Have you been in your local food store or convenience store and noticed CBD infused beverages on the shelf? That’s what happened to me, so I decided to buy a few to consume, review and compare for 420ExpertGuide readers.

As an experienced CBD consumer I don’t think CBD drinks work well (at least not the one I consumed). Keep reading below to find out how I made my judgement and what I recommend you consider if you’re looking to use CBD yourself.

Tasty but disappointing:

For the health conscious, there are only 2g of sugar, and 15 calories in CBD seltzer.

If you’re a fan of that natural hemp flavor, you’ll probably enjoy a CBD infused drink – at least CBD infused seltzer. Even with the raspberry lime natural flavor, you still notice a light aftertaste of hemp, which to me was enjoyable.

Other than that, I found there wasn’t much to it. Check out my video below:

CBD Drinks - Do They Work?


High Price

The seltzers I bought went down light and easy, as you’d want. They were refreshing but for $5.00 per can, the CBD premium ultimately wasn’t worth it.

Each can claimed to contain full spectrum hemp extract, including 20mg of naturally occurring CBD and other cannabinoids. But ironically, the drink doesn’t contain trace amounts of THC, something that’s often present in full spectrum CBD oil.

No Effects

I drank two cans simultaneously because when I consume CBD oil I usually take about 60mg. I’ve consumed 40mg at times and definitely been able to notice, so consuming 40mg of naturally occurring CBD in these beverages should have been obvious to me.

Unfortunately, four hours after I consumed the CBD beverages, I didn’t notice anything at all. In contrast, I usually notice the effects of CBD oil – which is also consumed through the digestive system – within three hours.

The can I bought said full spectrum extract, although technically full spectrum usually includes a trace amount of THC – so they actually weren’t full spectrum.

If there was a trace amount of THC (less than 0.3%) in these drinks I think they might have been worthwhile.

CBD Drinks Compared to Vaping Hemp Flower:

Vaping CBD hemp flower is my second least favorite method of consumption. Compared to CBD infused drinks, vaping is slightly better. Not only is it bad for your lungs but I don’t think the effects are nearly as good as oral consumption of a full spectrum oil.

The one big benefit of vaping hemp flower is the effects come on more quickly, which is pretty convenient in comparison to waiting 3 hours for full spectrum oil to kick in.

CBD Drinks Compared to Full Spectrum CBD Oil:


There is no contest in this case. Sublingual consumption of full spectrum CBD oil is still my preferred method. But like I said, if there was a trace amount of THC in the CBD drinks, making them true full spectrum, that might have made all the difference.

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Is CBD Legal in Food and Beverages in the US?

The US FDA has not yet recognized cannabidiol as “generally recognized as safe,” as an ingredient in food and beverages.

Although some companies are already adding CBD to food and beverages, it’s technically illegal until the FDA decides it’s a safe food additive. Therefore, you may not be able to find CBD drinks or food products at any store.

Would I Buy a CBD Infused Drink Again?

cbd drink review

My first thought is no I wouldn’t buy one again, but I suppose you should never say never. The solid taste alone isn’t enough to bring me back, and definitely not at a $5.00 per can price point. The price is similar to paying $7 for a beer at a bar. In other words there’s no value in the price.

I think if they added a bit more value to the drink it might be a bit more exciting. Maybe add caffeine or make it a CBD fruit smoothie instead of seltzer.

I’ll say this – as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I can perhaps see myself buying one if I was at a bar or social event where people are drinking alcohol. But probably not on a regular day while I’m at a convenience store.

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