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Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000W LED Grow Light Review – Is It Worth It?

Is the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w LED grow light a good grow light?

The Galaxyhydro offers a good value if you use it properly. I’m going to walk you through the different features and specifications so you take confidence in purchasing or using this grow light at home.

Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000 Watt LED Grow Light

best led grow lights

Many factors are responsible for better marijuana grow yield outcomes like spectrum, power efficiency, coverage, heat dissipation and so on.

Before I even get to the GalaxyHydro review, most consumers want to feel comfortable about the brand manufacturer first. How does Roleadro stack up? While I’ve been unable to find a Roleadro website to learn more about the brand from the horse’s mouth, I wouldn’t let that deter you yet.

It appears Roleadro grow lights have been on the market for more than 10 years. During this long period they’ve efficiently improved their products as well. Perhaps the more imporant aspect is what owners of the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w LED grow light think for themselves. 

Roleadro – The grow light brand that made it’s mark on indoor cultivators’ hearts:

A quick search of “Roleadro” yields a considerable list of grow lights and cannabis growing equipment. With this you know this is an established brand dedicated to their market. Most if not all of the products on the list have a high star rating.

GalaxyHydro is one of their most known series of grow lights where they’ve provided several variants of different power efficiency. Their grow lights currently range from a low 75w to 2000w so regardless of your situation, Roleadro likely has you covered.

As for the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w grow light, it has very strong reviews (I don’t review bad products). Reviewers are saying it’s the best LED grow light when you consider price, warranty and customer service. Others are saying the fans work great without issues, and the light is built well. Other people were saying things like:

  • Best LED for the price, warranty, and customer service
  • fans move a good amount of air and no heat issues at all…

I’d say a large majority of existing customers are recommending it based on the results they’ve obtained.

From brand and quality point of view there is nothing to doubt on it.

Build Quality:

See LED style details from the image above. The GalaxyHydro provides a nice ratio of Red:Blue, with some white included (See why white is useful here)

What about Roleadro Galaxyhydro series 1000W LED durability? Well the manufacturer offers a generous 30 month warranty, so you’re guaranteed at least that long. The light also features a unique “bead and zener” design where if one of your LEDs burns out, it won’t affect the other LEDs.

The build features a 90 degree optical lens which helps bring the final PPFD value to 453umol at 18”. Up to 98% of light from the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w is effectively utilized on your plants.

It seems like the safety of the user and grow light were both taken into consideration while designing this 1000W Grow Light for their Galaxyhydro series. There are two high speed cooling fans, aluminum heat sink and internal temperature controller.

However, we noticed this grow light doesn’t feature dual-mode switches nor daisy chaining which is one factor to consider for your situation.

In terms of price competitiveness, we searched for “1000w led grow light” on Amazon, and the Roleadro is pretty in-line with other quality 1000 watt grow lights.

If you look at the two cheaper lights, Giixer and Lonwon – the Giixer’s PPFD readings (light intensity) are laughably bad, and the “Lonwon” doesn’t even provide a PPFD reading – a big red flag. So you have to find a balance and I think the Roleadro is a nice balance between

Spectrum – Effectiveness of Light on Your Plants

This is one of the most vital aspects to consider before making any decision regarding grow light for indoor plants.

Better spectrum means better growth and healthy plants. So, one should focus on a light that is capable of delivering all essential bands which are responsible for the quick boost in the process of photosynthesis.

Majority of study states, that Red and Blue are the primary shades that play a massive role in improving plants health. However, we often recommend our readers to not rely on these two bands only.

Now, if we get specific about the Galaxyhydro 1000W LED Grow Light spectrum, it spreads an optimal spectrum all over your canopy.

best led grow lights

Also, it is equipped with 100 10W LED Chips for producing this spectrum.

It produces optimal light spectrum as they’ve included most vital bands of blue and red with the most effective ratio.

Also, inclusion of IR and UV along with warm white light makes sense for better effect and growth of your cannabis plants.

If you didn’t know, UV is responsible for germination while IR is responsible for leaf building and cell formation.

The GalaxyHydro 1000W grow light creates a pink shade of light in your grow space.

The best thing about the pink shade is that it helps to grow bigger and more resinous buds at the time of harvesting.

Light Intensity (PPFD):

Nowadays, people often take HPS/MH replacement figures too seriously. Yeah, those are nothing more than a number.

We recommend our readers focus on PPFD values and power efficiency instead of concentrating on HPS replacement figures.

For this Galaxyhydro 1000W LED Grow Light Review, Roleadro put the light through extensive testing, including for PPFD values to help you determine the optimal height to hang your grow light.

Their results found a PPFD reading on or about 453 uMol from the height of 18”.

Which justifies the effectiveness of this grow light for any grow space.

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Energy Efficiency:

People especially beginners often get trapped by manufacturer’s claims of best coverage at low-cost.

Yeah, it’s not the initial cost that makes any difference, but it’s the efficiency that makes a difference.

A $50 grow light sucking 150W from the wall is worse than a 100$ grow light utilising mere 90W from the power outlet.

Electricity cost is going to be your recurring expense and not the initial cost of your LED grow light.

Now, if we consider the power efficiency of Galaxyhydro 1000W, then you’d be glad to know that it just consumes 132w±5% from the power outlet for its functioning.

We’ve compared it with some of the close competitors of the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w and what we observed has cleared all our doubts. It’s better than almost all significant competitors with 1000W variant. The next 3 competitors for the same wattage are consuming 165-185w, and are priced 10-15% higher. See for yourself.

Moreover, it seems like the inclusion of 10W chips in this Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W grow light is a perfect decision by the manufacturer to create more effective light at a lower cost. This is truly one of the best cheap LED grow lights on the market.

Coverage Area:

Now, comes the part that you might be concerned about the most.

Due to the lower intensity (PPFD) of this grow light compared to what’s needed at to grow cannabis (or other fruit and vegetable bearing plants), I’d only recommend it for a 1×1 foot grow space.

The TS-1000 grow light by Mars Hydro is actually only slightly more expensive and offers a decent 2×2 foot coverage area. So if you need more that 1×1 maybe consider the Mars Hydro.

best led grow lights

Also, looking at the PAR results obtained by this grow light it is possible to get better output for a bit extended area by increasing hanging height.

Although, we’d recommend you to stick to the recommended height only unless there is no other alternative is available for you.

As we stated in the build section, this light doesn’t feature dual-mode switches so you’ll have to adjust its height manually when you think your plants are stepping into the blooming stage.

Yeah, we too think that it is a considerable missing factor but looking at the price it is justified.

Heat Dissipation and Cooling Fans:

Buying a hot running LED grow light because you can’t compromise on your budget won’t be the right decision at all. Keeping the perfect temperatures in your grow space is almostt as important for your yield as your light.

For this Galaxyhydro 1000 Watt Review I read through the verified reviews and found owners who reported good working fans with no temperature issues several months after using the product. Don’t forget there’s a 30 month warranty so you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

The majority of people have stated that inclusion of multiple cooling fans and heat sink does its job effectively and keeps the temperature of light as well as grow space very well balanced.

Noisy fans can be an annoyance but with this 10 year manufacturer we haven’t seen any complaints.


How does it compare to other grow lights?

It’s definitely one of the most affordable LED grow lights around. But you have to be careful because you get what you pay for with grow lights. As we’ve seen this grow light is a decent choice if you’re growing one or two plants.

But nobody looks at only one model when shopping. I suggest you take a look at these two other more modern, but still very affordable choices. The first is the Maxsisun LED grow light. The second is the Viparspectra VP series.

The Maxsisun is a new quantum board style design with a white spectrum which is slightly better than the purple spectrum featured on the Galaxyhydro.

The Viparspectra VP series is another entry level grow light but it’s also a more modern design in terms of spectrum and performance.

Now, let’s take some time and take a look at the pros and cons associated with this grow panel.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000 Watt LED Grow Light on


Pros and Cons:


  • Competitive price tag
  • An Optimal Spectrum Output
  • Less power consumption compared to some high end 1000W Grow Lights
  • High quality materials for build
  • Elegant design
  • Decent PPFD results (~453 uMol)
  • Suitable Coverage for A Beginner Level Grower
  • Well Balanced Environment in Grow Space
  • Non Hazardous Parts
  • Highly Satisfied Consumer base


  • Lack of Dual mode switches
  • Exclusion of Daisy Chaining
  • Not Waterproof


What growers are saying about the GalaxyHydro:

John from Michigan –

 I’m an indoor weed cultivator and love to grow it indoors. At the time when I started, I was running short on budget hence planned to bring this panel from roleadro for my plants. So far, I haven’t come across any issue, and it is doing well in my grow space.

Edwin from California –

So far so good. I was a little bit sceptical about its performance because it is offered at a meager price on the market. However, I thought to give it a go after suffering Galaxyhydro 1000W Review on the internet. Since its entry in my grow tent, results are better compared to my old slim panel of 50W which was sucking around 30W. Also, I’ve taken full advantage of its extended coverage and had ordered a grow tent along with it.

Chris from Texas –

Someone on a forum recommended Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W to me, Bought it relying entirely on that guy’s recommendation and its customer reviews on Amazon as I was not capable of deciding how to measure the performance of a grow light as a newcomer in this hobby. However, after using it for more than 8 months I’ll have to admit that it is capable of delivering the real light to my plants.

My Verdict on Galaxyhydro 1000W:

Looking at real-life experience and opinions of people we don’t think you need our advice.

If we neglect daisy chaining and dual mode switches then GalaxyHydro 1000 Watt has everything that is usually expected from an optimal grow light for a beginner.

According to our research it’s one of the best budget LED grow light on the market as of now.

I recommend Roleadro Galaxyhydro to a beginner with a tight budget and who wants to start small. But if you can spare less than one hundred dollars more, I’d go straight for the Phlizon 1000 watt COB LED grow light – a true bang for your buck light. But if you have your eyes set on the Roleadro, it’ll get the job done.




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