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9 Best Grow Tents For Indoor Gardening in 2020

Apollo Horticulture 36X20X62 Best Cheap Indoor Grow Tent Reviews

The best grow tents will allow for a smooth growing experience with no complaints. A low quality grow tent can negatively affect your growing environment. Just think of leaking CO2, light leakage, water leaking onto your floor, or a broken zipper. Everyone’s tempted to go with the cheap option. My favorite high quality grow tents […]

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Viparspectra 300 Watt LED Grow Light Overview

viparspectra 300w

The Viparspectra V300 300 watt LED grow light is a small but quality light that’s ideal for one cannabis plant, or use as a booster light in combination with other lights. *Update: Viparspectra Has Released a New Version Grow Light Called the Pro Series – Read About Them Here* We’ll break this review down into […]

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The Best COB LED Grow Lights to Grow Cannabis in 2020

cob led grow light

COB LED grow lights are regularly outperforming normal LED grow lights of similar wattage. The best COB LED Grow lights can compete with normal LED grow lights with 10% higher wattage output. The lights I review in this article are the best COB LED grow lights currently available. I also reviewed the strongest COB LED […]

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Bestva 2000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Overview

Bestva 2000W Full spectrum LED Grow Light

The Bestva 2000w LED grow light is an affordable option for a person growing cannabis in a 2×3 foot grow tent. Bestva grow lights are a good option for home growers looking to grow on a budget. I don’t recommend these grow lights for commercial sized grows. In your search for a Bestva grow light, […]

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