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CBD Oil Potency Comparison: Low vs High Potency Cannabidiol

CBD Oil Comparison: Hemplucid vs Lazarus Naturals

My Experience Using Two Different CBD Oils:

I’ve been using both Hemplucid and Lazarus Naturals brand CBD oils for the past few weeks. I want to outline my experience to help clarify a very confusing CBD product market.

Neither company paid or asked me to write this. I’m simply sharing my experience for 420ExpertGuide visitors. The CBD industry is very confusing for newcomers. After reading, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of how to select quality CBD oil to buy. 

CBD Oil Potency Comparison -- Low vs High:

I had no clue what potency level I should start at. Cost was a factor for me as I’m sure it is for many, so I started out with a low potency CBD bottle that I overpaid for at a convenience store. I’ll get more into cost later.

Low Potency CBD Oil Experience:

hemplucid cbd oil

The bottle I bought was a Hemplucid 500mg bottle containing 16.7mg of CBD per 1ml serving. 16.7mg per ml is on the low side as far as CBD potency.

Knowing the 16.7mg per ml dosage was on the low end, I was using 1.5ml at a time, so in total I was consuming ~25mg of CBD per serving.

I did notice some calming effect from the Hemplucid 500mg CBD, although I was left wondering if I was receiving the full benefit or if I should try a higher dosage.

Hemplucid does offer stronger potency CBD oil on their website, although I ultimately ended up choosing a different brand.

Speaking about low potency CBD in general, my experience says it’s not worthwhile. So that means 25mg CBD per serving and below. Who would have guessed? You get what you pay for.

I compared some potency levels and prices online, and I decided to purchase directly from a manufacturer with the hopes of getting a better value compared to the retail pricing I paid the first time. I ended up paying what I think is a great value.

High Potency CBD Oil Experience:

lazarus naturals cbd oil

In my online search I found Lazarus Naturals’ website, and decided to try their high potency 3000mg CBD oil containing 50mg of CBD per 1ml serving.

I definitely notice a more intense effect from this higher potency CBD. The question is whether I prefer it over the considerably more mild effects of the Hemplucid 16.7mg/ml. For me the answer was yes.

Everyone will react to CBD dosage levels differently. My personal experience was that I couldn’t tell beyond an hour or two that I had ingested CBD when I was taking Hemplucid’s CBD oil at 25mg per 1.5ml serving.

At this point in time I hadn’t read or asked what anyone else had experienced with CBD, so my opinion wasn’t influenced by anything else. Upon later reading other peoples’ experiences online, I discovered that a considerable amount of other people were not getting much benefit from lower potency CBD oil.

When I take Lazarus Naturals high potency CBD oil at 50mg per 1ml serving, I can tell for most of my 8 hour work day that I ingested CBD -- which is exactly what I want.

My advice to anyone new to CBD oil is to start with higher potency, and you can always adjust downwards if needed. That’s instead of starting low and not knowing whether the lower potency is effective for you or not.

How To Increase Potency of Low Potency CBD:

You can increase the potency or effect of your CBD by taking it simultaneously with Omega fatty acids (fish oil or flax seed oil).

I discovered this accidentally when I happened take my omega fatty acid flax seed oil supplement shortly after taking my normal 50mg of CBD from Lazarus Naturals.

The effect came on faster and harder than what I expected or needed, but that’s probably because I took a high dosage (50mg) to begin with. If you have a low potency CBD or just want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your CBD, this may be worth trying.

The whole experience actually makes perfect sense when you consider that CBD is fat soluble, and that omega fatty acids play an important role in the functioning of the body’s endocannabinoid system (see references below).

How To Find High Quality CBD Oil At A Great Price:

Don’t pay retail prices. It sounds simple but it’s true. Buy directly from a manufacturer. When you get a good deal on high potency CBD oil, you’ll realize it costs nearly the same as low potency CBD oil when you buy that at a dispensary or convenience store.

For example, I paid ~$100 for a 60ml bottle of high potency CBD oil from Lazarus Naturals. At 1ml per day, that bottle lasts 60 days, or $50 per month. Compare that to the $40 I spent on the low potency Hemplucid CBD oil where the bottle was half the size and the potency was one third as strong.

While I’m talking about Lazarus Naturals I’ll mention that they offer generous 60% discounts for veterans, disabled, and low income people.

You can’t buy CBD on Amazon:

Many people, including someone I spoke with recently, believe CBD is available for purchase on Amazon. That’s incorrect, as Amazon doesn’t allow CBD products to be sold at the moment.

Merchants are selling Hemp Seed Oil, confusing consumers into buying what they think is CBD oil, but contains no CBD in reality.

Don’t get tricked! Buy direct online from a manufacturer, or in person at a local dispensary or even convenience store. Make sure the bottle explicitly states the CBD content level so you’re sure it’s CBD, and be sure it’s the potency you want.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via 420ExpertGuide’s live chat capability, or via email.



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