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High Quality Grow Lights You Won’t Find On Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find grow lights for your home growing hobby. But there are a few high quality lights you’d be missing out on if you didn’t also look elsewhere. This is especially true if you’re growing cannabis and need high quality, strong grow lights.

There’s a great website called LED Grow Lights Depot that has a huge selection of grow lights and other indoor growing equipment.

Below I’ll briefly lay out a list of high quality grow lights that you won’t find on Amazon. I admit, high quality comes with a price. If you’re growing in a small 2x2 foot space, you can get away with a cheap LED grow light instead. But for larger spaces you should consider one of the lights below, or from my Best LED Grow Lights list.

1. Crecer Lighting PanthrX and PanthrX Mini:

crecer panthrx

best led grow lights

These are two high quality LED grow lights from Crecer Lighting. Both lights are quite affordable considering the great spectrum and high light intensity. You won’t find these grow lights on Amazon, but they’d be an incredible tool for your grow space.

The intense light is spread evenly across the canopy area, providing usable light even at the edges of the coverage area. Depending on your coverage area requirements, you may be able settle for the more affordable PanthrX Mini.


Crecer Lighting Spectrum
Crecer Lighting Spectrum

Spectrum is one of the main factors to consider when you’re buying a grow light. It’s a shame you can’t find these grow lights on Amazon because the spectrum is really good.

The industry has more or less settled on white light spectrum being ideal for growing fruit and vegetable bearing plants, including cannabis. That’s why you see most of the high quality grow lights now emit a white light spectrum.

What’s white light spectrum? It’s the same red & blue seen in most grow lights, but it has some green, orange and yellow mixed in as well. The light is emitted in a white color, not purple.

The image you see above is what you’re getting from these two Crecer lighting models – The PanthrX and the PanthrX Mini.

PPFD & Coverage Areas:

The coverage area for these lights is similar to other grow lights on Amazon. The PanthrX and PanthrX Mini will cover 4ft by 4ft, and 2ft by 4ft, respectively. The difference with these grow lights that’s more uncommon is the light remains intense even at the furthest edges of the coverage area.

Most grow lights on Amazon lose a lot of intensity by the time you get half way through their claimed coverage area. For example, a 4x4 coverage area on an Amazon grow light usually (but not always) only has usable intensity up to 2.5x2.5 or 3x3 feet. It’s simply the way they’re marketed.

Crecer Lighting PanthrX Coverage Area
Crecer Lighting PanthrX Coverage Area
best led grow lights

If you take a peek at the image above you’ll see even at the edge of the 4x4 coverage area, the Crecer Lighting PanthrX is providing 500-800 uMol of light when hanging 24 inches above the canopy. You can safely hang it a bit lower, perhaps 18-21 inches and the intensity will be even better.

The PanthrX Mini has similar light intensity, but with a 2x4 coverage area.

Check out this video about the PanthrX:

Crecer Lighting PanthrX LED Grow Light Unboxing, Review, and PAR Testing

Other Specifications:

 PanthrX:PanthrX Mini:
Dimensions:30.5 x 20.3 x 5.5 in.30.5 x 13 x 3 in.
Warranty:3 years3 years
Safety Certifications:ETL, IP40, RoHS, CEETL, IP40, RoHS, CE
Power Draw600w320w
LED BrandCustomCustom
Cheapest Place to Buy:LED Grow Lights DepotLED Grow Lights Depot


2. Timber LED Grow Lights:


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timber led grow lights
Timber LED Grow Lights
best led grow lights

The Timber Grow Light 4VL pictured above is a mid-range grow light built with Vero Gen 7 COBs. Other models may use the Citizen CLU048 COBs, depending which unit you choose.

I’m not sure why you won’t find these grow lights on Amazon, because a lot of people in the indoor growing community use them and love them.

Timber LED makes grow lights in sizes for all indoor growing needs. You can get a single COB, or three rows of three for a larger coverage area.


These are high quality white spectrum grow light fixtures hand built to order in San Diego. It’ll take about 5 days to ship out – not that bad.

No matter which model you choose, you’ll be able to specify 3000, 3500, or 4000 kelvin temperature. 3500K is the most popular option and is ideal for seedling to flower growth phases, while 4000k is more ideal for the vegetative phase only, and 3000k is more ideal for the flowering phase only.

PPFD and Coverage Area:

Timber LED says the 4VL pictured above will cover up to 5x5ft. I like to be a bit conservative on the coverage claims when the manufacturer doesn’t provide an intensity (PPFD) measurement chart. But Timber LED does provide the peak PPFD at 978 uMol for the above mentioned grow light.

The nice thing about the Timber LED grow lights is even if you go with a smaller model, say, the 2 COB unit, the PPFD is still ~1000 uMol. Only the coverage area will change. That’s in contrast to many other lights where you’ll get a weaker intensity if you go to a smaller model.

Other Specifications:

Timber LED 2VL:Timber LED 4VL:Timber LED 4VS:
Dimensions: 21 x 8.5 x 4 in. 42 x 10 x 4 in. 21 x 20 x 4 in.
Coverage Area: 2.5ft x 2ft 2.5ft x 4ft 5ft x 4ft
Power Draw:210w425w425w
LED Brand: Bridgelux Vero Gen7 COB Bridgelux Vero Gen7 COB Bridgelux Vero Gen7 COB
Cheapest Place To Buy: LED Grow Lights Depot LED Grow Lights Depot LED Grow Lights Depot


Timber Grow Lights Model 2VL Vero29 V7 COB Review


3. Amare SolarECLIPSE SE 500 Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

amare solareclipse se 500The Amare SolarECLIPSE is a truly impressive COB LED grow light. You won’t find this grow light on Amazon, but that makes the discovery that much more exciting. They say you get what you pay for, and this grow light is not a budget model. That said, Amare does make smaller models.

Amare Technology is known as an innovator in the LED grow light field. They were the first company to offer COB LEDs and enhanced white light spectrum back in 2014.

The SolarECLIPSE SE 500 uses 6 CREE CXB3070 COB LEDs, and 60 supplemental 5 watt CREE XP G2/E2 LEDs.

It features a patented reflector array as well as removable 90 degree lenses installed over the COBs. Because the lenses increase intensity so much,

Amare doesn’t recommend hanging this grow light lower than 28″ if you have the lenses installed. The lenses are removable but that’ll lower your light intensity.

SolarECLIPSE SE 500 Spectrum & PPFD:

Spectrum and PPFD are the two most important factors when selecting a grow light. You need the full PAR spectrum in order to get the most out of your cannabis plants.

This Amare light covers the full 380nm to 740nm PAR wavelengths, including UV and IR wavelengths that are key for boosting THC, CBD, yield, and ensuring your plant physically forms properly. This light actually contains its own UV-A/B fluorescent bulb in the middle of the fixture. That bulb has it’s own switch and power cord so it can be run on a separate timer.

Take a look at the full spectrum output below:

amare solareclipse se500 spectrumIt’s important to have a balanced blue and red spectrum so your grow light is effective throughout each plant growth phase. As you can see above the SolarECLIPSE SE 500 pretty much nails it.

It has a decent amount of green spectrum as well, and this helps drive photosynthesis even further in cannabis plants because the green wavelength is absorbed more easily by the leaves.

Take a seat because the PPFD measurements from this light are going to knock your socks off. Remember you have the option of removing the lenses so there are a few different possibilities:

  • No lenses installed: 1207umol @ 24″, 770umol @ 36″, 546umol @ 48″
  • Lenses installed: 2118umol @ 24″, 1523umol @ 36″, 974umol @ 48″

If you’re used to seeing or experiencing regular non-COB LED lights and what type of intensity they put on your canopy, the SolarECLIPSE SE 500’s numbers can be a true shock. But this is what you get when you pick top shelf over plain satisfactory grow lights. It’s a whole other level.

What type of coverage will these PPFD values get you? Amare Technology says 4.5′ x 4.5′ at 36″ above canopy during vegetative, and 4′ x 4′ at 24″ above canopy during bloom. You can bet all your edges will have usable light intensity on them too.

It’s hard to believe this kind of top shelf grow light isn’t on Amazon.

Power Consumption & Cooling:

The Amare SolarECLIPSE SE 500 will draw ~510 watts from your wall. It features separate modes for vegetative and bloom plant growth phases, so if you’re only using veg mode you’ll use considerably less. You’ll draw 370 watts with COBs only, and 160 watts with 5w LEDs only.

The light uses four premium cooling fans and a proprietary copper-core heat sink. I looked around through current owners’ comments and nobody complained about heat. One person said “virtually no heat,” and another said “low temps. fans quiet.”


Amare SE500 LED Grow Light Review

Comparatively speaking, this is the strongest light I’ve reviewed in this article. If you’re looking for the best of the best – this is your pick.

Warranty & Comments From Current Owners:

If you’re going to move on this light, you want to have some level of comfort first.  After being convinced of it’s capabilities you want to make sure you won’t be left hanging in the rare event something malfunctions.

This light comes with an industry leading 5 year warranty and you’ll be fully covered if anything goes wrong.

Furthermore, current owners couldn’t be happier with their decision. Who better to ask than someone who made the move before you?

A quick look through the reviews and you’ll see owners are saying things like this about the Amare SolarECLIPSE SE 500: “blown the doors off other lights I’ve used,” and “Best light I’ve ever used, I have three models and love them all.” Another owner says the light “delivered in spades and you would not be disappointed.” I can keep going but you get the point.

You can get the Amare SolarECLIPSE SE 500 from my friends at LED Grow Lights Depot where they offer free shipping, price match guarantee, 90 day returns, interest free financing, and family-like customer service. You won’t be disappointed.


4. TotalGrow Multi-Hi Grow Lights:

totalgrow multi hi lights

best led grow lights

TotalGrow also makes some impressive grow lights. You won’t find these grow lights on Amazon, but again, it makes their discovery that much more exciting.

You can choose the model size that best fits your grow space. TotalGrow makes these lights in 170, 240, 320 and 640 watt versions.

However, I recommend going with the high intensity variation of the MH 320 or MH 640. The reason is to ensure you get the maximum intensity to ensure the maximum yield. The lower two models aren’t as intense and they’re better suited for non-cannabis applications.


TotalGrow spectrum
TotalGrow Spectrum

TotalGrow lights emit a full white 3500K spectrum. I mentioned earlier that 3500k is the ideal temperature for both veg and flower.

White spectrum is somewhat of a rarity for grow lights on Amazon, but not at LED Grow Lights Depot where they really focus on carrying higher quality grow lights.

White spectrum has been proven to grow plants 12-16% better than blue and red spectrum alone.¹ The industry has pretty much settled on white spectrum and we’ll probably see the lower end grow lights on Amazon move in that direction in the coming years.

PPFD & Coverage:

If you’re growing cannabis you should really focus on the 320 and 640 watt verisons of these lights to ensure your plants are receiving enough intensity.

The 320 watt will cover 2ft x 4ft, and the 640 watt will cover 4ft x 4ft. Light intensity (PPFD) in these top two models is ~500-1000 uMol (depending where in the coverage area you’re measuring) in the 320 watt , and ~1000 uMol in the 640 watt.

Other Specifications:

Take a look at the TotalGrow specifications below. The TG32 is the 320 watt, and the TG64 is the 640 watt. Not sure why they make the naming so confusing!

If you decide to go with one of these, you can find them at LED Grow Lights Depot. They offer great customer service and other benefits like price match guarantee, free shipping, and interest-free financing.

totalgrow specs

Why you should look for high quality LED grow lights if you have the budget:

I understand many people look for LED grow lights on Amazon because they want a very affordable grow light, or maybe they like the ease of purchasing on Amazon.

But if you have the flexibility in your budget, I highly recommend buying a high quality LED grow light that will properly light your grow tent from corner to corner. LED grow lights depot is a site that specializes in grow lights that perform very well.

These high quality models tend do be slightly more expensive, but LED Grow Lights Depot will price match any other retailer including Amazon, so you can be sure you’re getting a fair price.

Check out my other guides as well:

Setting up your home grow is much more than just a grow light. I’ve put together incredibly helpful posts like Choosing the right size grow tent, and picking the right size grow tent fan to help you set up your home grow. Check out the 420ExpertGuide home page for a complete list of posts!


Why are certain grow lights not on Amazon?

The manufacturer or retailer may choose not to list them there.

Are grow lights not listed on Amazon better than the grow lights on Amazon?

There aren’t many that aren’t listed on Amazon but I found the ones that weren’t were all high quality.

Are grow lights on Amazon still good?

Yes! But you have to be more careful because with the larger selection, the light quality varies widely.

Are the cheap grow lights on Amazon any good?

Some of the cheap grow lights on Amazon are no good. The reason is the spectrum isn’t always balanced between blue and red. Another reason is the light intensity and coverage area are low.

Are the expensive grow lights on Amazon any good?

Yes! You get what you pay for when it comes to grow lights. If you plan to spend $350 and up you can get a pretty decent grow light on Amazon. You’ll get better quality the higher your budget goes.

How do I differentiate between low quality and high quality grow lights on Amazon?

A good quality grow light on Amazon will have high intensity, large coverage area, and a minimum of a balanced Blue/Red spectrum. White spectrum is better though. If you get those features right, you’ll be fine.


My name is Nick, and I'm a home grower who spends time writing about indoor growing tools and setups. My goal is for 420ExpertGuide to be a one stop shop for indoor growers to find the information they need.