Platinum LED P600 – Should You Buy This Grow Light in 2019?

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Platinum LED P600 – Should You Buy This Grow Light in 2019?
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What if I tell you that a cheap led grow light in your grow space can harm your plants badly? Yeah, that’s true. Moreover, if you’ve already made a wrong move, then it’s time to look for a better alternative like advanced platinum LED P600.

You might be knowing that selection of right LED grow light plays a vital role in your indoor gardening hobby or business.

To be precise, your initial choice of LED Grow light for your indoor marijuana growing setup can make or break your entire dream of growing big and getting best quality results.

We agree that it’s not something that you don’t know but many beginners make a mistake in the selection and then curse their initial choice.

Instead of doing so, do in-depth research before going for any brand, or any variant in the LED Grow Light selection.

Here we are with one of the well known and highly reliable and trustworthy brand called Advanced Platinum.

Yeah, in this particular review we’ll take an in-depth look at the dark, and bright sides of the advanced platinum LED P600 variant.

We’ve spent much time in researching each tiny bit about this beast. Yeah, It’s 2019 and we need to cop up with advancements in our field, hobby or passion as well.

In this platinum LED P600 review article we’ll uncover all the secrets behind its fame and beauty, after completing this article you’ll have a bright idea about what your plants need and what this platinum led p600 offers to you.

Yeah, we don’t want you to make a wrong move in your very initial decision-making process like those people in a hurry to start growing and brings some Chinese crap for their growing purpose and later regret on it.

So, now without wasting time, let’s move forward and uncover this piece of bright rays for your marijuana cultivation.

Advanced Platinum LED P600 Review

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It’s the time to start understanding each aspect of this fabulous grow panel by Advanced Platinum.

So, let’s first start with its features.

Features Of Platinum LED P600: Justify The Worth

Here’s the core features available in this brilliantly crafted masterpiece by Advanced Platinum.

Brand: That manufactures quality

Advanced Platinum is a brand known for its quality over quantity. They’re serving since decades, and people are happy with it.

Ruling the market with its unstoppable power takes a lot of efforts, management and you have to consider each tiniest thing about your product as a most essential and vital part. Yeah, to win customers trust is not a freaking easy task.

With high quality durable and reliable products Advanced Platinum is providing highly efficient and useful light for many growers out there. Also, Platinum LED P600 is falling under their P series of lighting products.

Build: Unbreakable

If its all about build quality then you’ll get it when you touch it the first time when you’ll experience its strength in your hand yourself.

Yeah, advanced platinum is built using highly durable materials and entire assembly and process takes place in their manufacturing unit in the US itself.

(Click image to see more details)

Starting from outer layer to inner panel and materials used in this 600W LED grow light is extremely durable and highly reliable for more prolonged use. Even if you’re a hard-core ruff and tuff user, it’s going to survive, Just take care of it from dripping water.

Spectrum: That your plants love to absorb

Advanced Platinum LED P600 is a modern example of complete artificial light equivalent to real sunlight. Yeah, this p600 LED grow light by advanced platinum generate a complete 12 band of the spectrum along with most efficient and vital element of real sunlight called IR and UV.

A finely tuned spectrum for your plants makes them grow bigger and better. Moreover, it boosts cell formation and leaf building in your marijuana plants which results in high quality and more massive yields in return.

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Even at this intense level of light it keeps temperature inside your growspace well balanced with help of multiple cooling fans.

Also, Notably, It won for the spectrum factor while comparing G8LED VS Platinum LED.

PAR: An Unbeatable Results

Here comes the most potent factor of the advanced platinum series p600 LED grow light.

Before revealing its PAR results, please understand the phenomenon PAR first.

PAR is a term used for measuring the amount of light available to plants for photosynthesis. Yeah, a vital process for plants to survive and stay active and healthy. So, to deliver your plants with the best quality light, you should hunt for the one who has best results out there.

Rule of thumb is “More the PAR, More the Intensity = Well Sustained Health and Higher Yield.”

Usually, PAR values measured using a silicon photovoltaic detector.

Now, if we come to Advanced Platinum P600, then it has performed above the expectation concerning PAR. Yeah, it has been recorded with 1535 uMol from the height of 18”.

It’s rewarding brightness and not something like those cheap under 50$ grow light. Yeah, those cheap grow light hurts plants by radiation as well.

Above all, intensity of Platinum LEDs is far better than some of the top rated COB Lights too.

Moreover, it’s not a crappy lie yeah it’s damn true. Here’s the video that’ll clear all your doubt with real results and test.

Now, let’s move forward and take a look at its coverage abilities.

Once a reader of our site asked me, which one should i opt for Viparspectra or Platinum LED if budget isn’t a bar for me? Yeah, i said that if budget isn’t a bar for you then you knows which one is made for you. 🙂
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Coverage: Power Over Plants

Now, if your primary concern is coverage for your large grow space then be worry free as its highly capable of covering an average area of 6’ X 3.75’ during vegetation and 5’ X 2-2.5’ during flowering.

Its coverage is the primary reason for it being on the Top of the competition. Yeah, it’s rare to see other manufacturers out there who can provide this much coverage with this level of intense light to your plants.

Diodes and Drivers: Made To Last Longer Than Ever Before

Advanced platinum series P600 is equipped with the extremely high quality of Light emitting diodes and ultra-efficient auto-switching drivers for better performance and worry-free experience.

It comprises 200 US Made Bridgelux and CREE LEDs of 3W Each to transmit the best quality of light to the green plants.

Auto-switching drivers are not just there to save your light from failure, but it does its job of protecting your bucks every month as well. Yeah, platinum LED P600 draws very electricity value from wall and spreads more output over plant canopy .

Power Efficiency: A Good Reason to Replace Old HPS

Yeah, if you’re still growing with your old-fashioned HPS, then it’s the time to bring some advancement in your indoor garden. Yeah, because that traditional HPS is making a big hole in your pocket each passing month, or it isn’t so?

This grow light by advanced platinum delivers light and efficiency equivalent to an 800W HPS grow light or more than that may be. Yeah, we have got that video as a proof if you ask for it, my friend. ?

However, here’s the turning point, It only draws 368W at max and that too during flowering as that will be the time your plants would be craving for more and more light. However, during vegetation, it only pulls 184W from the wall and not more than that.

Now, think yourself sticking to that OLD Fashioned HPS will cost you more than this grow light by advanced platinum in upcoming 6 months.

Lifespan: Lifelong experience

By looking at its claimed lifespan of 100000 Hours, the first word came into our mind was “It seems like this product is designed to perform and not to die.”

Yeah, that’s awesome. It converts your money spent on it as an investment instead of an expense.

Count those 100000 hours as an approximate of 10 years of operational use of this grow panel then comes impressive part of the story here, the manufacturer offers you a heart-satisfying customer support for 5 long years.

Imagine, half of the lifetime of your grow light for marijuana is going to be insured by its manufacturer itself. Pretty cool, huh.

All these strengths of the platinum led p600 are not just appraisal to the manufacturer, but these are the real facts gathered using our research techniques.

A thorough research about the brand and about this particular variant called advanced platinum led p600 grow light taken place before framing this review article for you. So, we assure you that all the facts represented here are genuine and trustworthy.

We must say that with all it’s abilities, performance, quality and results it is giving a hard competition to G8LED Grow Lights.

Now, let’s take a quick look at its bright and dark sides, also known as the advantages and disadvantages of a product.

Bright And Dark Sides Of The Advanced Platinum LED P600 Grow Light

Here’s the bright sides.

Pros Of Platinum P600

Reliable and Trustworthy Brand:- It makes money spent on it more of an investment rather than an expense.

Above the Expectation PAR:- It Brings happiness inside your grow tent by supplying the most vital quality of light for your plants.

Full Spectrum Light:- Evenly spread all the most essential bands of light transmits energy in your plants. From the depth or UV to IR all necessary and vital groups helps your plants in sustaining the best possible health and growth.

Higher Yield Per Watt:- Results obtained by advanced platinum led p600 is marvelous in terms of Yield per watt of electricity as well. Consumes very less power and produces best flowers.

Coverage:- Marvellous Coverage that can also be stated as best in the segment as no other grow light is capable of covering this much space with this much intensity and this low power draw.

Durability:- High-quality material and genuine parts make it a long-lasting product.

Cooling:- Advanced heat sink and exhaust vents along with silently operating cooling fans make it a worry-free experience in terms of temperature balancing inside your grow space.

Customer Support:- A genuine brand is one who stands by its customers even after selling their products. Advanced platinum takes responsibility for their product for 5 years.

Cons Of Platinum P600

Cost:- They’re charging for what they’re serving. Quality comes at a cost, and that’s the universal truth. ?

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Advanced Platinum LED P600 At A Glance

  • HPS Equivalence :- 800W
  • Power Draw (Veg):- 184W
  • Power Draw (Bloom):- 368W
  • Coverage (Veg) :- 6’ X 3.75’
  • Coverage (Bloom) :- 5’ X 2’
  • Input :- AC85V-260V
  • Form Factor :- 36” X 8” X 3” : 22lbs
To help you better with your decision making, we’ll suggest you to consider taking a look at its number of reviews and ratings on the Amazon.

Our Opinion

If you believe in quality over costs and other factors, then you’re very well capable of deciding what you should opt for. A high-quality build, a complete spectrum, marvelous coverage and cooling and what not? All these perks justify its place in your grow tent.

Yeah, Advanced Platinum P600 is a definite game winner out there.

Don’t let your money go into vein, instead choose right product which gives it back in terms of returns.

And, in case you’re running so short with budget then you can always opt for one of this Cheap LED that work but still for quality and performance Platinum Beats all on the leagues.

However, if the budget is your primary concern and you can’t compromise on it currently then too, you shouldn’t be worried as there are several grow lights available and we’ve reviewed such grow lights in our best 600W fullspectrum LED Grow Light review article out there. You may take a look.

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