Mars Hydro 300W Review – A Good Choice For Beginners?

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Mars Hydro 300W Review – A Good Choice For Beginners?
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Looking for an LED grow light which can provide high quality and nutritionally beneficial light to your plants, but doesn’t make a hole in your pocket? Then, we’re here with Mars Hydro 300W Review.

It’s widely recommended and one of the best budget-friendly full spectrum LED lights by Mars Hydro.

In this review about Mars Hydro 300W LED Grow Light we’ll uncover all the secret behind its success. We’ll discuss all vital aspects, that makes it one of the best budgeted and beginner friendly full spectrum LED Grow light for indoor marijuana cultivation.

So, let’s begin with our review.

Mars Hydro 300W Review

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Before understanding this grow light for your indoor grow space setup, let’s get familiar with the manufacturer who manufactures this highly reliable and budget-friendly grow light for many beginners out there.

As far as Mars Hydro is concerned, it’s a highly reliable and trustworthy brand which has its central factory unit in China.

Moreover, Mars Hydro have multiple warehouses all around the world. Yeah, it includes various tier one conutries like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, and Australia.

Mars Hydro has a vast and fabulously satisfied customer base. Moreover, its products are rated on higher marks compare to its competitors.

Being a Multinational Gardening Accessories and Tools Provider company, It ensures a high-quality product.

Hell Yeah, if you’re thinking that “Being Chinese manufacturer, they’ll supply non-reliable products.” Then let me inform you, it’s a myth.

Yeah, Because Mars Hydro proves it as a wrong logic by supplying highly reliable and extremely trustworthy products to their customers.

How? That we’re going to see soon in this Mars Hydro 300W Review.

So, that’s all about the manufacturer of this amazingly crafted masterpiece.

Now, let’s focus on several things that we should keep in mind while exploring this marvelous LED Grow Light from Mars Hydro.

Yeah, we all know that light is the most essential element after water and air that any plant needs to survive and produce high-quality outcomes.

In case you’re a beginner then let me help you in getting familiar with basics of an LED Grow Light for indoor weed growing.

Any light can be stated as an ideal light for a plant if it has following qualities.

  • It should be capable of providing full spectrum output. Yeah, IR and UV can be an added advantage for your plants.
  • A well-balanced color blend can help in better growth of the plants. The rule of thumb is, blue is great for seedling and vegetation while red is great for flowering or blooming.
  • It should spread light evenly on the grow space and should avoid possible light loss.
  • It should be capable of covering our planned grow space. Yeah, bringing a grow light which is not capable of covering our actual grow area isn’t a wise choice.
  • It shouldn’t pull a tremendous amount of electricity from the wall, as it’ll be a headache in such case at a more extended run.
  • It shouldn’t be creating any dangerous element in the grow space like heat. As that’ll destroy all the dreams, you’ve seen while starting your grow. Yeah, cool things are fantastic.
  • Also, last but not the least, it shouldn’t make a massive hole in our pocket at the time of buying it.
  • Though there are several other qualities as well, we’re not stating it here as they’re bonus qualities that are great if provided by any manufacturer. Yeah, like durability, long lifespan, warranty or aftersales support, etc..

Now, we should move forward with this review. What you’d say?

Yeah, so let’s begin with the features of this Mars Hydro 300W LED grow light designed especially for cannabis growing and beginners in this hobby.

Mars Hydro 300W Review – Features

So, let’s explore all the titbit of this grow light by Mars Hydro.

1). Brand – Experienced, Reliable And Highly Trustworthy.

As we’ve already talked in the beginning of this Mars Hydro 300W Review, Manufacturer is doing tremendously well on the market for more than 9 years.

Being an active brand since so long they know very well, what their customers are expecting from them as a manufacturer, and, what does those green plants are expecting as a source of light from their grow panels.

The highly qualified research team have proven their capabilities by inventing some of the extremely reliable and quality-focused products such as Mars Hydro 300W Full Spectrum Grow Light.

Being a budget friendly grow light manufacturer we can’t expect them to beat advanced platinum led lightings for some obvious reasons.

2. Build – Durable and Strong.

Now, if we focus on the build of Mars 300 Watt, then it’s exceptionally durable build.

Yeah, this grow light is designed for an entirely new person to the growth so they’ve focused a bit more on its build and that can be seen on this grow panel.

This 300W variant by mars hydro is made for the more extended run.

They’ve integrated separate circuit board and heat sink so that damage on any component will not cause any adverse issue to the whole panel.

3). Spectrum – A FullSpectrum For Happier Plants.

Now, comes the essential factor to consider on this grow panel.

Yeah, Mars Hydro 300 watt Grow Light delivers a highly effective and intense light composing all the quintessential band of an ideal spectrum.

This grow light for weed is an entirely full spectrum grow light and produces light containing a range of spectral bands ranging from 430-440nm, 450-475nm, 620-630nm, 650-670nm, and white.

Well balanced mixture of red and blue is experienced in this grow light. Take a look at below image.

best led grow lights

If you consider shade as a factor then light generated by Mars Hydro 300W grow light, then it will be of pinkish tone and will help your plants in producing high-quality flowers.

Yeah, we’ve stated it as a thumb rule if you don’t forget. As red and blue ratio plays a vital role in improving process of photosynthesis and many study and research, have taken place on that topic.

If you’re spectrum lover and believe in highly intense and bright light then nowadays COB Grow Lights are quiet famous for this capabilities.

4). Power Efficiency – Cost Savvy in Longer Run.

This is one of the most neglected factors by the indoor gardeners.

Yeah, initially they look at other qualities and neglect power efficiency and later on they regret on their mistake.

They, Initially spend their money on cheap LED grow light. and later on that bulb keep making a pot-hole in their pocket for entire life.

You don’t do that, and that’s why we’ve included it in our mars hydro 300w review, As far as power consumption by mars hydro 300w is concerned it only pulls 135W from the wall.

With this low actual power consumption mark, it can still replace an old-fashioned HPS system of 300W with ease.

Yeah, with the help of extraordinarily intense and bright light.

With that low power consumption Mars Hydro 300W grow light still provide your marijuana plants with high quality and intense light. And, this intensity and quality can be seen from the recorded PAR value of the mars hydro 300 watts LED grow light.

Yeah, this grow panel can deliver 445 uMol from the height of 18”, Which is excellent and best in this price segment.

With lower power consumption in the 300W segment, it becomes one of the best LED grow light providing higher yield per watt of electricity.

5). Coverage – Enough for A Beginner Level Grow Space.

Now, comes the most awaited section for any grow light seeker out there.

Yeah, coverage is one of the essential factors to look up to as we said earlier in the qualities of an ideal grow panel.

As far as coverage of Mars Hydro 300 watt is concerned, it can cover a decent area of 24” X 24” from the height of 24 inches. And, we recommend it to keep it close and decrease it a bit during flowering as that’d be the phase when your plants would be craving for more intense light.

In the case you’re having larger grow space than 5 sq.ft then you’ll either have to bring more number of this grow light which we won’t recommend instead we’d recommend you to take a look at our reviews of best 600W fullspectrum LED grow Lights.

Yeah, with the help of 60 LED chips of 5W each this grow light delivers quality light on a decent grow space. The good thing about this grow light, is it’ll provide more room for your plants to absorb all the light.

Mixed LED angel of 90 and 120 degrees increases the penetration rate and makes your plants more healthy and happy.

This level of coverage capability with high quality light Mars Hydro definitely deserves a place in cheap yet working led grow lights.

6). Cooling – Atmosphere that your plant loves by heart.

Cooling is the essential factor to consider as a precaution before making your mind for any grow light on the market.

Yeah, a heat generating light can break all your dreams and can destroy all your expectation with a single go.

So, keeping the safety of your plants in mind, mars hydro is manufacturing all its products. As a single mistake in their product can play the vital role in breaking their customer relationships and trust.

Yeah, with the help of an advanced heat sink and high-quality cooling fan this grow light keeps things in balance inside your grow tent. Also, it avoids all the harm to your marijuana plants.

The fan runs cool and quiet. Also, recorded noise level of this grow light is 56Db which is pretty much in the range.

7). Safety Features – Your Safety, Mars’s Responsibility.

Mars Hydro products use UL and ETL certified standards in its build.

best led grow lights

Moreover, that can be seen in its quality. Like, copper metal buckle on the body ensures that grow light will not get rusty. Also, it’ll never fall from its place.

Another safety feature includes the cooling fan as we discussed earlier. And, its UL-certified plug ensures electrical safety of you as well as your grow light.

8). Warranty – Be Relaxed

Now, comes the part regarding aftersales. Yeah, Mars Hydro team is highly active on all the popular forum out there. And, you can get in touch with them from any social media platform out there. People have reported average response time of 8 hours in their mars hydro 300W review on Amazon.

Their response rate is quick, and they resolve all the tiniest query of their customers on the earlier time possible.
This grow light comes with an extended warranty of 3 years along with 30 days non-satisfactory return policy.

So, These are all features offered by this one of the best LED grow light for marijuana in the budget-friendly segment for beginners.

Now, it time to move forward with our mars hydro 300W Review and we should now take a look on the bright and dark aspects of this to grow light.

So, without wasting time in our mars hydro 300W review let’s take a look at it.

Bright & Dark Sides Of Mars Hydro 300W Budgeted Grow Light

Here it is, take a look at it.

  • A full full spectrum light for beginner marijuana grower.
  • A highly energy efficient light is pulling on 132W from the wall.
  • Best available and affordable grow light.
  • Optimal and uniform spectrum for all phases of green plants.
  • Extremely user-friendly setup.
  • Durable build and Lower maintenance cost.
  • Capable of covering a decent area for beginner grow space.
  • Marvelous cooling abilities keep things on track.
  • A great HPS replacement for the 300W system.
  • UL safety standards for wiring and cable.
  • Fabulous warranty of 3 years along with 30 days money back.
  • Customer friendly support team available over the internet.
  • Not waterproof
  • In the era of state of the art technology lighting, it even doesn’t have UV and IR.
  • Not for professionals.
  • No ON/OFF switch. A complete manual operation.
Click here to see reviews and prices for the Mars Hydro 300W on

Now, in this Mars Hydro 300W review we’ll take a look at its specifications.

Mars Hydro 300W Review – Specification Details

  • Manufacturer: Mars Hydro
  • Model: Mars 300
  • Form Factor: 12” X 8” X 3” : 5.58lbs
  • Lifespan: 50K – 100K Hours
  • Wattage Of LEDs: 5W
  • No Of LEDs: 60
  • PAR: 445 uMol from 18.”
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum
  • Focusing Angle: 90-120 Degrees Mixed
  • Avg. Power Draw: 135W
  • Avg. Coverage: 24” X 24”
  • Voltage Range: 85V-265V
  • Frequency: 56-60Hz
  • Noise Level: 56Db

Here’s one video version of this Mars Hydro 300W Review. Take a look at it.

That’s all for this Mars Hydro 300 Watt Review. However, in case you’re still confused about making a decision then let’s help.
It’s time to close the discussion. Moreover, in our bottom line section, you’ll get a perfect idea about whether you should spend your money on this grow light or not.

Mars Hydro 300W Review– Bottomline

Hey Buddy. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article about a review for Mars Hydro 300W Full spectrum LED grow light.

Looking at its ability to provide you an ideal light as we’ve discussed in our earlier section, this grow light has everything that an ideal grow light needs to deliver to the green plants.

Moreover, Being a budget-friendly grow light, we definitely shouldn’t expect premium features like waterproof mechanism, daisy chaining, timer and all.

In case you’ve large grow space and limited budget then Mars Hydro 600W variant or Viparspectra 600W in Reflector Series would be the best bet instead of putting your money on this mars hydro 300W LED Grow Light.

If you’re starting into indoor weed cultivation with grow space of around five sq.ft.  And If you wants to succeed in your first grow then we’d advise you to buy this grow light.

So, in such case spending your money on this grow light and experimenting would be the best bet.

Happy Growing Mate.

Source: Mars Hydro

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