G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light – Full 2019 Review

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G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light – Full 2019 Review
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What if I say that the only game-winning factor in indoor growing is a high quality grow light? Don’t agree? Then let we introduce you a real game-winner on the market. Yeah, it’s G8LED for apparent reasons.

In this G8 LED Grow Light Review we’ll uncover all the bright side which made it a High Times magazine’s Best LED Grow Light Of The Year award winner.

Yeah, Also, To get better results one needs a better grow light.

So let’s get started with this G8 LED Grow Light Review.

G8LED Grow Light Review – G8LED MEGA 900W

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Before we explore more about this masterpiece, let we get familiar with the brand and manufacturer.

G8LED is a product of DormGrow. Yeah, it’s a California based grow light manufacturing company. They manufacture quality focused products for the professional as well as beginner cultivators.

This manufacturer is ruling on the LED market for more than eight years. Moreover, they have a fabulously satisfied customer base.

Now, in this G8 LED Grow Light review We’ll divide it into smaller parts to get each aspect of this grow light in a better way.

What about G8LED Mega 900W’s build quality?

First and foremost question that we seek to be answered here.

Well, As we discussed earlier, DormGrow is performing up to the marks for nearly a decade. During their journey of this long, they must have tested and experimented their products for all the uncertain situations that could arise while dealing with grow light in indoor grow space.

Yeah, because build of this G8LED Mega 900W Grow Panel is of the highest quality and definitely worth the price.

G8 LED Grow Light can perform far longer than any other cheap, and low quality grow light.

For taking a look at it’s build you may watch this video of unboxing this tremendous grow panel.

Along with a high-quality build, you’ll be getting a complete feature pack LED Grow Light for your marijuana cultivation.

How? That we’re going to explore soon in this G8 LED Grow Light Review.

What Is The Quality of Spectrum That G8LED Mega 900W will deliver to the plants?

After all, your plant craves for a sunlight equivalent light. Isn’t it? Yeah, it is.

So, as we all know sunlight is the composition of multiple colour factors and lighting elements like UV and IR. It comprises more than 12 bands in its spectrum.

Though by experience and research dormgrow have identified those few bands which don’t get penetrated by plants and plants don’t like those bands much.

So, they’ve eliminated such bands from its light composition. That’s what they’ve claimed and advertised, and by asking existing users, it seems like their claims are true as almost all have agreed with it.

They’ve equipped G8LED Mega 900W with 300 LEDs of 3W each. With the help of this light emitting diodes grow panel provides your plants with 8 primary and most essential spectral bands for your cannabis plants.

It spreads a spectrum ranging from 380nm – 780nm and also includes UV and IR as well as 6000K white light on your green cannabis plants.

This grow light is suitable for all the phases of a plant’s lifecycle, but during flowering, it’s recommended to add a 90W Red booster for better growth and results.

Grow light doesn’t feature any routine veg/bloom sort of switch on it. Yeah, it’s strange, but they have got a different logic behind their design which seems to be genuine.

Why Don’t G8LED Mega 900W feature a Veg/Bloom Switch?

An obvious question of all those who are shifting from other grow light to G8LED. Yeah, because the majority of the grow lights on the market are featuring a Veg/Bloom switch, on the other hand, G8LED don’t feature any such mechanism in its grow panels.

However, DormGrow answered this question of users in a satisfactory manner which seems more of a logical answer to us.

They’ve stated that purpose of a veg/bloom switch is to turn the Red diodes ON during blooming phase and to keep it OFF during vegetation which is not an efficient design.

As this way grow light, and some of the diodes will remain underutilised.

Moreover, results will be mediocre at the end, because less number of diodes is actively spreading light on the plants.

Pretty obvious. Isn’t it? Yeah, it’s better to use your grow light up to its full potential throughout the entire life cycle.

On the other hand, they also provide a substitute 90W bloom booster grow bulb for Flowering season.

Yeah, it’ll increase the intensity of Red spectrum which results in the improvement and high weighing flowers at the time of harvesting.

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How much area can a 900W variant of G8LED grow lights can cover effectively?

It’s an interesting question, and one should know the answer to this question no matter which grow panel he is going to purchase.

And in such case for 900W G8LED Sky is the limit.

As far as coverage area is concerned DormGrow satisfies their customers by providing the best of the segment coverage in each of their grow lights.

This G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light can cover an average grow space of 4’ X 6’ during vegetation with ease.

An exciting part of this grow light is yet to come, yeah, most of the grow light fails in providing same coverage space during flowering.

Yeah, as during blooming phase you need to keep your grow light closer to the plants for more intense light.

On the other hand, DormGrow doesn’t suggest you to do so as grow panel does its job well from the same height during blooming as well.

You need to attach a bloom booster during flowering for more better effect and intensity of red spectrum.

Yeah, instead of decreasing coverage area during flowering they preferred to keep it same which is beneficial for end users.

Here we can count it as one more reason behind it being selected as Best LED Grow Light of the Year Repeatedly by high times.
In case, you’ve a grow space lesser than 20 sq.ft then we’ll suggest you to read our reviews of top notch 600W LED Grow Lights on the Market.

How Much yield Could I Expect By Using This Grow Light By DormGrow?

It is a question that majority of cultivators are concerned with before buying an LED Grow Light.

Looking at the existing user’s experience and by talking directly with them through various communities, we’ve observed that people have noticed better yield by G8LED compared to the grow lights they’ve used in the past.

However, we could not state any specific number here as results always depend on multiple variables in the growing setup.

As far as yield and outcomes are a concern, G8LED can easily beat even some of the best cob led grow lights out there. Yeah, one which is known as state of the art technology in grow light manufacturing.

However, one thing we can be sure of is that it has recorded best in the segment yield per watt of electricity.

What About Energy Efficiency Of G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light?

Being Frank, what we thought at first glance when we come to know about this grow light was that it’d pull the hefty amount of power from the wall and will make a hole in its user’s pocket.

However, we were wrong. Yeah, we were wrong because there is not much power consumption involved in its operation.

As we told you earlier, they’ve considered each tiniest detail while designing this grow light for the end users.

G8LED MEGA 900W pulls only 540W from the wall. On the other hand, it can replace a 1400W equivalent HPS growing system in your marijuana cultivation setup.

Yeah, tests about its PAR resulted in 1540 uMol PAR value while it’s working.

Yeah, it’s a definite time to replace that old fashion power hungry systems.

How It Keeps Temperature Balance In Grow Space?

To balance temperature inside your grow space DormGrow equipped this Grow Light with multiple cooling fans and advanced and highly researched aluminium heat sink.

Cool-Temperature - G8LED Mega 900W Review

These things are enough to save your weed plants from being harm by excessive heat.

best led grow lights

Heat dissipation is one of essential factors to look for before making any decision to buy any grow light on the market.

Why Is this Grow Light Chosen as Best LED Grow Light of the Year?

best led grow lights

Now, comes the time to answer the main question.

Yeah, we’ve discussed all the things this grow light by dorm grow is capable of doing inside grow box.

The reason behind its selection as Best LED Grow Light of the Year by high times magazine is it being on the top for all the feature it provides.

Yeah, starting from build quality, coverage, energy efficiency, cooling, and yield per watt of electricity it is on the top of the list with its competitor.

However, an extra bloom booster requires a separate expense, and that makes the things a bit complicated.

It’s a premium LED grow light designed for professional and experienced cultivators who wants to hunt more in their next harvest.

In case you’re a beginner and don’t have a budget or don’t want to spend much initially on grow light then Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W is an excellent choice for you.

Now, as we’ve answered all the essential and frequently asked questions related to G8LEDs in this G8 LED Grow Light Review, let’s take a glance at advantages and disadvantages of bringing this grow light home.

Pros And Cons Of G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light – G8 LED  Grow Light Review

Here we listing all bright and dark sides of this G8LED Grow Light to get a brief idea about its capabilities.

Pros of G8LED 900W

  • A Grow Light Which Is Awarded as Best LED Grow Light of the Year multiple times by Hightimes magazine.
  • An optimal full-spectrum With UV and IR.
  • A Grow Light Built with Top Notch Materials.
  • Marvellous Coverage area.
  • Extremely low power consumption in the segment.
  • Highest yield per watt of electricity.
  • Easy Installation.
  • No Extra Ballast Required.
  • Global Voltage.
  • Top Notch Cooling with Fans and Heat Sink.
  • Longer Lifespan.
  • Best Customer Support for 2 years.

Cons of G8LED 900W

  • A Separate Bloom Booster is required.
  • Not waterproof.

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Now, let’s move forward in this G8 LED Grow Light Review and take a look at its specifications.

G8LED MEGA 900W LED Grow Light – Specifications

  • HPS Equivalence :- 1400W
  • Power Draw (Max):- 540W
  • Coverage (Veg) :- 4’ X 6’
  • Coverage (Bloom) :- 4’ X 6’
  • Input :- AC110-240V
  • Form Factor :- 21” X 14” X 3” : 22lbs

Before closing this review of G8LED Grow Lights here are few tips as a bonus to get maximum out of it.

Tips For Using G8LED MEGA 900W LED Grow Light

  • To receive the best output and higher yield hang this grow light at 16-24” from your marijuana plant canopy.
  • Always keep an eye on your cannabis plants and if needed then adjust height accordingly.
  • Don’t keep light operational for longer than 18 continuous hours. Please give it a bit rest as well.
  • For better results during vegetation holding this grow light active for 18 hours is ideal and recommended usage.
  • As far as flowering is concerned, use bloom booster for better effect along with G8LED MEGA 900W Grow Light and Give rest of at least 12 hours to both the grow lights. Yeah, providing darkness of around 12 hours to your plants will result in better quality.
  • Take care of watering your plants and keep humidity balanced as well.
  • In case any diseased or loose plant is observed take it out from grow space to save other plants.
  • Keep grow light away from dripping water as it’s not waterproof.
  • Moreover, yeah, take care of your safety as well and always wear safety gloves and safety glasses while inside grow space.

That’s all for this G8LED Grow Light Review mate. If you’re still confused whether you should opt in for G8LED grow light or not? Then, let me conclude in a few words for you.


It’s not necessary that an award winner be always going to solve your problems. However, yeah, looking at qualities this award-winning grow light offers may solve some hardcore problems or may make things easy for you.

As per the majority of current and experienced indoor cultivator’s opinion, it is one of the best option available on the market to get best and high-quality yield from your marijuana plants.

Yeah, this is concluded by looking at the spectral output, coverage area, energy efficiency and cooling mechanism. And, if you want best output in terms of these features then it’s the best option available out there.

Yeah, you may definitely buy this grow light by G8LED if you want top of the segment performance inside your grow space.

However, a separate bloom booster might be an issue for some from the budget point of view. In such cases, we’d recommend you an alternative like Grow Light By Platinum LED.

People who failed to achieve expected results in past due to Cheap LEDs out there should give it a try to get impressed by real potential that lies in this Full spectrum LED Grow Light.

Source: DormGrow

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