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Grow light brand names starting with I to R

Meizhi VS Mars Hydro – Full 2019 Comparison!

meizhi mars hydro 300w grow lights

Meizhi and Mars Hydro are close competitors on the LED grow light market. Both brands are competing for the same market, so in this comparison, the winner will likely come down to a feature that better supports your specific situation. Regardless, we’ve compared Meizhi and Mars Hydro models ranging from 300 watts to 900 watts. […]

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King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light – Full 2019 Review

king plus 1500w

King Plus offers a true value based LED grow light for a budget conscious consumer. Even somebody with a large grow space who’d rather buy multiple low priced units than multiple higher priced units can make good use of this grow light. We spent a good amount of time looking the King Plus 1000 watt […]

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Mars Hydro 300W Review – A Good Choice For Beginners?

mars hydro 300 watt led grow light

The Mars Hydro Eco 300w full spectrum LED grow light is a great value for beginner and professional growers alike. This is a recently improved iteration of Mars Hydro’s 300 watt LED grow light model. In this review I’ll discuss the redesign and how this grow light compares to other 300 watt LED grow lights. […]

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