.

Advanced Platinum P600 LED Grow Light

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Advanced Platinum P600 – Brief Brand Overview:

Advanced Platinum is a brand known for its quality and quantity. They offer a variety of full spectrum LED grow lights to cultivators.

Anyone can source the cheapest Asian manufactured LEDs, put them on a board and sell them for $60. There’s a market for those lights too, but Platinum LED is targeting the serious growers who want and need near perfect yield from their cannabis plants.

Platinum LED markets their lights as the best PPFD values per watt of any LED grow light. That’s the type of quality you need to grow abnormally large marijuana plants.

Advanced Platinum P600 Build:

You only need one good look at this gorgeous grow light to determine it’s the BMW of LED grow lights – not the Honda.

Advanced platinum series P600 is equipped with the extremely high quality of LEDs and efficient auto-switching drivers to prevent power overload.

It comprises of 200 Bridgelux and CREE LEDs of 3W each to transmit the best quality of light to your plants. These LEDs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. Impressive.

The Advanced Platinum P600 is equipped with voltage sensing and adjusting power drivers. The light can adapt to all international power cords, adapting from 85v to 260v. It’s built with 90 degree focusing lenses to help intensify the light output to your canopy.

The exterior is sleek and durable, able to withstand long term use. Simply make sure to keep it away from dripping water.

Advanced Platinum P600’s Full Light Spectrum:

The Advanced Platinum LED P600 is a modern example of complete artificial light equivalent to real sunlight. This P600 LED grow light by advanced platinum generates a complete 12 band spectrum along with infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) bands.

The finely tuned spectrum will help your cannabis plants grow regardless of what phase of growth they’re in. It boosts cell formation and leaf building in your marijuana plants which results in high quality resinous yields in return.

Take a look at the video in the next section to see the light spectrum measurement right after the gentleman measures the PPFD output.

best led grow lights

The P600 also won best spectrum while comparing G8LED VS Platinum LED.

Light Intensity (PPFD): Unbeatable Results

Here comes the most potent factor of the Advanced Platinum P600 LED grow light.

Before revealing its PPFD results, it’s important to be able to decipher PPFD measurements first.

PPFD is short for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, or the intensity of photosynthesis enabling light hitting the surface of your plants. Most fruit or veggie producing plants need 30-40 moles of light per day in order to realize benefits compared to normal sunlight. The same holds true for marijuana plants. After working out the math, 308 – 617 umol for an 18 hour vegetation light cycle. The closer to 617 umol the better.  For flowering you’ll need 462 to 925 umols of light for 12 hours per day. The closer to 925 umol the better.

Where does the Advanced Platinum P600 come in on this front? As you’ll see in the video below, at an 18″ hanging height, it’s producing ~1160 umols which is more than enough for your cannabis plants to realize maximum benefit of grow lights when used in 12 hour cycles. then it has performed above the expectation concerning PAR. Yeah, it has been recorded with 1605 uMol from the height of 12”.

It’s an impressive level of brightness, not a level of power seen with other cheap LED grow lights.

Above all, intensity of Platinum LEDs is far better than some of the top rated COB Lights too.

Have a look at the PPFD and spectrum test video below:

PlatinumLED Grow Lights P600 PAR Test and Overview

The only other 600 watt LED grow light getting close to this type of reading is G8LED for which you’ll pay considerably more. We looked at five other 600 watt LED grow light models and they aren’t even close.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Advanced Platinum P600 on

Advanced Platinum P600 Coverage Area:

Prepare to be truly impressed because the Advanced Platinum P600’s level of coverage is simply unseen in comparable LED grow lights. The P600 covers an incredible 6’ X 3.75’ during vegetation and 5’ X 2-2.5’ during flowering.

Massive coverage is the primary reason for it being one of the best LED grow lights. Other grow light manufacturers just can’t provide this much coverage with this level of intensity to your plants.

How many are needed for a 4x4 grow tent?

Just one of these Advanced Platinum P600 would be sufficient for a 4x4 grow tent. For such a high quality light, you may be wondering if it’s overkill for a 4x4 tent, but I honestly think it’s goldilocks “just right.”

best led grow lights


Advanced Platinum P600 Power Efficiency:

The Advanced Platinum P600 will draw 368 watts during full operation, and 184 watts during vegetation mode. We like to mention the importance of power consumption when reveiwing grow lights.

In this case you may be tempted to point out other 600 watt LED grow lights that claim to consume less. And while you’d be right, you simply won’t be receiving the PPFD reading or coverage area with those other 600 watt grow lights. Using a bit more energy is worth it with this light.

This grow light by Advanced Platinum delivers light and efficiency equivalent to an 800W HPS grow light.

If you’re still using a metal halide or high pressure sodium grow light, you still aren’t in the same league as the P600. It’s truly a unique valuable 600 watt LED grow light.

All these strengths of the Platinum LED P600 are not just appraisals by the manufacturer, but these are the real facts gathered using scientific test methods.

Cooling Fans and Heat Dissipation:

The P600 comes equiped with four large cooling fans. According to users they run quieter than inline fans for grow tent carbon filters. The 3 watt LEDs used in this Advanced Platinum P600 are also energy efficient and run cool.

Low heat grow lights are great because the growing environment is a big deal when growing marijuana. If your temperatures are fluctuating wildly, your plant stems may grow too tall and spread out, resulting in less yield compared to a shorter, thicker plant. 

Platinum LED Offers 5 year warranty:

The Advanced Platinum P600 comes with a 5 year warranty from Platinum LED. If you weren’t convinced yet, you should be now because you don’t offer 5 year warranties unless you have very high confidence in your product quality.

While we’d expect a generous warranty on a higher end product, 5 years is also the longest term warranty offered by any grow light manufacturer. Just one more way the Advanced Platinum P600 is unbeatable.

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Advanced Platinum LED P600 Grow Light – Pros and Cons:


  • Reliable and Trustworthy Brand: It makes money spent on it more of an investment rather than an expense.
  • Incredible PPFD  numbers: It brings happiness inside your grow tent by supplying the most vital quality of light for your plants.
  • Full Spectrum Light: Evenly spread all the most essential bands of light transmits energy in your plants. From the depth or UV to IR all necessary and vital groups helps your plants in sustaining the best possible health and growth.
  • Higher Yield Per Watt: Results obtained by advanced platinum led p600 is marvelous in terms of Yield per watt of electricity as well. Consumes very less power and produces best flowers.
  • Coverage: Marvelous Coverage that can also be stated as best in the segment as no other grow light is capable of covering this much space with this much intensity and this low power draw.
  • Durability: High-quality material and genuine parts make it a long-lasting product.
  • Cooling: Advanced heat sink and exhaust vents along with silently operating cooling fans make it a worry-free experience in terms of temperature balancing inside your grow space.
  • Customer Support: A genuine brand is one who stands by its customers even after selling their products. Advanced platinum takes responsibility for their product for 5 years.


  • Cost: They’re charging for what they’re serving. Quality comes at a cost, and that’s the universal truth.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Advanced Platinum LED P600 on

P600 Specifications:

  • HPS Equivalence – 800W
  • Power Draw (Veg) – 184W
  • Power Draw (Bloom) – 368W
  • Coverage (Veg) – 6’ X 3.75’
  • Coverage (Bloom) – 5’ X 2’
  • Input – AC85V-260V
  • Dimensions – 36” X 8” X 3” : 22lbs

To help you better with your decision making, I suggest taking a look at its reviews and ratings on the Amazon.

What growers are saying about the Advanced Platinum P600:

The Advanced Platinum P600 has a damn near perfect review rating. There are well over one hundred reviews meaning the sample size is enough to draw a statistically significant conclusion that this grow light is well liked by the community and people who’ve purchased it.

If you believe in quality over costs and other factors, then you’re very well capable of deciding what you should opt for. A high-quality build, a complete spectrum, marvelous coverage and cooling and what not? All these perks justify its place in your grow tent.

Yeah, Advanced Platinum P600 is a definite game winner.

Don’t let your money burn in vein, instead choose the right product which gives it back in terms of yield.

And, in case you’re running short on budget then you can always opt for one of the Cheap LED grow lights that work well.

Feel free to check out our best 600W full spectrum LED Grow Light review too.


Why does the Advanced Platinum P600 cost more than other 600 watt grow lights?

The P600 costs more because it performs much better than other grow lights. The number of watts is more or less irrelevant. The true measure of performance is light intensity and spectrum quality.

Does Advanced Platinum make other size grow lights?

Yes, Advanced Platinum makes grow lights from the P150 all the way to the P1200, so there’s one for each price level.

How do Advanced Platinum grow lights compare to others?

Advanced Platinum grow lights are high performance grow lights. Others that perform similarly are G8LED, Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro and HLG.


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