Bestva 1200W LED Grow Light Review (2021 Updated)

Looking for an affordable replacement to your old-fashioned HPS grow light system? Then this Bestva 1200W LED grow light review is the answer you’re looking for. I discuss how you can replace your 600W HPS grow light system with this Bestva Samsum 1200 watt LED grow light.

I’ll cover all the essential factors you need to know when buying an LED grow light, and hopefully this Bestva Samsum 1200 watt grow light is right for you. In your search you may also want to consider the new Bestva CE Series, the Bestva 2000, or even the Bestva 3000 model.

What are the essential factors you need to know when buying a grow light? I intend to discuss LED type, PPFD reading, grow space coverage, power usage, and warranty as they relate to the Bestva 1000 watt LED grow light. 

So, let’s get started:

Bestva Samsum 1200W LED grow light

best led grow lights

A product can only be a success if its manufacturer is committed to providing quality and value to its end users.

Before getting familiar with the Bestva 1200W LED Grow Light, we’ll get familiar with the brand that manufactures this grow light for indoor gardeners and cultivators.

Bestva – A Few Words About The Manufacturer:

Shenzhen King Lighting Co. is the parent company and manufacturer of the brand called Bestva.

They’re leading grow light and lighting fixture manufacturers. They have a huge manufacturing facility in the Shenzhen, China.

Don’t let a China based brand concern you. All the Bestva lights have hundreds of near perfect reviews on Amazon. People are really happy with these grow lights. In addition, they have a production process control team with real time monitoring, and the lights receive extensive testing before shipping out.

Bestva has established their identity by supplying high-quality products like double chip LEDs also known as DC series, Elite series, and Smart Series grow light for indoor gardeners and marijuana cultivators.

This brand is providing grow lights and lighting fixtures to the all level of cultivators. Moreover, they’re satisfying the hearts of their users since 2011 and it’s 2020 already so you can imagine level of expertise in their products.

They have highly experienced staff, and they’ve been providing thoroughly tested products for past 8 years.

Let’s move forward with other features of this Bestva DC Series 1200W LED Grow light.

Build – Is It Strong Enough to Last?

It’s strong enough to last 100,000 hours. That’s double the expected life of many other LED grow lights on the market. A Bestva 1200w user can expect a decent uptime and quality light for 5-7 years.

Starting from the outer body of the grow light to inner boards and chips are manufactured using reliable and high-quality materials. The Bestva Samsum 1200w utilizes dual-chip 10w LEDs, which are brighter and more efficient that 3w and 5w LEDs used on many other LED grow lights.

The Bestva Samsum 1200 Watt grow light measures in at 12.2″ x 8.26″ x 2.36”, and it weighs around 7 pounds.

Growing plants is just as much of an art as a science, so it’s up to you to find out what works best. If you have a larger grow space you may want to consider purchasing the right number of lights based on their respective coverage area, or even move up to the Bestva 2000 watt model.

The Bestva DC 1200W is not a waterproof grow light, and you’ll have to keep it away from dripping water. They do make waterproof LED grow lights but they’re hard to find with high levels of wattage.

Spectrum – Is it Suitable for My Cannabis Plants?

The Bestva DC 1200W LED Grow light is equipped with 120 LEDs at 10 watts each. These dual chips LEDs generate more intense light than single chip LEDs.

best led grow lights

This dual chip diode also helps in reducing excessive power consumption. Even though they’re 10 watts, they’re actually more efficient due to their increased brightness.

This double chip LED grow light by Bestva spreads a perfectly balanced full spectrum light over your plant canopy.

I’ve reviewed a bunch of Amazon LED grow lights and I have to say, Bestva’s spectrum really nails it on the head. You get a high amount of blue and a high amount of red.

It’s perfect to carry you through all phases of plant growth. Some grow light spectrums are imbalanced so you need to be careful, but that’s certainly not the case here.

Just as important, this light emits ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths which have been proven to increase trichomes and THC¹. It also emits infrared (IR) wavelengths which are known to speed up the flowering process, increase light penetration, and improve flower density.

 bestva plant

Spectrum composition of the Bestva DC 1200W LED grow light consists of color band ranges from 380nm-780nm. This full spectrum includes warm and cool white spectrum of 3500K and 7000K respectively.

LEDs are set to 120 degrees which will spread light evenly on your grow space and will avoid any harm that has been noticed while using direct angle LEDs.

Moreover, this focusing angle also increases the light penetration rate of your marijuana plants, resulting into improvised health and greener leaf and happy plants.

The incredibly intense and bright light from this Bestva is capable of improving health and growth of your cannabis plants. Well-balanced ratio of blue and red LEDs help to improve the process of photosynthesis which results in more energy and essential sugars to your plants.

When it comes to spectrum you can compare the Bestva 1200w to any affordable COB LED grow light on the market. It’ll amaze you with its capability.

Quality of light generated by this Bestva 1200W LED can be used uniformly for all the phases of your marijuana plants lifecycle.

Energy Efficiency & PPFD values:

No. It’s not a power-hungry grow light. Despite being labeled “1200 watts,” that’s the LED wattage, not the power consumption. Your Bestva will only draw 240 watts from your outlet.

Instead, the Bestva DC 1200W helps you save a lot while growing marijuana indoors.

The PPFD ratings are impressive considering the 240 watt power draw. This grow light can deliver 645 uMol from the height of 18”. What does that mean for you? This is enough light to carry your plants to maturity.

Need a stronger light?

If you want a stronger light, you can get the Reflector version for slightly more. This version uses reflector lenses that increase the light intensity to ~1600 uMol at 18 inches, which is quite strong.

Even at this low power consumption, you can replace a power hungry and an average HPS system of 600W with ease.

Coverage Area:

An essential factor of the Bestva 1200 Watt LED grow light or any grow light is coverage area. You’ll be able to get a solid 2×2 coverage area from the 1200 watt model. One reviewer is using three of these in a 5×5 grow tent and reports great results, so that seems to be an accurate estimate.

As far as the coverage area of Bestva 1200W grow light is concerned, it can cover an average of 2’x2′ feet of grow space from the height of 18” with ease. If you put this light in a grow tent, the PPFD readings and coverage area may increase a bit due to light reflection.


best led grow lights

If you have a larger grow space, you can always check out the higher output Bestva 2000 watt model that covers a  4’x4′ grow tent.

Cooling Fans:

As far as temperature management is concerned, Bestva designed this grow panel in a very scientific way.

The Bestva 1200w LED grow light features two powerful fans as well as holes on the aluminum panel and the glass to help heat escape. Bestva claims this light runs 50~60℉ lower than other lights of comparable power. Pretty impressive.

In short the Bestva 1200W Grow light itself runs very cool and doesn’t produce much heat, ensuring a well-balanced atmosphere for your growing plants.

best led grow lights

In reading through comments of current owners, many of them specifically mentioned the Bestva 1200 watt grow lights are producing little to no heat in their grow space. One person jokingly mentioned his issue is now getting the temperature UP instead of keeping it down.

These highly satisfied customer base makes it one of the best budget friendly LED grow lights on the market.

The manufacturer has stated working temperature from 68 to 104 degree Fahrenheit which is bearable from a grow light in this price segment.

Bestva Customer Support:

Your Bestva 1200w LED grow light won’t just be an investment for the short-term, you’ll be spending your money on getting results for the long term. Bestva provides a 3 year customer warranty along with a 30-day satisfaction or refund policy to ensure their customer a safe investment.

As with any equipment, there could be a rare occasional problem with the product. In reading through customer reviews, we found one who experienced an issue with their grow light and wrote about it.

I was happy to see Bestva proactively reached out to this person and helped resolve their issue, resulting in a perfect rating. They’re providing customers service that makes you feel valued. What could be a more satisfying feeling as a customer?

As for those current owners who’re satisfied, there are hundreds of positive reviews for these lights. Statistically it tells you that there’s a high probability you’ll also be satisfied after purchasing.

In this Bestva 1200W Double chips LED Grow Light Review we’d like to give you a piece of advice, “A wise decision is one where long-term reliability is taken care of.”

Now, take a look at specifications of the Bestva 1000 watt full spectrum LED grow light.



Bestva Samsum 1200 Watt
Double Chips [A.K.A DC Series]
12.2″ x 8.26″ x 2.36″
100,000 Hours
Waltage Of LEDs:
No Of LEDs:
120 Bridgelux
PPFD Value:
1220 ppfd @ 24 in
Spectral Ability:
Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV
Focal Point:
120 Degree
Avg Power Draw:
Uniform Coverage:  
2′ x 2’ @ 18 inches
Working Temp:
Voltage Range:
AC85V – 265V
Heat Dissipation:
Advanced Heat Sink + High End Cooling Fans

Pros And Cons:


  • An Affordable Grow Light.
  • Dual Chip Technology.
  • A Complete Full spectrum Effect.
  • Highly Energy Efficient.
  • Can be controlled using the timer.
  • Best in the segment coverage area.
  • A well-balanced ratio of Red and Blue light.
  • Fabulous replacement for 600w HPS system.
  • Uniformly suitable for all phases of Marijuana plants.
  • Capable of keeping the well-balanced temperature inside grow space.
  • Tremendous customer support.


  • Not waterproof.
  • It’s not daisy chainable.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Bestva Samsum 1200W LED on

Now, as we’ve seen all the important aspects of this fantastic full spectrum grow light, it’s time to conclude this Bestva 1200W Dual Chip LED Grow Light Review here.

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What You’ll Get In The Box?

  • 1 X Bestva DC Series 1200W LED Grow Light
  • 1 X Safety Glasses
  • 1 X Hanging Kit Includes Strings and Hooks
  • 1 X 6ft. Power Cord
  • 1 X Warranty Card/Manual

Final Verdict – Bestva DC Series 1200 Watt

If you’re looking for a perfect yet affordable replacement for your power hungry and old-fashioned HPS system, then Bestva 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is the best bet for you.

This grow light is capable of providing the quality light to your cannabis plants. Also, a footprint that can be obtained using this grow light by Bestva is impressive.

It is providing best in the segment coverage to your marijuana plants as far as price is concerned.

To save continuous expense on electricity and to get as much as possible in return you may surely go for this grow light.

I’d recommend Bestva DC 1200W grow light to those who want to start indoor marijuana cultivation with a grow space of around 2’x2′.

Also, to those who don’t want to make a hole in their pocket by buying premium grow lights available on the market like G8LED or Platinum LED Grow Light.


Does Bestva make good grow lights?

Bestva makes full spectrum LED grow lights at a low cost.

Do Bestva grow lights get hot?

All grow lights emit some heat. Bestva grow lights have cooling fans to keep temperatures at manageable levels. In general, LED grow lights operate at reasonable temperatures.

How do Bestva grow lights compare to other LED grow lights?

Bestva grow lights compete well with other LED grow lights in terms of price and spectrum. The closest competitor would be the Mars Hydro TS series which is also a good grow light.

How many Bestva 1200w grow lights do I need in a 4×4 grow tent?

Two to three of these in a 4×4 foot grow tent would be sufficient.


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