Best COB LED Grow Lights – Full 2019 Review

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Best COB LED Grow Lights – Full 2019 Review
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We all know that since the last few years, indoor cultivation is getting advanced day by day and people are opting for some of the best COB LED Grow lights for their indoor gardening.

It won’t be wrong if I say that one has to upgrade in their cultivation methodology along with every day updating technology.

Yeah, gone are the days when people used to utilise fluorescents for indoor cultivation.

So here at 420 Expert Guide, we’re going to review some of the best COB LED Grow Light that could create wonder in your gardening space.

It would be great if you’re familiar with all the aspects and must to consider factors regarding COB Grow lights.

It’s latest updated version for choices to make in 2019 that could help you well in getting better results.

Yeah, so we thought to put some light on this aspect and to help our readers in making a perfect decision.


Buyer’s Guide For COB LED Grow Light

Please take a look at our buyer’s guide.

The Term COB LED

To understand the working mechanism, it’s important to know the exact meaning of COB concerning LED Grow lights.

There is a proverb “Unity is Strength”. Yeah, that’s something relatable to the aspect of COB as well.

It’s combining multiple Light emitting diodes in a single chip to utilise its power to the full potential.

In more generic and theatrical explanation according to sources it can be defined as a “technique of electronic packaging where multiple chips will be bonded together on a single substrate surface to produce intense light.”

Advantages of COB LED Grow Lights

COBs are known for its powerpack performance and have many bright sides as well. However, some of them are must to know for a person who is planning to purchase it for indoor marijuana cultivation.

Let’s explore such benefits of a COB LED Light.

  1. It provides much denser and intense light compared to other standard LED Grow lights. Yeah, it is due to the packaging of multiple LEDs on a single large-sized chip.
  2. As the source of light will be centralised in COB technology, it will generate lesser heat compared to traditional light sources.
  3. Lower electricity consumption is one of the great benefits from COB lights since it operates on a single diode which will be combined with multiple diodes.
  4. Much more modular design for the panel is possible in COB grow lights.
  5. COBs are more reliable as far as lifespan is concerned. Yeah, this sort of light lasts longer compared to other lights.
  6. COBs are capable of spreading light which can be easily absorbed by plants. Yeah, it boosts light penetration rate.
  7. Less light loss is one of the great thing about COB LED Grow Lights. Yeah, provide your plants with a quality light that is usable up to the maximum extent.

Drawbacks of COB LED Grow Lights.

  1. Though there are not many drawbacks in this state-of-the-art technology, it is available with a comparatively limited variety of colours in the spectrum. However, some of the most important colours such as blue, red and green are included in some of the Best COB LED Grow Lights on the market.

How COBs are great for Indoor Marijuana Cultivation?

As we always stat in our buyer’s guide regarding indoor weed cultivation that many vital elements for your plants includes light quality with essential bands, a well-balanced environment in grow space, regular watering, and fertilisers for nutritional benefits.

Most essential out of all is an excellent quality of light. Also, that’s what you can expect from a COB LED Grow Panel. Yeah, regarding spectrum this LEDs works at its best as most of the brands succeeded in generating a full spectrum light for plants using this kind of LED grow lights.

This light is not just marvellous as it is capable of providing the full-spectrum effect, but it is marvellous because light spread by this LEDs is penetrated easily by your cannabis plants. Moreover, about zero light wastage is another great thing from your marijuana plant’s growth point of view.

It is a definite magic thing for your marijuana plants. In 95% of the cases best possible health and growth of the plants has been observed while using COB LED Grow Lights.

Factors to Consider While Buying a COB LED Grow Light

In this era of a competitive market, many manufacturers are claiming that their products are capable of creating wonder in your grow space. However, very few are right on their claim, and you shouldn’t spend your money in vain by trusting such fake claims.

Here, we’re listing some of the vital factors to consider while buying a COB LED.

  • Stay away from fake brands and claims.
  • Look for real quality and capability of a panel
  • Don’t compromise on quality due to budget. There are budget-friendly options available for you which can provide real light. However, you might have to compromise on coverage area or other expectations but go for one which can provide real quality
  • Consider actual power draw as a primary concern instead HPS replacement. Yeah, those replacement figures are useless.
  • Hunt for the best COB LED regarding the build.
  • If you’re paying high expect some premium features such as waterproof build, built-in timer, wi-fi controller etc.

To help you with selecting the best and avoiding fake claims our team sorted around 10 top rated Real COB LED Grow lights for your marijuana cultivation. Yeah, these are the LEDs you can rely on.

Hope you’ve got all the points listed above.

Now, it’s time to go for some of the Best COB LED Grow Lights Reviews.

Review of Best COB LED Grow Lights on the Market

Here we have reviewed top 10 Chip On The Board LED Grow Lights for you. Take a look.

Growstar 150W UFO COB LED– Grow Light For Beginners

best led grow lights

Compact in size yet works like a beast inside your growing box. Yeah, the very first light that we’re going to review is from Growstar. You might have heard its name as it’s quite famous for performance and quality light.

Growstar 150W COB LED grow lights features a UFO style of lighting and comes in circular body shape.

This COB variant of Growstar is an upgraded version of their traditional LED Grow Light.

Yeah, to provide their customers with heart satisfying performance and high quality spreading lighting solution they’ve integrated a CREE COB chip which is featured in the centre of the light panel.

Apart from a single centralised 30W CREE COB they equipped several standard 3W bridgelux/epistrar chips.

If we look at Growstar COB LED grow light from spectral abilities perspective, then it is capable of generating a full spectrum effect for your marijuana plants.

To be specific it provides lights with bands ranging between 380nm and 760nm, and it also includes UV and IR for boosting the potential of growth and more sustained life of your cannabis plants.

For people curious to know coverage ability of Growstar UFO COB LED grow light, you’ll be glad to see that it can provide uniform coverage of 2’ X 2’ from the recommended height of 24”.

Growstar COB LED also helps you in saving your money in the regular basis by utilising mere 62W from the wall for its functioning.

You’ll notice a high speed and fabulously silent cooling fan on its backside. Yeah, it helps in keeping surrounding fresh and cool for your growing plants.

In a rare occasion, failure will occur, and in such cases, Growstar is always there to back you up with their high-quality customer service. Yeah, they offer a 30 days money back guaranty for non-satisfying users and 2 years of warranty period.

It’s one of the best cheap LED suitable for indoor marijuana cultivation in COB technology.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Growstar 150W on

Pros and Cons of Growstar 150W COB LED Grow Light

  • Fair Price for people with tight budget
  • Centralized placement of CREED COB for focused light
  • Intense and brighter light
  • Full spectrum output including UV and IR
  • Effective coverage
  • Energy afficient as consumes less power
  • Quiete and cool operation
  • Cultivator oriented support and service
  • Not daisy chainable
  • Light is made for budget bound people and lacks some feature such as controllers.

Specification Details of Growstar 150W COB LED Grow Light

  • Dimensions : φ6.9” x 2.4”
  • Weight : 2.1 lbs
  • Spectrum : Full spectrum Along with Hint of IR
  • Actual Power Draw : 62W
  • Coverage : 2’ X 2’
  • Voltage : 100V – 240V
  • Lifespan : 50000 Hours
  • Warranty : 2 Years Service and support

If you’ll compare price and features, then it has everything that’s usually offered in a good budget COB LED Grow light. Look at this reviews of existing users who have praised the manufacturer for providing such a good quality product.

Looking at decent coverage, power efficiency, quiet operation and hassle-free functioning we can’t resist ourselves from recommending this fantastic grow light by growstar.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Growstar 150W on

Anjeet 1200W COB – Cost Effective Grow Panel

best led grow lights

Our second choice for budget-friendly COB LED Grow Light goes to Anjeet 1200W COB.

Yeah obviously with some due reasons it secured its place on our list. Let’s explore.

Grow Light by Anjeet is a bit under-rated, and that could be the only reason for you didn’t hear about its quality and performance yet.

With a tremendous build and design, it’ll attract you at a very first glance. However, it’s not the reason behind its inclusion on our review list.

Anjeet 1200W Features 4 PCs of CREE COB on its board each capable of producing light equal to a 200W HPS panel.

Yeah, due to the packaging of multiple numbers of LEDs in a single chip this COBs becomes a powerpack performer on the board.

Centralised COBs improves uniformity, and luminous efficiency of this grow panel. You might be knowing that this luminous efficiency and spectral uniformity is the main factor behind boosting the growth and health of your plants during vegetation as well as during blooming.

As far as spectrum is concerned, Anjeet COB is a full spectrum COB LED Grow light which spreads all the necessary bands for weed plants. Moreover, a well-balanced ratio of blue and red colour makes it a magical masterpiece.

However, the higher amount of red colour will act as a boon for your plants in the blooming phase.

Light is suitable for all kind of plants in all the phases of a plant’s lifecycle. Yeah, it doesn’t matter whether they’re passing through seedling or blooming, it’s going to help them.

If you’re focusing on coverage area and that’s your primary concern, then Anjeet 1200W COB LED Grow Light is capable of covering 4’ X 4’ of grow space from the ideal height of 36”.

However, you’re free to increase or decrease handing height to achieve more or less coverage according to your choice.

Moreover, in such cases of experiments, it would be great if you keep an eye on the progress and movement of your plants to be on the safe side.

It also features a daisy chaining port where you can attach another grow light without the need of an extra socket in your power outlet.

People who’re curious to know about its power consumption would be happy to see that it’ll pull around 320W at maximum from the wall.

Well managed heat dissipation system in Anjeet 1200W COB ensures safety and stability of your marijuana plants throughout its lifecycle. Yeah, it’s time to say NO to heat blowers on the market.

To provide their customers with a hassle-free and worry less experience of indoor weed cultivation Anjeet offers 3 years warranty and 30 days money back policy.

Yeah, in case, they fail to prove their worth in your grow space within 30 days, you’re free to raise a refund claim.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Anjeet 1200W on

Pros and Cons of Anjeet 1200W CREE COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  • Attractive and elegant design
  • Sturdy build
  • Full spectrum output
  • Highly effective light for blooming
  • Massive coverage area
  • Fabulous Energy efficiency
  • Daisy chaining ability for expansion options
  • Top rated heat dissipation system
  • Quality support for worry free growing experience.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Timer isn’t included in the package.

With massive coverage and highly suitable light to your marijuana plant’s, it is going to be the best companion for your next harvest.

It has a reasonably decent existing customer base and people who’ve experienced high-quality yield from their indoor plants, and they are recommending this grow light to all the fellow community members on various forums and social platforms.

If you’re concerned with reasonably enough features and budget. On the other hand, you don’t want to compromise on either of them, then AAnjeet 1200W CREE COB LED Grow Lights is for you.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Anjeet 1200W on

Hydrobest 1800W COB – An Affordable COB LED Panel

best led grow lights

Hydrobest is working at its best in many hydroponics and indoor cultivation systems.

At first glance, it succeeded to win our heart with its modular design. However, it’s not the only thing for which we have included this Hydrobest 1800W COB in our best cob led grow light reviews.

Yeah, there is much more behind its selection on our list.

Yeah, 1800W variant of Hydrobest comprises 9 large sized CREE COB Chips where each cheap is capable of spreading 200W equivalent light.

Supporting reflective cups are further help the grow panel in producing highly efficient and sufficient light for your marijuana plants.

This reflector design to enhance COB placement also helps in generating a centralised lighting effect and increase PAR and lux outputs.

Yeah, Hydrobest succeeded in providing remarkable PAR reading of 1816 μmol/m2/sec at the height of 18 inches.

Don’t worry about the spectral capability of Hydrobest grow light, As Hydrobest 800W COB is a full spectrum COB LED Grow Lights and covered almost all the most vital bands for greener and healthier plants in its spectrum.

Moreover, it’s perfect as a stand-alone unit for the entire grow cycle of your cannabis plants.

You might be thinking that 9 COB chips are of 200W so it’d be drawing unbearable 1800W from the wall, then let me help you with your worry. This LED Grow light pulls only 490W from the wall.

Yeah, so you’re safe from usual hustle of paying the massive amount in electricity bill.

Now, comes the critical part and we all know that it couldn’t be anything else other than coverage ability, yeah, in such case Hydrobest 1800 watt COB is capable of putting a smile on your face by covering 4’ X 4’ of grow space.

As an additional feature on grow panel, you’ll have an option to expand your grow without worrying about an extra socket in your power outlet. Yeah, it comes with a built-in daisy chaining function, where you can attach another grow light without any hustle.

To keep things under control and environment well-balanced this grow light is equipped with multiple cooling fans, and aluminium heat sink works like a charm.

In a rare case, if any failure occurs then Hydrobest is there to back you up with their quality support. Yeah, they provide 3 years warranty.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Hydrobest 1800W COB on

Pros and Cons of Hydrobest 1800W COB LED Grow Light

  • Modular and effective design.
  • Well placed CREE COBs.
  • Full spectrum ability.
  • Best PAR Ratings in the segment.
  • Highly Effective Light.
  • Massive coverage area.
  • Daisy chaining option to expand grow space with another grow light.
  • Cost Savvy from energy consumption point of view.
  • Keeps temperature balanced.
  • Easy to replace modules.
  • Not waterproof.
  • After longer run fans started making noise in some cases.

As we usually state in our articles, whatever we select and review in our articles is to help our readers in choosing one of the best out of the bests.

We avoid reviewing some crap and fake claimed products. In case of HydroBest as well, we took opinion from plenty of people regarding their experience using this tremendous COB LED Grow Light.

Moreover, the great thing here is we got responses such as “It is one of the best COB LED Grow Light on the market”, “Thank god, I bought this grow light, it’s a masterpiece.”, also, much more similar to these.

Looking at quality, capabilities, and user response we’d surely recommend you to buy Hydrobest 1800W COB LED grow light for a tremendous growing experience.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Hydrobest 1800W COB on

Meizhi 300W Full spectrum COB – Compact yet powerful

best led grow lights

This one is from MEIZHI. Yeah, MEIZHI is famous for its budget-friendly and quality oriented product.

People often admit that grow lights by MEIZHI are eco-friendly, and they do care about our plant’s safety as well.

In tradiotional LED Grow Light Production MarsHydro and Bestva were two main competitors of MEIZHI but they’re not yet seen on COB league.

As far as a 300W variant of MEIZHI COB LED Grow Light is concerned, it is packed with durable and quality materials manufactured by some of the well-known brands in its field.

To create an optimal spectral effect for betterment in your plant’s progress and growth it is equipped with a single CREE COB in the centre surrounded by multiple small-sized LEDs for better light quality.

If you’re spectrum lover, then you’d be glad to know that it offers a complete full spectrum and MEIZHI has kept more frequency of red wavelength in its LED placement.

Yeah, it’s an ultimate boosting factor for your weed plants during the flowering phase.

With a decent PAR value of 417 uMol from 18” it succeeds in increasing penetration rate of light. However, to achieve this level of reading MEIZHI 300W don’t suck a hefty amount of power.

Yeah, it only pulls around 140 watts for its functioning.

Effective coverage area by MEIZHI 300W Full spectrum COB Grow Light is of 3.5’ X 3.5’, but we recommend you to decrease it further to achieve best results from your plants.

Its daisy chainable so you’ll notice a secondary power output socket on the back side of your COB Grow Light right beside cooling fan.

However, dimmers or mode switches are missed in the build, but at this price range, it is acceptable.

As we stated at the very beginning of this COB LED Grow Light review, MEIZHI is known for quality and durability. So, it’s rare to face any issue with their highly researched and professionally built products.

However, in case you still have an issue with their product then they are there to back you up with their support. Yeah, 3 years warranty is being offered with this grow light.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the MEIZHI 300W on

Pros and Cons of MEIZHI 300W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

  • Affordable COB Grow Light on the market
  • Brand is known for budget friendly yet quality products.
  • A Full spectrum brightness
  • Decent coverage capability
  • Highly power efficient
  • Daisy Chainable
  • Worry-less experience with 3 years local support.
  • Not waterproof
  • Don’t feature any dimming nob or mode switch

Looking at commitment towards quality and highly satisfied customer base in their regular LED Grow Light products, we can imagine the power and performance of this Best Budget COB LED Grow Light.

Yeah, from our side, it’s a thumbs up for deciding to Buy Meizhi 300W COB LED Grow Light.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the MEIZHI 300W on

Roleadro  800w COB LED grow light

Roleadro succeeded in gaining the trust of the people in their products with there old 400W COB variant. To make it more awesome, they’ve upgraded their previous version with improvements in light quality, COB placement, Spectral abilities and coverage space capabilities.

Yeah, this is the latest and upgraded version of COB from Roleadro and capable of helping you in achieving your goal concerning good quality of yield.

Roleadro 800W COB is equipped with CREE COB chips on the board. These COBs are further supported by an optimal secondary lens which improves reflection and produces evenly distributable light.

Manufacturer claims that it has a higher PAR and lumen value compared to other COB LED Grow Lights on the market. Moreover, looking at user response, it seems to be accurate up to some extent.

If we talk about spectrum quality, then roleadro upgraded version features a full spectrum and comprises all the essential bands of shades in its lighting. However, no mention for UV or IR is found anywhere for this grow light.

Moreover, a decent 8:1 ratio can be seen in the Red: Blue spectrum balancing. Moreover, with this ratio, you can easily rely on the Roleadro 800W COB for getting resinous and more massive flowers from your cannabis plants.

With an ideal wavelength of the spectrum ranging in 380nm-780nm, it becomes suitable for all phases of your indoor plants.

For coverage, it can provide a quality light for a grow space of around 3’ X 3’ from the height of 24” during flowering.

However, maximum achievable coverage can be extended up to 4’ X 4’ during vegetation by increasing the height of LED from your cannabis canopies.

Also, above all, it’s daisy-chainable so you can attach another grow light with it in no time without the need of extra socket.

If you’re more concerned about power efficiency, then it is an ultimate power saver and helps you in saving much on the electricity bill in the longer run. Yeah, it’ll pull around 150-200W from your wall for well functioning.

To avoid the hassle of purchasing supplementary inline fans and another cooling system, Roleadro 800W COB LED grow light is equipped with multiple cooling fans and a well-researched radiator system.

30 days money back guarantee and 2 Years service and support ensure a worry-free indoor gardening experience with this one of the best cob led grow light on the market.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Roleadro 800W COB LED grow light

Pros and cons of Roleadro upgraded 800W COB

  • Affordable COB on the market
  • Satisfactory results in terms of light expectancy
  • A full spectrum effect
  • Best in the segment coverage area
  • Modular design with secondary optical lens
  • Daisy chainable to let you expand grow space in future
  • Marvellous cooling ability and heat dissipation system
  • Satisfaction oriented customer service and support
  • No exact figures for power consumption stated by manufacturer, we mentioned what we got from existing users.
  • It’s not waterproof.
  • Wear a sunglass to avoid harm to your eyes by getting in contact with its intense light.

If we don’t count on non-mentioned actual power draw by the brand and consider user’s opinion, then this product is a “hard to beat” in real terms.

Yeah, with best in the segment yield results, spectrum, design and build and heat dissipation Roleadro upgraded 800W COB LED Grow Light becomes a definite to consider cob on the market.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate indoor cultivator and want to spend your money on a useful COB only, then Buy Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow Light. You won’t regret, and that’s the promise.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Roleadro upgraded 800W COB on

Canagrow Newest 360W COB – Unique in All Aspects

best led grow lights

Fanless new and advanced version of COB LED Grow Light by Canagrow succeeded in winning heart and trust of the indoor weed cultivators.

Yeah, it’s a fanless design and builds that makes it a worth to look for and consider to buy the product. Yeah, ultimately it stands out from some of the best LED grow lights on the market.

Let’s explore this magical masterpiece.

This LED features 4 PCs of high-quality COB chips each of 100W on its panel and this chips are made in Korea. These COBs are similar to CREE CXB3590 COBs up to the some extent. However, it’s not CREE CXB3590 COB.

COBs are packaged scientifically and produce denser and highly intense light for your plants. It also helps in achieving lower light and luminous energy wastage rates.

As far as spectrum is concerned, it includes universal White, Red and Blue colours along with UV and IR elements. However, manufacturer states in their adverts and user manual that it’s a full spectrum LED Grow Light.

Blue: Red ratio in its lighting effect is marvellous. Yeah, it makes your plants greener, and healthier. It also boosts plants growth and makes them grow faster compared to other cheap led grow lights.

If you’re more curious to know about coverage by Canagrow Newest 360W, then it’ll be enough for a growing space of around 8 sq.ft. It can be adjusted according to your preference and what we mentioned is the optimal coverage ability of this grow light panel.

People interested in knowing power consumption by Canagrow Newest 360 Watt COB Grow Light will be happy to see that it’ll only pull around 120W from the wall.

Yeah, it helps in saving a small amount of money on electricity bill throughout its use.

Slik design and thin panel makes it an elegant masterpiece. Yeah, it’s thin in the build because manufacturers have eliminated traditional cooling fans and they’ve designed Canagrow Newest using some latest design factors.

Body build and materials are anti-rust, dust and moisture proof with eliminating your hassle for cleaning it over a period.

However, no daisy function, waterproof design or dimmable functioning can be seen on the panel, and you might need to look for another panel and will have to compromise on its design in case you’re hunting for such features.

Even some of the best 600W traditional LED Grow Light fails to beat Canagrow in terms of the performance and yield.

After sales support is incredible and they provide 3 years hassle free warranty and customer-oriented support and suggestions.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Canagrow Newest 340W on

Pros and Cons of Canagrow Newest 340W COB LED Grow Light

  • Slick and attractive design
  • Thin body and compact in nature
  • Marvellous spectral abilities
  • Well functioning and high quality COBs
  • Fabulous spectrum
  • Intense and denser light array
  • Decent coverage
  • Elimination of fans and inclusion of high and low slot black coated cooling structure.
  • Lower power consumption
  • Decent customer support
  • Anti-rust and dust-proof but not waterproof
  • No Dimmer or daisy chain.

With the elimination of cooling fans, they’re succeeded in making of a slick and compact COB LED grow light. Yeah, it’s rare, and an entirely new invention in the LED Grow Light sector.

Looking at its abilities to provide quality light and decent coverage at very low scale power consumption we’d surely recommend you to Purchase Canagrow 340W Newest COB LED Grow Light.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Canagrow Newest 340W on

BloomBeast 520W COB LED Grow Light

best led grow lights

And here it comes from Bloombeast, yeah, over the time they’ve kept upgrading their grow lights, and that can be seen with the 520w variant of BloomBeast.

Yeah, the manufacturer is there on the market since 2010. So, you may imagine their expertise and experience in manufacturing well-suited Grow Lights for indoor plants.

An eye-catching design and a panel built using extremely high-quality material makes it outstanding on the league.

Let’s explore this fantastic masterpiece in depth to understand what are the benefits and what so cool about it to bring it home for your indoor grow space.

At a very first glance, you’ll notice 84 COBs of 5W each plus one 100w on the middle of this Bloombeast COB Grow Light.The lights are completely dimmable so you can adjust for any stage of plant growth.

This mechanism is implemented on the COB placement to achieve a highly uniform and denser array of light. Moreover, it also helps in getting highly optimised coverage and avoids hot spots or wastage of energy and light.

People concerning about spectrum would be happy to know that BloomBeast 520w COB Grow Light spreads a 13 band full spectrum light mixture of red, blue, UV, IR and white LEDs.

With two separate fully functional and inherently user-friendly dimmer nobs it gives you the comfort of adjusting light quality and brightness according to the current stage of your marijuana plant’s lifecycle.

Standard LED drivers make it a reliable and durable COB LED Grow Light for more prolonged use.

If you’re concerned regarding coverage of BloomBeast 520W COB Grow Light like the majority of the lights out there, then it can help you with around 3’ X 4’ of grow space. However, it’s for best utilisation of light and, and you can achieve more if you want by adjusting it a bit far from your plants.

From power efficiency point of view, it’ll pull more or less 210W from the wall based on the setting of dimmers.

Tired of your current heat blowing grow panel? Then, it has something cool to make you relaxed. Yeah, BloomBeast 520W COB LED Grow Light features multiple cooling fans and supplied with some fantastic heat dissipation system.

It’ll keep your grow space well balanced and will prevent any harm to your plants.

As, The manufacturer is doing well on the market, and people are happy with them, so there are lesser chances of seeking support from them.

However, still in case, you face any trouble Bloombeast is there to back you up with their professional support for a substantial time frame of 5 years.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the BloomBeast 520w on

Pros and Cons of BloomBeast 520w COB LED Grow Light

  • Top Notch build
  • Great quality of COBs
  • 13 Band Full spectrum Along with white, UV and IR light.
  • Denser and effective light for achieving better results in terms of yield
  • Suitable for all phases of growth.
  • Massive Coverage
  • Separate dimming switches
  • UL Certified Drivers
  • Well placed cooling fans
  • Best on the market 5 year warranty
  • Not waterproof
  • Needs safety glasses to prevent harm to vision of human eyes.

We’ve enquired plenty of people who’re using it since at least 6 months. And, what majority of people suggested is that if you’re a person serious about quality, then BloomBeast 520w grow light is an ultimate Kickstarter for you.

As a conclusion, If we consider many features and capability of this grow light before making a decision, then we could quickly figure it out that it deserves what it is labelled concerning price. Yeah, Buying this grow light by bloombeast would be a wise move.

Wish you heart satisfying returns with it.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the BloomBeast 520W on

Canagrow CXB3590 200W COB – Modern COB For Indoor Gardening

best led grow lights

Yeah, this one is from Canagrow. With the placement of the latest CXB3590 CREE COBs on the panel Canagrow has something fabulous to offer to you regarding performance and capabilities.

It is equipped with 2 massive and power pack CXB3590 CREE Chips which are capable of providing you with a 400W equivalent light.

Canagrow 200W COB LED uses some advanced techniques of LED packaging on the board and improves the quality of light.

Spectrum quality of this Canagrow COB LED Grow light can be imagined by a most important wavelength range of 380nm-780nm. Yeah, it is a full spectrum LED grow light by Canagrow.

Canagrow 200W COB features a highly durable optical lens on its front side. This optical lens improves coupling efficiency and boosts the light transmittance up to 97%. Yeah, that’s an incredible thing concerning Canagrow CXB3590’s light intensity and brightness.

As far as internal construction of this one of the Best COB LED Grow Lights is concerned, both the COBs are equipped on welding free, and USA made COB holder.

Yeah, thanks to the professional research team and long-term thinking of Canagrow, because in case you need to replace a COB Chip in future, you can replace it manually too.

And Yeah, Functioning of this Canagrow CXB3590 200W COB is at its best due to high quality LED drivers from MeanWell. Yeah, it’s waterproof and durable which further increases longevity of the Grow light panel.

Now, let’s talk a bit about its coverage and power efficiency.

As far as the illumination area is a concern, Canagrow CXB3590 COB LED can help you to achieve a decent footprint for around 16 sq ft, by decent what we mean is for indoor cannabis cultivation only. Yeah, you can count on it for a 4’ X 4’ of grow space.

Also, daisy chain function will help you to expand the area to be covered in future, if you wish to do so.

Moreover, if you’re curious to know its power draw, then it’ll draw around 200W from the wall.

However, it has a dimming nob from where you can adjust the amount of light according to your plant’s needs. Yeah, it also helps in decreasing actual power draw up to some extent.

For cooling and heat dissipation Canagrow CXB3590 COB Grow Light is equipped with two well functioning cooling fans.

However, if you’re planning to use multiple LEDs inside a single grow tent, then we’ll recommend to supplement your grow space with an inline fan or some good quality exhaust system.

Their professional support will tackle all your problems smoothly for a term of 3 years. Also, they also offer a 30 days refund policy which ensures that they’re offering something fabulous enough to be confident.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Canagrow CXB3590 on

Pros and Cons of Canagrow CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light

  • Fabulous in terms of build
  • Non-welded COB Holders for easy replacement of COBs
  • Marvellous spectrum and brightness
  • Well balanced Red:Blue ratio.
  • Decent Coverage and PAR Values
  • Dimmable COB LED Grow Light
  • Daisy Chainable
  • Effective Cooling
  • Durable LED Drivers from MeanWell
  • Longer Lifespan.
  • Professional Support for 365 Days of the year
  • Keep it away from dripping water
  • It don’t have timer or any other remotely operating controllers.
  • A bit pricey but it is worth it.

Canagrow is offering a reliable and trustworthy product to indoor cultivators and hydroponic enthusiasts.

With regards to all the features starting from build, design, functions, spectrum and coverage it is undoubtedly worth the money people are spending on it.

We’ll surely recommend Canagrow CXB3590 COB LED grow light to people with an average coverage expectancy of 4’ X 4’ and power draw expectancy around 200W. Yeah, bring this one of the best COB LED Grow Light for your marijuana plants.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Canagrow CXB3590 on

Maxbloom 400W X4 Plus COB LED Grow Light – Best for Indoor Cannabis Growing

best led grow lights

Maxbloom is doing pretty well on the LED Grow Light market since 2008. Moreover, X series is their 8th generation of lighting products.

Yeah, by this states we can easily imagine the level of upgradation in their grow light systems.

As an old brand on the market they know what people expect from their products and what is best for indoor growing solutions.

Also, we realize it when we experience its quality and when people don’t stop praising it when you ask them about their experience regarding its performance.

As far as Maxbloom X4 plus is concerned, it features 48 LEDs of 5W each and 2 massive sized CREE XTE COB Chips in the centre each of 100W.

Yeah, it’s a combination of LEDs and COBs, and that’s what makes it a magical piece for indoor growing. Maxbloom’s intention was to supply their customers with one of the Best COB LED Grow Light for indoor growing.

It comes with two separate dimming nobs on the side from where you can adjust light effectiveness and brightness according to your plant’s test and growing phase.

If you’re thinking about spectrum then as we mentioned they don’t want to miss any essential band. Moreover, it could be the reason for behind building this grow light with both LEDs and COBs so that missing bands can be obtained from LEDs.

Maxbloom X4 Plus features a true 12 band full spectrum light including IR which helps in boosting leaf building process of your plants.

The spectrum of light is enough for encouraging the photosynthesis process throughout your weed plant’s lifecycle.

Moreover, that could be the reason behind their claim for around 20-30% higher yield compared to even some of the best LED Grow Lights on the market.

As far as coverage is a concern, Maxbloom X4 Plus 400W COB LED Grow Light is capable of covering an indoor grow space of around 4’ X 4’ from the height of 24”.

If you serious about cooling and temperature and don’t want to bring any heat blowing COB home then MaxBloom is for you as it is equipped with multiple cooling fans which works up to the mark.

Maxbloom 400W COB features a modular design for easy maintenance and replacement of plants. Yeah, you can easily replace COBs on your own if needed.

People worrying about power draw of Maxbloom X4 plus will be glad to know that it pulls around 200W of electricity from the wall. However, it depends on your use also what we mentioned is the figure for maximum utilisation of the light by turning both veg and bloom nobs to the maximum.

Even in future if you run through any failure, you can contact max bloom for 5 years. Yeah, they’ll help you in resolving your issue on sooner bases.

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Pros and Cons of MaxBloom X4 400W COB LED Grow Light

  • High quality and unique build and design
  • A real 12 band full spectrum with IR
  • Highly bright and dense light
  • Larger coverage area
  • Cost savvy in longer run, from power efficiency point of view.
  • Two separate dimmer knobs for convenience
  • Suitable overall lifecycle of indoor plants
  • Modular design makes assembly and disassembly of light easy
  • Effective cooling
  • Best on the segment warranty
  • A bit pricey product in 400W segment.
  • No specification regarding daisy chaining.

As Level of quality being offered to the customers is one of the main reason for this LEDs inclusion in our review of best cob led grow light on the market.

If you can spend a decent amount of money on quality and towards the real growth of your plants, then this premium quality product is for you.

Yeah, if you’ll think about the long run, then it’ll return each of your penny spent on it by producing 20-30% more yield from your plants.

Yeah, from our side, MaxBloom X4 Plus COB LED Grow Light is an absolute good to go with a premium product for people with 4’ X 4’ of the area.

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Bloombeast A900 900W COB LED Grow Light – Editor’s Choice For Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

best led grow lights

And, boom! Here, we’re with our most favourite COB LED Grow Light. Yeah, BloomBeast A900 900W COB succeeded in securing first place on the list of Best 10 Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light Reviews.

Built using extremely reliable and durable material and a user-friendly design along with top-notch performance makes it a winner on the league.

Yeah, our selected existing users have reported that they’ve obtained around 20-25% better yield compared to the traditional LED Grow Light they’ve used to install inside their grow space earlier.

Most exciting part of the A series COB Grow Light by Bloombeast is the number of bands present in its spectrum.

Yeah, it features a 13 band of colours in its spectrum along with UV and IR, which is ideal and well suited for the perfect and well-sustained growth of your marijuana plants.

Moreover, thanks to a supportive optical lens that helps in producing evenly distributable and highly denser light for green weed plants in one’s inside grow space.

Moreover, maximum PAR value achieved by them from this LED grow light is 856 uMol which is excellent regarding effectiveness in a specific area.

If you’re curious to know how it achieves that perfect spectrum and brightness, then Bloombeast has equipped this COB LED using 140 PCs of 5W LEDs and 3 large sized 100W COB chips to produce well-balanced light and illumination.

A great thing about this marvellous LED grow light is 3 mode switches. These mode switches are dimmable and you can adjust it between 0 and 100 according to the current phase of your plant’s life cycle.

Yeah, don’t be confused, 3 separate knobs help you in achieving the best quality light for seedling, vegging and blooming.

As far as coverage is a matter of concern, you’ll get an ideal light for around 5’ X 4’ of grow space. Yeah, that’s huge.

As this light comes with separate mode switches, you’ll not need to adjust its height back and forth. Yeah, gone are the time of hassle for adjustment of light according to plants grow stage.

Now, comes the most vital part and that’s power efficiency. Majority of people thinks that it’s a 900W COB LED Grow Light and will suck a hefty amount of power from the wall but that’s not the case when you buy BloomBeast A900 900W grow light.

Yeah, it’ll help you in saving a decent amount of money on electricity bill as it draws more or less than 400W as it depends on dimmer settings and your way of utilisation.

Also, To keep things under control and environment well balanced it is there are multiple cooling fans and high-quality heat dissipation system.

Moreover, Bloombeast is one of the best LED Grow Light manufacturers from the china. And customer satisfaction and support is their identity.

With BloomBest A900 900 Watt COB LED Grow Light you’ll get a 5 years warranty. However, on a rare occasion, such situations will occur where you need to contact them, but even if you face such conditions, you know whom to call for support.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the BloomBeast A900 900W on

Pros and Cons of BloomBeast A900 900W Full spectrum COB LED Grow Light

  • A complete 13 band full spectrum.
  • Must needed UV and IR for indoor plants.
  • Highly durable build
  • An elegant design
  • Mixture of traditional LED chips and COBs.
  • Great coverage area of 5’ X 4’
  • Higher PAR values
  • Acceptable Power Consumption
  • 3 separate dimming nobs for convenience
  • 20-30% more yields compared to other lights
  • Fabulous cooling
  • 5 Years after sales support
  • Extremely intense light that can harm vision if seen with naked eyes.

As we said, it has secured 1st place and became our editor’s choice for Review of Best COB LED Grow Lights on the market with some due reasons.

Yeah, starting from design, build, LED and COB Placement, Intensity, PAR and to coverage it provides a great value to the indoor cultivators with its heart satisfying results in terms of Yield.

We highly recommend our readers to go for BloomBeast A900 if budget isn’t their concern and wants to obtain a well capable coverage of around 5’ X 4’ of grow space.

Yeah, you won’t regret for your decision when you’ll notice resinous and heavier flowers in your hand.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the BloomBeast A900 900W on

420 Expert Guide’s Verdict on Best COB LED Grow Lights on the market

We’ve included COBs feasible to various budget ranges, coverage capabilities, type of spectrum expectancy, and power efficiency.

But still in several cases it might seem to select the one which suits their needs in all the aspects.

And for that we’d like to give you a quick through regarding selection for the best for you.

Yeah, If you’re beginner and wants to try your hand directly on a COB grow light then there are three options available to you. Yeah, all of them are having some unique features and most essential abilities to offer your plants.

Above all, These COBs offered at very cheaper rates then competition. So, it’ll be better choice in case you’re running tight on budget.

Go for below mentioned 3 products and select one out of them based on your coverage expectancy.

And, If you’re an intermediate cultivators and wants to upgrade to COB from traditional LED or HPS lighting fixture then below mentioned products are for you.

Yeah, all are from different brands and offers different level of coverage capability so choose one depending on your coverage expectancy.

However, from power consumption point of view all three are best in the segment and will definitely help you in saving your money on longer run.

Being frank, Professional cultivators don’t need our advice and knows what the best is for them and what can give them best results at the time of harvesting.

However, below mentioned 4 LEDs are magical masterpieces and does its job in a perfect way.

For people with 3’ X 4’ to 4’ X 4’ coverage area can either go for BloomBeast 520w COB LED Grow Light or Canagrow CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light. As both of them have tremendous performance from yield perspective.

If you’re belonging in a lobby of people with 4’ X 4’ to 5’ X 4’ coverage and a complete spectrum admirer then Maxbloom 400W X4 Plus LED Grow Light and Bloombeast A900 900W COB LED Grow Light is there for you with several tremendous controlling abilities.

Source: MaxBloom, BloomBeast

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