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Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light Review – Detailed Overview

If I said “The health of your indoor plants entirely depends on the quality of light you provide,” would you agree?

Of course! That’s the reason I’ve decided to provide a detailed Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light Review. The Bloomspect 1500w LED grow light is ideal for a 2×2 foot grow space. It’s an inexpensive option but definitely has some other competition you should consider.

So in this review we’ll first explore all the features provided by Bloomspect 1500w grow light, and then I’ll review the specs and competition.

So let’s begin:


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Build & Design :

From look and feel point of view, I must say it’s an elegant piece of hardware.

However beauty doesn’t matter because its contribution to the effectiveness of an LED grow light is about zero.

The build and LED quality make up the durability and performance. With that said, the Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light is built using reliable and decent materials.

The build allows the Bloomspect to stay inside your grow space for around 100,000 hours.

Moreover, it features a 15.7″ x 9.4″ x2.7″ dimensions with a weight of 10 lbs. It’s quite light weight for a well built product.

The Bloomspect 1500w LED grow light features two separate mode switches for comfort. However, these switches are not dimmable. The switches allow you to turn ON/OFF the red (bloom) and blue (veg) lights using it.

Also, a daisy chaining port is there to help you when you decide to enlarge your grow area and bring new light.

Light Spectrum:

Our plants crave for real light, and it’s the only responsible factor for their perfect growth and survival.

However, it’s also one of the most significant challenges while growing indoors. It’s not possible to bring sun to our house, and that’s why we try to replace sunlight using LED light spectrum.

But it’s more of an art than a science. Place your lights too close or too far and your cannabis yield could be affected. A light that doesn’t cool well might annoy your plants.

In summary a good light is an  must possess all the bands that are available in the real sunlight, as well as having good placement and cooling.

Bloomspect has done a fabulous job in this sense. The Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light delivers a complete full spectrum of 12 bands.

With the help of 150 x 10 watt LEDs and different switches for different growth phases, this light will help you grow your plants from seed to harvest.

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The ratio of Blue:Red is well balanced for all phases of the plant growth cycle.

Light Intensity (PPFD) of the Bloomspect 1500w

You might have noticed many brands mentioning coverage capability that is hard to believe.

It’s not illumination that matters, but it’s the intensity of light that needs to be a concern.

If you hang a bad grow light at 5 ft high then even it can illuminate more than 10’X10’ of space. However, in that case, the intensity of light will be quite weak, and that will not be beneficial for your plants

Read more about grow light hang height here.

To determine the quality of light there is a standard or measure that gives you a brief idea the light intensity from the grow panel.

It’s called photosynthetic photon flux density, or PPFD. It tells us the intensity of absorbable light photons once they finally hit a surface. You’ll want between 460 and 925 PPFD values to maximize yield for your plants.

In the case of the Bloomspect 1500w grow light, it provides 865 uMol from 18” hanging height, which is right where you need to be in terms of intensity that results in high yields.

Read more about proper light intensity here.

What other grow lights should you consider instead of the Bloomspect 1500w?

I also like the Mars Hydro TS-1000 and the Spider Farmer SF-1000. Both are more modern in terms of light quality and intensity, and also slightly more expensive.

You can also consider a DIY kit which might offer more bang for your buck.

 Coverage Area:

As I mentioned in my previous point, real coverage determination is only possible when you have precise figures and results of a PPFD Test.

Luckily, most light manufacturers run these tests during the design phase and provide you with accurate measurements in the product description.

During Vegetation the Bloomspect 1500w will cover a decent area of 2’x2′. During flowering it’ll be a bit smaller at 1.5’x1.5′.

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The coverage determination is from two different heights which is 24” during vegetation and 18” during bloom.

During vegetative growth you should only use the veg switch. During flowering you should turn on both switches.

Moreover, if you’re already impressed by this grow light’s PPFD values but having difficulties in choosing it due to large coverage plans, I’d advise considering multiple units, or maybe even a more powerful light.

This is an entry level grow light with a modest coverage area, so it’s good to keep things in context. At the moment I think the best value grow light with a larger coverage and high intensity light is the new Mars Hydro TS 3000.

Power consumption:

A majority of new buyers make the same mistake when browsing grow lights. They totally ignore power consumption. They go with a cheap LED grow light up front that ends up costing them on electric month after month.

As far as the Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light is concerned, it will require 260 watts of electricity at full power.

Consider total power consumption as a major consideration factor, especially if you’re using multiple lights. Mix and match your lights to your exact needs.

Don’t even consider grow lights that aren’t LED. You can view all the Best LED grow light options on my home page.

Heat Dissipation and Cooling Capability:

Well balanced temperature and stable atmosphere in an indoor growing space play major role in better plant growth. Not directly, but indirectly.

The more stable and balanced the temperature, the better the outcomes.

Also, there are several practices to optimize your grow environment, like using an inline fan or humidifier in grow tent.

However while designing an LED almost all brands keep this factor in their mind and utilize an aluminum heat sink and some cooling fans on the panel.

So even after several hours of working your light stays cool and fresh.

Well, Bloomspect as well comes with 2 massively powerful cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink which is designed by highly qualified engineers.

Yeah, even after 24 hours of working it will stay normal and will not disturb the things inside grow space. Also, it has been reported by our readers who’re using it inside their grow space. Although I don’t recommend using a grow light for 24 hours straight.

Warranty and Customer Service:

Bloomspect offers one-year complete warranty to their customers.

It’s a shorter warranty time compared to other brands, but if you won’t need to use it, what will it matter? However, a thing which grabbed our attention and justified this period is its low damage rates.

However, almost 9 out of 10 reviewers rated the product highly, and you can see for yourself here.

I highly doubt that’s indicative of a product that has frequent maintenance issues. For the price of the Bloomspect 1500w grow light you simply can’t go wrong.

Above all, the brand also provides 30 days money back policy so in case you feel any issue you’re free to raise a refund claim and they’ll provide money back without any question.

So, folks, that’s all I wanted to convey to you with the help of this Bloomspect 1500w LED Grow Light review.

Also, here’s a quick representation of benefits and drawbacks of using the 1500w LED from Bloomspect. Have a look for better decision making.

Pros and Cons


  • Competitive price.
  • High-quality spectrum.
  • The inclusion of IR in its spectrum range.
  • Two separate mode switches. (Not Dimmable)
  • Daisy chain for future expansion.
  • Massive coverage suitability.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High qualified research & Development team in its making.
  • Tested by real life indoor growers.
  • Well balanced temperature and inside atmosphere.


  • Warranty period is less compared to others.
  • Dimmers would offer extensive control over brightness as well.
  • Not waterproof.

Now, as you’re familiar with its dark and bright sides, we’d like to showcase some of the opinions obtained by real-life growers who’re using it for various purposes inside their grow space.

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In Box Components:

  • 1 * Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light
  • 1 * Hanging Kit
  • 1 * 6ft Power Cord
  • 1 * User Manual

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, in this Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light Review, our prime concerns were those factors which plays an elemental role in our plant’s growth and sustainability.

Also, we aim to hunt for those products only which don’t compromise on any factor that could spoil one’s hard work.

So yeah, I’d recommend the Bloomspect 1500W LED Grow Light to all those who want to enlighten their grow space with a full spectrum and high-quality intense light.


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