G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light – Pictures, Specs, and Opinions

G8LED is one of the top shelf LED grow light brands on the market. Considering the all around value offered by the G8LED 900 watt model, there are few grow lights than can truly compete.

In this review we’ll look at the features of the G8LED 900 watt, and how it compares to the competition.

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So let’s get started:

G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light:

g8led grow light

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First let’s get familiar with the company.

G8LED is a product of DormGrow. They’re a California based grow light manufacturing company. They manufacture a full product line of grow lights that range from 240 watts to 900 watts. So these lights are for both the professional as well as beginner cultivators.

One thing that truly sticks out about G8LED is they have perhaps the most satisfied customer base of any LED grow light manufacturer we’ve encountered so far. DormGrow has been in business for roughly 10 years. They’ve certainly spent some time figuring out what type of grow light people are demanding.

G8LED Mega 900w Grow Light build quality:

This 900 watt grow light weighs about 20 pounds. The dimensions are 20″x12″x3″, or 51cm x 30cm x 8cm. The light is ETL certified to UL and CSA standards.

In short, these are safety and quality standards that aim to reassure consumers that a product won’t put them in danger by catching fire, giving them an electric shock, or other hazard. You can feel safe putting  these grow lights in your grow space, and that certainly can’t be said for any Asian knockoff you may encounter.

G8LED Mega 900W Light Spectrum Quality:

The G8LED 900 watt grow light will provide your plants with full spectrum 8 band light. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – this grow light produces 8 bands compared to almost every other grow light that produces 12 bands of light.

DormGrow claims that 12 band lights are energy inefficient because plants only need 8 wavelengths of light for photosynthesis. This is what Dorm Grow had to say about their choice to produce 8 wavelengths with their grow lights:

Using less wavelengths will reduce the ability of the light to grow high quality plants. Using more than 8 wavelengths means that energy is wasted on color which are not necessary for photosynthesis.If more were better, we could make a 15-band, 20-band or all-band light. The most efficient and highest yielding ratio is the Optimal 8-Band ratio which G8LED incorporates into its Award Winning LED Grow Lights.

When you’re making a top shelf product, you don’t want to risk your reputation by providing an inferior product. I highly doubt DormGrow made this decision in vain.

They’ve equipped the G8LED Mega 900W grow light with 300 LEDs at 3W each.

It spreads a spectrum ranging from 380nm – 780nm and also includes UV and IR as well as 6000K white light on your cannabis plants.

This grow light is suitable for all phases of  a cannabis plant’s lifecycle, but during flowering, it’s recommended to add a 90W Red booster light for better growth and results.

This grow light doesn’t feature separate veg/bloom switches. They aren’t totally necessary although some growers appreciate the convenience of having them. G8LED has a different logic behind its design which seems to be genuine.

G8LED 900 watt Intensity & Coverage Area:

This is a concept you should thoroughly understand before purchasing any grow light. Your cannabis (or other fruit/veggie) plants need up to 40 moles of light per day in order to produce buds or fruit.

Typically a sunny outdoor environment will provide ~20 moles per day, but research shows there are increasing plant yields up to 40 moles.

For cannabis plants specifically, the math says you need a grow light producing 900 umols (micro moles) running 12 hours straight to provide your plants with ~39 moles. Beyond 40 moles will experience diminishing returns.

So what happens when your G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light is producing an incredible 1580 umols at 18″ hang height? You hang the light higher so the extra light intensity spreads out a bit wider. We recommend you hang this light at 24 inches.

As shown in the image above, this grow light will provide you a great coverage area for 3x3 space. G8LED actually claims 4’x6′ for veg and bloom, but we prefer to keep it a bit more on the conservative side. Say 3x3 to 4x4 depending on your preferences.

Other grow lights will claim they cover 3x3 and beyond, but the PPFD intensity is not always there. So it’s important to look at the intensity rather than the face value coverage claim.

It’s optional, but DormGrow suggests you add a bloom booster to your grow space for additional red light during flowering.

Instead of decreasing coverage area during flowering they preferred to keep it same by using a bloom booster.

It’s no wonder High Times Magazine selected this light as Best LED Grow Light of the Year.

G8LED Light Intensity Compared To Other Grow Lights:

There aren’t that many other 900 watt models around. But a quick search yielded all the information we needed. All other models we found put out less than 1000 umol at 18″ hanging height, comapred to G8LED’s 1580 umols at the same height.

Even though I compared other 900 watt lights, my quick comparison felt like comparing Natural Light beer to a premium craft beer. There is no comparison, period.

How Much Yield Can I Expect From The 900 Watt G8LED?

It’s a question a majority of cultivators are concerned with before buying an LED Grow Light. Looking at the existing users’ experience and by talking directly with them through various communities, I’ve observed that people have noticed better yield by G8LED compared to the grow lights they’ve used in the past.

I’m hesitant to say any specific numbers because there are so many variables between grow spaces. Assuming you used this light versus another similar grow light, DormGrow says the G8LED will provide the highest yield per unit of energy consumed.

Energy Efficiency:

The G8LED is certainly efficient if you’re comparing to an old MH or HPS light. As it stands the G8LED 900 watt model will pull 540 watts from your outlet.

Comparing to other 900 watt LED grow lights, the G8LED is pulling a bit more than others at first glance. But upon further inspection, we discovered other 900 watt LED grow lights are not getting the same PPFD measurements. If you take that into consideration, the G8LED is consuming a fair amount for what you’re getting in return.

Heat Dissipation and Cooling:

To balance temperature inside your grow space DormGrow equipped this Grow Light with eight internal cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink.

That’s certainly the most fans we’ve ever seen on a grow light, but a top of the line light should definitely come with peace of mind for every feature.

Rest assured you likely won’t have to worry about heat with this light. In fact, we researched what some current owners have said regarding heat. What we found were phrases like minimal and very manageable, not a problem, and very low.

This light wouldn’t have one of the most satisfied customer bases if it were a heat blower. The Advanced Platinum P900 actually comes close on PPFD, but the customer satisfaction isn’t as close from the reviews I sorted through.

 LED Grow Light of the Year:

Even though there are multiple factors with complex products like LED grow lights, I truly believe G8LED deserved the win because of customer satisfaction. After all, isn’t that every company’s ultimate goal? Keep your customers happy and provide them a reliable place to return for more in the future.

To achieve this level of satisfaction, considering all the features DormGrow had to get perfectly right, it’s truly an impressive accomplishment. G8LED grow lights are the whole picture.

G8LED grow lights have *the* highest customer ratings of all the grow lights we’ve encountered.

One old school grower of 20 years stated they were blown away after switching from HID lights. They ended up buying a few more.

In case you’re a beginner and don’t have a budget or don’t want to spend much initially on grow light then Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W is an excellent choice for you.

Now, as we’ve answered all the essential and frequently asked questions related to G8LEDs in this G8 LED Grow Light Review, let’s take a glance at advantages and disadvantages of bringing this grow light home.

Video Review:

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Pros And Cons Of G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light:


  • A Grow Light Which Is Awarded as Best LED Grow Light of the Year multiple times by High Times Magazine.
  • An optimal full-spectrum With UV and IR.
  • A Grow Light Built with Top Notch Materials.
  • Marvelous Coverage area.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Highest yield per watt of electricity.
  • Easy Installation.
  • No Extra Ballast Required.
  • Global Voltage.
  • Top Notch Cooling with Fans and Heat Sink.
  • Longer Lifespan.
  • Best Customer Support for 2 years.


  • A separate bloom booster is recommended but not required.
  • Not waterproof.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the G8LED Grow Light


  • HPS Equivalence: 1100W
  • Power Draw (Max): 540W
  • Coverage (Veg): 4’ X 6’
  • Coverage (Bloom): 4’ X 6’
  • Input: AC110-240V
  • Dimensions: 21” X 14” X 3” : 22lbs

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Tips For Using G8LED MEGA 900W LED Grow Light

  • To receive the best output and higher yield hang this grow light at 18-24” from your marijuana plant canopy.
  • Always keep an eye on your cannabis plants, and if needed adjust hanging height accordingly.
  • Don’t keep light operational for longer than 18 continuous hours. Please give it a bit rest as well. Read my article why.
  • For better results during vegetation, using this grow light for 18 hours is ideal.
  • For flowering, use DormGrow’s Bloom Booster in addition to your G8LED MEGA 900W for better flowering.
  • Rest both lights for 12 hours during flowering.
  • Take care of watering your plants and keep humidity balanced as well.
  • In case any diseased or loose plant is observed, remove it from your grow space to save other plants.
  • Keep grow light away from dripping water as it’s not waterproof.
  • Take care of your safety as well and always wear safety gloves and safety glasses while inside grow space.

Final Thoughts:

Looking at qualities this award-winning grow light may solve some hardcore problems or may make things easy for you.

As per the majority of current and experienced indoor cultivator’s opinions, it is one of the best options available on the market to get the best high-quality yield from your marijuana plants.

This is concluded by looking at the spectral output, coverage area, energy efficiency and cooling mechanism. And, if you want best output in terms of these features then there is no comparison to the G8LED.

If you’ve decided this grow light is simply outside your budget, feel free to look at some other quality grow lights reviewed by us. You’ll definitely be able to find a decent one for your budget.


Is the G8LED a good grow light?

The G8LED line of grow lights are high intensity grow lights capable of growing cannabis.

How do G8LED grow lights compare to other grow lights?

G8LED is more expensive than other grow lights because they’re high performance grow lights.

Do G8LED grow lights get hot?

All grow lights emit some heat. The G8LED grow lights have cooling fans built in to help keep temperatures at acceptable levels.


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