Advanced Platinum Series P300: Ultimate In-Depth Review in 2019

Advanced Platinum Series P300: Ultimate In-Depth Review in 2019
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Gone are the days of growing marijuana out of your closet. Recreational marijuana is now legal in 10 states in the U.S. along with the capital. Europe falls behind with only handful of countries turning a blind eye. But, the decriminalization caused by marijuana has made a significant impact on the revenue for communities. Legal marijuana generated 6.56B in the U.S. revenue during 2016 and that number is expected to skyrocket in the years to come.

The demand for cultivators has never been higher. And these cultivators must need to be savvy to maximize their profits by being as efficient as possible. Grow lights are best for those indoor grower. It provide enough amount of lights needed for photosynthesis in order for plants to grow. When there is grow lights the plants will grow even there is no naturally occurring light.

The Platinum Advanced Series P300 is an LED indoor grow light produced by Platinum LED. The company is a relatively new company based out of Hawaii, where recreational marijuana is still not legal. The lamp is used as a substitute for natural sunlight to feed plants, specifically marijuana indoors. It’s certainly an entry-level lamp, but the company makes a ton of noise in the industry so it’s definitely a good starting point. This lamp is only 300 watts, but we will learn why it’s a favorite amongst small-scale growers. In this article, we will weigh factors like cost, energy efficiency, output and PAR intensity.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review

Pros of Advanced Platinum Series P300

This Amazon’s Choice product comes highly recommended because of its low cost, positive user reviews and prompt shipment. This seemingly inexpensive lamp has a higher output and lower energy consumption than its more expensive competitors.

What Does It Do?

It’s PAR intensity or Photosynthetic Active Radiation intensity measures the lamp’s ability to “feed” the plant through photosynthesis. Electrical wattage is irrelevant when referring to indoor grow lights so PAR intensity is the number you’d want to note. This lamp packs a punch with its high PAR intensity of 2900 PAR/PPFD with the light 6” away. The PAR decreases as the light is placed further, but is still very energy efficient,saving money on your electricity bill as well.

One of the growers on Amazon, believes that this lamp was responsible for the considerable improvement (strength, yield, growth) of his marijuana plants. He gave the product a 5-star rating and even updated his initial review with more praise.

Who Builds the Advanced Platinum Series P300?

Platinum LED Lights is produced by a private Hawaii-based company that touts the industry’s “most powerful lights”. Marijuana for recreational use is still illegal on the island (as well as many states in the continental U.S.) but the use and production of the plant for medicinal use are permitted.

The company is only a few years old with less than ten employees, but their impressive website and well produced. Their YouTube channels set the bar extremely high. Though it is just a few years old, but it already has followers of about 900K.

Platinum LED Lights was at top among the industry of grow lights, especially with the complete, easy-to-follow YouTube videos for even the most amateur growers. They bring real transparency to the market and growers appreciate their footprint in the industry. The comments on their social media platforms are overwhelmingly positive and great reviews. Their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all modern, updated and provide an online community for users to share their experiences.

Spectrum and PAR Abilities of the Advanced Platinum Series P300

In the past, we used wattage to determine output with traditional lights, but that measurement is irrelevant to a plant’s growth. The amount and quality of light a plant receives, shapes well, fast and grows robust. The higher PAR intensity, the more buds a plant develops and the more successful your growing business becomes.

Wattage is still the standard when it comes to traditional indoor lighting, but PAR is what matters for indoor grow lights. Spectrum is also a measurement that counts when referring to plant growth. The Advanced Platinum Series P300 has a 12 band spectrum, which allows the lamp to light the plant evenly.

This number of bands are important because, for a plant to grow strong and fertile, it needs to be lit thoroughly and evenly. No part of the plant should be cast off. The advantage of growing in an indoor space is that all these factors can be closely monitored and regulated, allowing the plants to grow to their fullest potential.

Platinum LED Grow Lights aren’t marketed for your lazy pothead. With high PAR intensities and low energy consumption, they are designed to produce the best and most fruitful marijuana plant.
The Advanced Platinum Series P300
is especially impressive because of its affordable price point on Amazon, it is the most powerful and affordable option on the top marijuana growing blog lists.


For coverage, the P300 has far better coverage than many of its larger competitors. The lamp needs to be closer to the plants during the blooming phrase (about 18” away), but you can move it further during the vegetative phase (up to 24” away). During blooming, the lamp can cover a 4-foot by 2-foot area, but during the vegetative stage, it can cover a larger patch of 4.5’ by 3.8’. The coverage depends on how far the lamp is situated above the plant. The closer the lamp, the less coverage (but higher the PAR), the farther the lamp, the more coverage. During the blooming stage the plant needs a lower PAR so the lamp can be placed further away, but during vegetation, the plant needs to “feed” more through photosynthesis, so the light needs to be hung closer.

Advanced Platinum Series P300


Platinum LED Lights really believe in the quality of all their products and offer a 5-year mechanical warranty for all of their grow lights. If it stops working for any reason, they will replace for 90 days after purchase, no questions asked.

They are proud to say that all their products are American-made and they have visible partners like the U.S. Army Corps of Seattle, California State University and the USDA. They must be extremely confident and professional to have such notable partners in this competitive and taboo market.

Cons of the Advanced Platinum Series P300 Product

Compared to similar grow lights, the initial price is a bit higher. As mentioned earlier, this cost is offset by the energy consumption savings, but the initial start-up cost is higher. The lamp is not waterproof which is something you’d need to keep in mind as a grower.

This productThis product does hail from the beautiful island of Kaui, Hawaii and because of this shipping to the continental U.S. can take longer and be more costly. Although you can order from Amazon and it will ship quickly from a nearby fulfillment center. Also, any maintenance or service issues need to be serviced out of Hawaii.

The lamp is not without its flaws. A grower on Amazon left the product only 1-star because they said it was hard for him to get in touch with anyone that worked at Platinum LED. I mean, if I lived on a Hawaiian island, I’d probably be pretty unreachable as well.

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Is it worth buying? Absolutely! The technical aspects of this lamp rate higher than its more expensive competitors and their 5-year warranty really speaks about the company’s confidence in their products. Though the company is just a newbie in the industry but, Premium LED Lights has established themselves as the best in the business. So if you’re just getting started, they are an excellent company to go with and put their product into use.

The lamp’s initial start-up costs are higher than other 300 watt lamps, but you get that money back on your energy bill. Plus, you’re growing a healthier plant with the light’s intense PAR abilities, decent coverage and high spectrum. They offer free shipping to the U.S. along with a discount for buying more than one. The company also lists pretty reliable partners like Texas State University, California State University and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is not just used for marijuana growing but also for other plant which can be cultivated indoors. The lamp can be used to grow plants like flowers, fruit and vegetables. Overall, I’d say this is a stellar grow lamp. It is featured on many prominent marijuana blogs, in developed governmental partnerships and is paving the way as an industry leading brand. The positives features and reviews on the lamp greatly outweigh the negatives features ithas, so the P300 is worthy of its price tag.