Bloomspect BS600 600W LED Grow Light Review – A Non-Biased Opinion

Bloomspect BS600 600W LED Grow Light Review – A Non-Biased Opinion
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Won’t you agree? If I say, “outcomes from the indoor plants entirely depend on the quality of light you provide.”

Yeah, And that’s the reason we’ve decided to provide Bloomspect 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review and detailed report.

Also, we believe that each product has some dark sides as well and it is essential to think of it. Yeah, because sometimes by neglecting dark sides of an LED one may spoil his all efforts and hard work at a go.

So, in this review, we’ll first explore all the features provided by Bloomspect 600 Watt Panel, and then we’ll think on its specification details and in the box elements.

Don’t worry! We’ll provide you with its advantages and disadvantages in brief as well.

So let’s begin this review then.

Bloomspect 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – A Detailed Review

Let’s start with features that could help us in determining its worth and in our decision-making process.

Features of Bloomspect 600W LED

We’ll start with body build & design.

Build & Design of Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light

From look and feel point of view, we must say it is an elegant piece of beautification.

However, Beauty of design doesn’t matter because its contribution to the importance of an LED grow light is about to zero.

Yeah, it is the build that contributes towards durability and performance. Also, Bloomspect 600W AKA BS600 is built using reliable and decent materials.

Build And Design of Bloomspect 600W Fullspectrum LED Grow Light Review

Yeah, its build could let BS600 stand inside your grow space for around 100000 hours.

Moreover, it features a 15.8” X 11.2” X 2.8” of dimensions with a weight of 10.6 lbs. Yeah, sturdy, durable and stable.

Moreover, Grow light features two separate mode switches for comfort. However, these switches are not dimmable, and you can turn ON/OFF the red and blue lights using it.

Also, a daisy chaining port is there to help you when you decide to enlarge your grow area and bring new light.

Spectrum of BS600

Our plants crave for real light, and it’s the only responsible factor for their perfect growth and survival.

However, it’s also one of the most significant challenges while growing indoors. Yeah, it is not possible to bring sun to our house, and that’s why we try to replace sunlight using artificial grow lights.

So, moral is an ideally suitable light must possess all the bands that are available in the real sunlight.

Moreover, in our case, Bloomspect has done a fabulous job we must say. Yeah, Bloomspect BS600 LED Grow Lights delivers a complete full spectrum of 12 bands.

Yeah, with the help of 120 LEDs of 5W and different color in each it becomes possible to mimic the real sunlight at its best.

Spectrum of BS600 600W LED Review

Also, the ratio of Blue:Red is well balanced and settled according to various conditions and phases our plants go through during its lifecycle.

Moreover, if you’re concerned about shade, then it spreads pink shade inside the grow space. So yeah, better flowers and resin for heavy yields is yet another advantage from its brightness.

Intensity and PAR Results of Bloomspect BS600

You might have noticed many brands mentioning coverage capability that is hard to believe.

Yeah, it’s not illumination that matters, but it’s the intensity of light that needs to be a concern.

If you hang a grow light at 5 ft high then even it can illuminate more than 10’X10’ of space. However, in that case, the quality of light will compromise, and that will not be beneficial for your plants.

Well, to determine the quality of light there is a standard or measure that gives you a brief idea about beneficial footprint from grow panel.

Yeah, it’s PAR or PPFD that tells for how much area a light could spread beneficial and elemental light.

Well in the case of Bloomspect’s BS600 600W model, it provides 811 uMol from 22” height and 1240 uMol from the height of 18”.

PAR Results for Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review

Yeah, it were true and verified in our survey.

Moreover, we must admit it here in this Bloomspect 600W LED Review, that with this results it becomes capable of competing for even some of the top-notch brands.

Also, this level of intensity with provides more penetration over your plants and better absorption rates that will bring happiness concerning yield.

Moreover, you might have noticed; we never mention HPS replacement as a feature because we believe that it is complete crap and used to trap the consumers by showing more prominent figures.

Size of Area covered by Bloomspect 600W LED

As we mentioned in our previous point, real coverage determination is only possible when you’ve precise figures and results of PAR Test.

Well, you’ve already seen the PAR element, and we think you might also have a rough idea about its coverage capability.

Yeah, during Vegetation BS600 will cover a massive area of 4’ X 4’. On the other hand, in the blooming phase it needs to be as much closer as possible to the plants, and hence it decreases to 3’ X 3’ of space.

Inside Grow Tent - Bloomspect LED Review

Our coverage determination is from two different heights which is 24” during vegetation and 18” during bloom.

Also, for better results, we recommend turning both (Veg & Bloom) switches to ON.

Moreover, if you’re already impressed by this grow light’s PAR results but having difficulties in choosing it due to large coverage plans, then you have two options.

Yeah, one is to utilize the daisy chain port and order 2 pcs which will cover around 8’ X 8’ of grow space at max.

Moreover, the Second option is to choose a bigger variant from the same manufacturer.

Power consumption by Bloomspect 600 Watt LED Grow Light

We conducted a survey seeking a mistake that people made while deciding to buy an LED grow light.

Well, our motive was to identify the majority of mistakes made by people and to stop others from repeating the same.

Also, think what! Almost everyone that’ve bought an LED made a same mistake of neglecting power consumption factor.

Also, many are regretting for the same.

Well, we don’t want you to repeat the same. Because, repetition of this mistake will cost you few bucks for all the time you grow with an LED.

Yeah, consider power consumption as the major consideration factor.

As far as Bloomspect BS600 600W LED Grow Light is concerned, it will require 268W of electricity for best results and perfect performance. Yeah, that’s what makes it one of the Top-Notch 600W LED Grow Light.

Yeah, it’s optimum compared to the majority of grow light available in this price segment.

Still, if you have any other option which is better or equal to BS600 regarding performance and requires less power, then we’ll recommend going for it.

Also, verification of power draw is recommended if you’re going for other LED, however in the case of BS600, our team has verified above-mentioned figures.

Grow Light From Environment’s perspective

Well balanced temperature and stable atmosphere in an indoor growing space play major role in better plant growth. Yeah, not directly but indirectly.

So, more stable and balanced the temperature, better the outcomes.

Also, there are several practices to do it like using an inline fan or humidifier in grow tent.

However, while designing an LED, almost all brands keep this factor in their mind and utilize an aluminum heat sink and some cooling fans on the panel.

So, that even after several hours of working light stay cool and fresh.

Well, Bloomspect as well comes with 2 massively powerful cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink which is designed by highly qualified engineers.

Yeah, even after 24 hours of working it will stay normal and will not disturb the things inside grow space. Also, it has been reported by our readers who’re using it inside their grow space.

So yeah, it’s not a random prediction but it is a verified fact concluded by our survey team.

Warranty, Damage control, and Aftersales

Bloomspect offers one-year complete warranty to their customers.

Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Product - Review

Yeah, we agree it is way too less time compared to other brands. However, a thing which grabbed our attention and justified this period is its low damage rates.

Yeah, damage or failure rates are near to 0 in the BS600 LED.

We selected 15 people in our survey and ensured that each one should be using BS600 at least for 1 year.

Yeah, we aimed to come to a well-justified conclusion. Moreover, just one person reported that his fans were acting weird and he needed to contact support to convey his issue regarding the same.

Also, his issue was solved in merely 15 days and manufacturer provided parts to the person so that he could replace it.

Above all, the brand also provides 30 days money back policy so in case you feel any issue you’re free to raise a refund claim and they’ll provide money back without any question.

So, folks, that’s all we wanted to convey to you with the help of this Bloomspect BS600 LED Grow Light review.

Also, here’s a quick representation of benefits and drawbacks of using BS600 LED from Bloomspect. Have a look for better decision making.

Pros and Cons – Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review

  • Competitive price.
  • High-quality spectrum.
  • The inclusion of IR in its color range.
  • Two separate mode switches. (Not Dimmable)
  • Daisy chain for future expansion.
  • Massive coverage suitability.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High qualified research & Development team in its making.
  • Tested by real life indoor growers.
  • Well balanced temperature and inside atmosphere.
  • Warranty period is less compared to others.
  • Dimmers would offer extensive control over brightness as well.
  • Not waterproof.

Now, as you’re familiar with its dark and bright sides, we’d like to showcase some of the opinions obtained by real-life growers who’re using it for various purposes inside their grow space.

User Stories

Mark from California

Question :- Since When you’re using BS600? What would you say about its spectrum?

Mark’s Answer :-

I’m using it for the last 14 months. I’m not a technical person and don’t know much about spectrum and bands. However, all I can say is effect of light created by bloomspect 600W LED Grow light is more dense and intense compared to my old LED grow light. Also, I’ve noticed better outcomes since I’m using it. Yeah, regarding plant heath as well as in flower quality. Being Frank, in my opinion it is one of the best led grow light under 200.

Iliana from Nevada

Question :- Are you happy and satisfied with Bloomspect BS600? What’s the main reason if yes?

Iliana’s Answer :-

Yeah obviously, I’m. Well, reason for my satisfaction is the reason I migrated to LEDs. Yeah, its more stable and cool compared to HPS lightings. Also, It provides fabulous footprint for my plants in a massive area of 4’X4’.

Joe from Nevada

Question :- What are the factors that disappointed you after using it?

Joe’s answer :-

Warranty! Yeah, before making my final call I’ve another option with same capabilities and better warranty terms. So I was a bit confused in its selection. However, I decided to give it a go and to use it since last 16 months. No issues have been faced as of now.

Well, that’s just a glimpse over some of the answers obtained by users in our survey, if you’ve still any question or confusion, then you’re free to drop it in our comments section, and we’ll try to help you with it.

Now, let’s take a look at the things that you’ll be getting inside the box.

In the Box Elements

  • 1 * Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light
  • * Hanging Kit
  • 1 * 6ft Power Cord
  • 1 * User Manual

Our Verdict

As you can see, in this Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review, our prime concerns were those factors which plays an elemental role in our plant’s growth and sustainability.

Also, we aim to hunt for those products only which don’t compromise on any factor that could spoil one’s hard work.

So yeah, we’ll recommend bloomspect BS600 LED to all those who want to enlighten their grow space with a full spectrum and high-quality intense light.

However, nondimmable mode switches are provided in this LED, but if you’re free with a budget then you can add some more bucks and check out Viparspectra Dimmable Series PAR700 LED Grow Light as well.

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